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  • 00:00: [music] demonstrators because today I will knit here is a wonderful set his scheme I I found on injury from my mother's mistress ecoflex grandfather consists of caps and LIC circuits It is very simple knit very quickly and just as the plate knitting at large the head 48 to 50 cm knitting us It needs yarn
  • 00:31: Casal you wolf, I for I bought a 200 gram circular and hosiery spokes 40 millimeters needle stitching and marker reserve long end of the thread take a needle and classical way I type loops on a spoke the loop is not too We do not need to tighten 96-dial I have recruited 3096 loops checks that the loops do not twisted
  • 01:00: straighten the whole the length of the spokes and begin circular knitting rows, and so knit we will rezinochkoy the first two five provyazyvaem facial after the first loop Loop contractible 1 front and thread further second face 2 knit purl Loop 1 of 2 at night purl but in return facial loops and 2
  • 01:30: purl loop continue facial 2 2 purl loops loop thus we alternate facial 2 2 purl circle finish number two this peppermint facial
  • 02:00: purl loops contractible other the end it was the first row from the second row also continue to Knit facial 2 glue on the cherry there is a drawing loop if you do not knit classical and grandmother seamy starting with you x the second row will have knit the rear wall and facial and 2 purl and so
  • 02:30: knit elastic band I tried height I oblige number 10 rezinochkoy 2 should be here to marker here I started the series and so I have knitted about Gum two by two 10 Then begins the series knitting scheme so the scheme works 16 loops we 96 children means we repeat scheme 6 times
  • 03:01: around Thus the first row circuit and Beginners Knitting with 10 facial loops January 2nd day Wrong provyazyvaem the rear wall as the right wall behind me is 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 10 is facial Further knit 2 purl loops 2
  • 03:30: facial loops and again 2 purl loops is rapport pattern repeat 10 facial February 1 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 2 purl Loop 2 Loop facial
  • 04:00: 2 and purl loops knit thus around six times even a second series circuit We start report from 2 facial loops then six loops provyazyvaem Wrong 123456 2 facial then loops 2 purl loops 2 facial loops and again 2 purl loops
  • 04:31: although there was a rapport pattern repeat 2 facial loops 6 backstitches loops 1 2 3 4 5 6 2 facial 2 2 purl face and 2 purl how manner to repeat end of the series complete 2 of article number schemes and now with 3 to 8
  • 05:02: is repeated here these the first two rows of the I have a third row of knitting the first is me 10 facial 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 that is obtained from we have 2 loops front embroidery 6 loops Garter 2 loop front embroidery Further we rezinochka 2 purl face 2
  • 05:31: 2 purl it rapport exactly repeat the first row so repeat the February 1 date only four times the ie until the eighth row then geese series will be on the scheme knit good visible striping Garter and our rezinochki Dulles since the ninth a number of schemes, we will rearrange them loop knit in garter knit rezinochkoy loops and knit icons garter and
  • 06:00: so we start number 9 knitting with facial 2 2 loops etc. purl loop 2 Right back loop that is, it is already on Zina goal 2 purl loop here these loops knit ie facial get here 10 facial loops in a row one two three four five six seven
  • 06:33: eight, and this is get a new report 10 October 9 facial consecutive loop again Garter is 2 purl 2 and then facial 2 purl and 10 facial row facial loop we provyazyvaem facial
  • 07:00: the front wall These to Do me wrong to hold true so I shed your facial for the back wall is ready 10, a number of schemes and begin knitting rezinochkoy 2 facial 2 purl 2 facial 2 purl 2
  • 07:30: 6 facial loops provyazyvaem purl sho get a handkerchief mating is three to four five or six, and this rapport repeat 2 facial 2 purl 2 facial 2 purl 2 facial and 6 loops
  • 08:05: provyazyvaem purl 1 2 3 4 5 6 knit thus around until the end of a series of 10 I prepared a series of 10 series Now starting at 11 I will repeat a number of 9 10 5 that is repeated September 10 10 And they all height
  • 08:31: to repeat and four times so I dovyazala 16 series here looks like our figure that is here is 16 rows this is our rapport 1 repeat from 1 to 16 ranks that is, a new over these loops knit garter stitch over adjacent knit rezinochkoy and so after gum I Repeating the scheme of three fold total height we happened nonstretched 17 Metro but it will will expand and this decrease and so now beginning
  • 09:00: knit crown for has a crown scheme and we start Knit according to this scheme 1 A number of schemes to Kushka knit without subtraction that is, as knit 1 row normal this scheme we have a row 10 facial loops are nine ten and then rezinochkoy 2 2 purl loops facial and purl 2
  • 09:32: that is, as the first person and so Continue to knit 6 repeats in width to the end of the series ended the first row in the second a number of schemes have already begins So management report start of 2 facial loops etc. provyazyvaem two loops together purl loop knit 2 purl 2 again loop provyazyvaem together purl loops and loops on
  • 10:01: Figure 2 facial 2 2 purl face and 2 purl it was rapport pattern repeat 2 facial 2 together purl 2 purl loops 2 together purl
  • 10:30: loop 2 and rezinochkoy facial 2 purl 2 2 facial purl in this way we did decrease a garter section matings after I have led a number of uniformly around 12 m from long will move on hosiery and knitting needles It will not be easier to knit and knitting a number of schemes 3 and
  • 11:01: third row circuits and we knit without subtraction I posted on the whole loop 3 spokes hosiery then I will have on 2 in each repeat spoke and so begin and knitting 3 rows of 8 facial loops January 2 3 4 5 678
