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as I store flowers, the Geranium\" in the winter it is already a lot of years till spring  See details »

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  • 00:00: Hello dear gardeners and horticulturists Today I want to tell you I show my geraniums in winter to keep I pinch off their winter flower buds so they now I have to 5 today December 5 of December and I have them now I decided in the basement they put me I live in the basement I pinch off all the buds All leaves and
  • 00:32: then I have to remove them in basement they hibernate in my basement but that's how I one flower bud and a much I'll take it, I it will set the water can be in the winter he she would start geranium unpretentious and for a long time I have with spring to late
  • 01:00: autumn bloom they have me on the terrace in the country and I very much even in the garden they are seated there where such pots and very lush very juicy and after I like them in the winter sick of all pluck
  • 01:31: leaves then I take them pumps out of here I cooked root Here bags and
  • 02:00: paper bags from the rolls and to their beans That's how they have me I left them pack paper bags We wrap them in two double ass
  • 02:30: layer paper wrap them and descendants inserted into
  • 03:00: cardboard box paperboard drawer and open top I have everything they open and so they have I stand before the end of February is not stored in thanks for the basement attention to the following meetings