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  • 00:00: and so hello my family, my Internet family always just me I joined and now I'm going to do a mask called Why do we need Botox I want to say that woman looks exactly as it It deserves I will explain here can be any age regardless material opportunities to be young beautiful It can be, and vice versa the doctor that there is a money opportunity but no strength nor the desire
  • 00:30: change I often see these women here is my recipe just for those Who small means He wants to achieve and desired to get rid of wrinkles and sagging skin us and do not need Botox expensive beauty salon Well work at least as much 60 we will wait precisely We shall do potato starch here I potato starch all masks starch they
  • 01:01: pull cool tighten the skin moisturize clean skin and smooth out here These mimic eliminate the wrinkles let inflammation take 1 tablespoon spoon potato starch in this I tablespoon stir a little water cold Vodicka
  • 01:34: a little bit as we usually we make jelly and a first cold some water and then pour kipyatochek in order to cook and a cilek so boil water lapped I have a little bit More light in the boiling vodichku I silently
  • 02:04: That's how the car is I drive this bale Well, as usual kiseleva belt to bring the same so well, that we see Here's a lot of You see here such here It must be caught back and shoulder pretty tight consistency weight and in this time I
  • 02:34: I cooked slightly fat sour cream and in the same fat sour cream add lemon juice here it is me natural lemon Juice Greek so I his little added half a spoons Well, in order to have me quickly cooled starch and to
  • 03:04: show you more I quickly masochku Now take this mixture We put into cold vodichku here so let slightly below the lava faster way cool well now more or less cold a little cooled our starch, and that's when cool in a bowl only after that apply the mask here that we here in the first place
  • 03:34: We add our juice the way instead lemon juice I just do bleach girls so I added lemon juice you You can add the juice carrots celery or parsley unparalleled juice juice Spinach is something and so here quietly beautiful receiving on such aesthetic enjoying all that we do we do with
  • 04:04: the beauty of love look we are risunochki We mix our mask layers and will applied as layers Now put on us mask layers giving each layer slightly was caught said dry up after the last application lie down Grease a half hour yes you're right
  • 04:34: Half an hour then rinse warm some water The courses of 10 procedures and always I advise you to not less ten days here 10 consecutive days The courses and attentively you should look like girlfriend on you react So I think it's It will be the best estimate girls believe me you stay satisfied this is our Now this is the mess real good
  • 05:04: Botox before this masochki enough 10 Days to keep the store in a refrigerator but how much sour cream too, somewhere around I tablespoon took but a teaspoon of juice any juice can and berry juice, too amazingly cool if and berry juice here it is here and there is a mask which is called Why do we need Botox I love you all whole stay healthy
  • 05:34: take care of yourself is not Remember the handles on handle to apply the mask then be sure you ask why such good hands despite the fact that I I work very, very a lot of the country and all Doing their own hands I I do not hire a gardener although many of my girlfriends here for example my aypad suffered from
  • 06:05: of May and Lyudochka she hires and my girlfriends Vera her way Here, too, the way I that fell and my camera girlfriends girls her also help peasants I do not I myself do all here and so like that And so our then I'll wait dry then another
  • 06:35: layer also on the face and but it will look I would wear as much and region elbow remember for elbows knees and elbows it I, too, all the time I forget to tell you that elbows and knees girls as well as the neck and chest is all you need it's all super sweet always apply
  • 07:05: masochki find areas sure that all masks we do for person they are wonderful and the hand I love you you stay healthy be beautiful always protect yourself and I can even say 7 rules of its rules life extension the first rule and color person by the way not to smoke this is the first typically here abstain from tobacco no tobacco
  • 07:36: reduce by one-third the risk of malignant I tumors I read one Japanese doctor who wrote to in English one-fourth mortality second heart attack need abandon alcohol well, or use it in moderate amounts on maintain body weight fine mortality obese but I mean by disease in half times higher than among the
  • 08:07: people with normal weight because what we are we seek We strive to to healthy sleep and be there opening so as not to suffer and torment others in the essence of the essence street screw all Everyone has their own life Any when 60 70 80 certainly want to as long as possible health More generally number four keeping physically
  • 08:37: Activity you see I'm running through the mountains down dale on Forests it's easy jogging in mixed with walking walking it can be with sticks Best Walking here it is walking and jogging 4 miles each day will help you extend its life is to live in Health without God all this to be seen
  • 09:08: as their ears necessarily need The day begins with prayer necessarily need glorify God for what you discovered eyes once the day you still have opportunity You have to repent opportunity remember the you do not even you have remembered the possibility of further give grace on deck be sure to always eat breakfast it
  • 09:38: the next I went to breakfast Well, you can have breakfast such as oat cereal or oatmeal or curled with buckwheat evening kefir up to raw you can pour boiling water buckwheat is very easy 1 glass on glass 2 boiling water all buckwheat in the morning will not be ready but it is necessary to cook this I usually do not care I fill in the evening I grind buckwheat in I have there a prescription
  • 10:08: grinds finely-finely I pour yogurt is usually best to Greta but they never snack in between meals and the last rule sleeping at least 7 hours a day and it would be just great if each of us here think about the meaning These passages also beginning adhere well, even I add one rule do not rush to be always act quietly if something and change the lives
  • 10:40: that is gradually to set goals move them slowly but surely is as true here went to Jesus slowly but true, I love you and you be blessed you and your family your your close relatives be friends blessed all my dear My favorite online family is only you that to me He joined welcome grant stay with us write