  • 11:30: tightens the strings further loop knit rezinochkoy as before This 2 purl 2 facial and purl 2 Loop this rapport repeat 8 facial loops 3 4 5 6 7 8 2 2 purl face 2
  • 12:04: purl I for such way to the end of the series I have two reports on one spoke I leave it and The following two reports Yoruba following and spoke like loops and divide evenly three spokes, and so I shared loops on two spokes Beginners Knitting 4 rows Getting Started
  • 12:31: of 2 facial loops further 4 backstitches 2 facial loops that have loops Garter we knit without gugleniya subtraction We will do on loops rezinochki the next 2 sts us you need to knit together purl loop right wall I have to give this I I weigh grandmother purl loops
  • 13:00: turn right walls to us and provyazyvat loop together purl loop 2 facial then loops and then 2 sts backstitches to turn right walls Us return back to left needle and 2 together provyazyvaem seamy loop thus in I mentioned rezinochke 2 backstitches loop is it was rapport repeat 2 facial 4 purl stage
  • 13:30: exact weight facial 2 Loop 2 Loop turn right and walls Us return back to left needle provyazyvaem them together seamy loop facial and then 2 2 together again wrong for a continue to diminish loop thus to the end of the series but basis among subtract and 12 loops to lose
  • 14:02: knit scheme without subtraction report starting from 8 facial loops 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 then 1 Wrong Loop 2 Loop facial 1 and 1 Wrong 2 ready rapport Rapport is the same 8
  • 14:30: facial loops is four five six seven and eight 1 Wrong facial 2 1 purl we repeat this way to your circle end of the series 6 series of our next image en face 2 Loop then over payment few him manage two loops ie provyazyvaem 2
  • 15:00: × 2 together seamy loop Further knit two facial 1 Wrong 2 and facial 1 Wrong Loop it was rapport pattern repeat 2 facial 2 together purl more times 2 loop provyazyvaem together purl loops 2
  • 15:31: 1 facial purl 2 facial and one on night repeat thereby to end of the series to again among subtract 12 loops all pray scheme to start the report 6 facial loops the two hinges 3 4 5 6 more 1 Wrong 2
  • 16:03: facial loops and 1 Wrong that first repeat 6 facial loops 1 purl face 2 and 1 purl knit thereby to end of the row in this series subtraction in the indie made etc. We perform a series of 8 start of fortress 2
  • 16:31: facial loops further 2 purl loop 2 Right back loop now he is doing over here This rezinochka cube opinion loop extreme make a copy turn right wall to us and to the left right knit 2 loops along the front loop This control further inclination to the right remove the loop knit one loop face throws a clip of C'Thun
  • 17:00: knit it update with a slope left and how we repeat report facial 2 2 2 purl face 2 together with the face tilted to the right turn right reference to the place I start a loop and left right for a loop not knit Front loop 2 together with the face tilt left lifted loop later face then throws shot loop on knit
  • 17:30: we repeat this way to the end close again led 12 loops 9 series we provyazyvaem all loops without facial decrease and so were binding booties all three facial needles to perform subtraction tenth row return one loop with the end of the series that is, the beginning terrain affect one loop now about
  • 18:00: port start 2 as follows: together with the face then tilt to the right two along the front friends left sleeping or front loop 1 throw shot loop to knit and then have rapport pattern 2 together with the face inclination to the right was removed loop and the front throw shot at knit that is, day together with the front tilt leftward 2 together with the face tilted to the right 2 along the front such
  • 18:32: angle 2 together again front slope right on the loop 1 front and sc shot loop direct 2 along the front is familiar to us in the virgin each spoke you will remain on a loop that is you every last loop is shifted to following spoke here and continue
  • 19:01: fly works where 2 together provyazyvaem front slope right or together front slope left, and so knit up after the end of the series the last row we 24 is pit lane 3 sleep check here our top fully ready We can cut the thread We leave the end of the thread owl on a clay
  • 19:30: so the thread is worn on special needle tupim end needle is threaded summer all loops Here and slipped thick of the first spoke same repeat third to second I did spokes needle all the loops January 1
  • 20:00: Now threading their already again removed sleep ready to loop first spoke repeat 2 and spokes 3 All five are now on thread and we will go there contractible thread
  • 20:33: We derive oars night side there and so fix all Finally, I hid can say that our cap fully ready now proceed to the knitting LIC forest but I have to dial the spokes 112 loops I start knitting with a first series circuit so 1 2 3 4 obverse
  • 21:04: knit still on how to crochet scheme Power Hour I working height it turns 16 centimeters It has been obtained I 8 a number of schemes and further We will close the loop We close the loop on Figure 1 2 remove from us face provyazyvaem it facial Then remove the loop rub through knit closed
  • 21:30: pen loop here these Garter loops viscous close how face it alone facial throw the first loop on second The following facial previous the last knit 1 front previous to knit and so close all six Garter loops matings the following two loops facial knit front
  • 22:00: first to throw second 1 facial throw first 2 further we 2 is rezinochka backstitches provyazyvayu loop then purl the previous loop throw on last knit again on one of the night throws first to last two people you and Evelyn extra
  • 22:34: in this way close all loops here such Set in a wonderful we turned and cap and LIC on materials I It took somewhere in 170 grams yarn thank you very much you had a school Our knitting yarn [music]