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Knitting by spokes: The VOLUME pattern spokes with the extended loops. Beautiful patterns for knitting by spokes  See details »

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  • 00:00: [music] hello my dear my name Lana view for new spectators and today I you offer here so that's fresh on I think not arrested pattern very impressive and girls are very here is a very simple and this is now extended loop or elongated
  • 00:30: Loop one like It says it is the most great difficulty all the rest a facial loop I have the spokes 40 2 loops and edge see report then we have 10 loops facial + 2 purl and two loops balance so you dial any the number of loops which fold 12 + two loops for arma version of the well, or more if you want to do wider here these here
  • 01:00: interval then I look like you sketched and money I think the more you have push off the I linked the pattern is not staggered but I think that in chess he will also in their own interest Besides girls can not only this is wider distance to do it can be supplemented any openwork pattern any tracery any path conventional wiring oblique we can simply take on one report your
  • 01:32: products for sweaters cardigan cap such as caps bevels are now up in fashion here please new alternative then these braids you can link one or two of these here to son in this Nikas such as a garter mating in general I for hats girl combine I fantasize I think you are very so like the first face a number of very simple and subsequent face number 2 or 3
  • 02:02: as you want then there will be similar to those removed an edge loop knit and strife Now if you do so you do at the beginning of fabric means 2 purl loop then knit face 10 loops 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 and 10 As I said, this is one
  • 02:34: report 2 purl face 10 then everything knit on turn figure wrong side and knit, too a drawing by the fact that We see it and knit purl Wrong face we knit facial two rows with you and Now you can either four so-knit then there are two more to total of 4 or 6, i.e. 4 more Now I have here 6 then I'll see
  • 03:04: a third row 4 5 and back 6 back to warm Figure 7, and the feast we face a number of begins to decline the number of personal loops have their 10 while the need to reduce there will be 2 loops one report means watch lifted an edge knit 2 purl 1 February now us with you accumulate 5 yes and here we are in the middle
  • 03:35: will reduce It means 1 face 2 front face 3 Now the fourth and I need a fifth I turn grandmother and see I need to here so here loops lay so I took them off He turned and now just take 2 January and I provyazyvayu this side already as it is and I just have provyazyvayu front click here 2 1 the right slope
  • 04:05: 2 1 is turned Lean to the left if you turned classical means you have already changed so and to have side is the slope here I am watching one Loop is another side but it is not very much under will noticeably knit the other face our loop here intermediate purl and rapport ended ie
  • 04:35: remaining 8 loops facial return Wrong side by side and then keys 9 front row all the same most cut by center then removed knit an edge one wrong second and wrong Now we have 2 face February 1 but the third and fourth here again So we turn Right to stenochki on top were provyazyvaem 1 February slope
  • 05:05: right here provyazyvaem January 2 and lean to the left and 2 left the facial loops that is from eight now have to you 6 look so so so Here I lost 1 2 3 4 5 6 all knit inside out and now includes 11 front row we do so again in the middle We cut here 2 loops inclined the left and right that is
  • 05:36: 4 and 6 will return twelfth close 13, then the front of four leaves two and return on next night and have are involved and now we are with you knit 15 front row and naturally 16 backing here so let's see ie final this rapport we It obtained in 16 rows height essentially see is a leaf here and so
  • 06:07: and now we will perform our most difficult like as a loop see that we do we need reestablish the number of loops we have 8 stitches reduced means 2 knit purl after the edge see we have 2 facial loops and we We need to act mean look see see how We consider one face and now to pull 8 and now it will be 10
  • 06:38: second front I suggest you here's a look see There are two hinges first here together this level in this here hole you enter right needle so to you for a guide every time They were injected into the same hole I mean here here here here here but in every see here, I have two loops and just here
  • 07:08: over them in this hole I drove it at all to your notice You can enter and above then see were and the right needle in the hole captured thread stretched like for facial loops and good good We pulled feeble so we did and pulled and now the entire height Now this here knitted fabrics Knit water do sc, and there have been two loops January 2 again enter right
  • 07:39: spoke in the same hole We pick up the thread and pulling the third see believe loop 1 3 February 4 again nakida We picked up pulled out of 5 sc 6 again We picked up pulled 7 sc 8 as there is no yes all 8 We also need to 8 and
  • 08:09: provyazyvaem see nakida here and so have I lay on the right Practicing and spoke just provyazyvayu second front loop that we had the there is one we face 8 you pulled and the second front with 10 want count 1 January front March 2 but 9 it will be sc plus 10 provyazyvaete as you prefer and then consider all
  • 08:40: our purl loop intermediate here and so now I I tie and hide I show inside out and now we the last 16 series so we provyazyvaem an edge our intermediate hinges 2 facial and these here all extended loops we need provyazat purl loops that they were facial face The first loop we here it has been one two and our sc
  • 09:12: see believe means should nakida be 8 1 2 see that the loops are not Perry got out here and so to 3 4 5 6 7 and 8 and this is our last
  • 09:43: ninth loop ie October 10 that there is a that which was beginning and end facial So you see you have here and so should get turn and here are turned the elongated loop there we have updated same number or initial the number of loops on Knitting is our full Now the height of the rapport
  • 10:13: starting with the first a number of my good Like put sign up I hope you will pattern I liked and I always come I am waiting for you