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Super mask from a hair loss  See details »

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  • 00:00: [music] Good day my audience favorite Today will show you mask from falling hair and for this the main ingredient which is working Onion is great Juice of course a little bit there is a smell but it It passes quickly Friends if you have not Subscribe to my channel sonnets subscribe after not signed Remember to click on the bell notice of withdrawal new video we You need yeast
  • 00:32: powder warm water burdock can be I take an olive take jojoba and also us It needs fresh squeezed onion juice first of all prepare onion juice for this I brushed one bulb need so you have a grater You can take any hehe. I wipe rubbed onions and to grains not bow
  • 01:03: I got use here such a napkin [music] click onion juice this dish is so far remove this dish I have two dining a spoonful of warm water topic we need here add 1 teaspoon spoon dry yeast stir and reserve on October 15 minutes one bulb
  • 01:34: enough and is about two tablespoons pure onion juice after it passed 15 minutes just me already the time has come add this mixture and stirred us you need to add to this mixture of one teaspoonful spoon of jojoba oil you can take any pro I say one teaspoon let's mix
  • 02:07: I'll show you how to apply the mask the mixture should be rubbed into the scalp and roots Hair and before that head needed be sure to wash and dry [music] we put on top
  • 02:38: shower cap, and I still I use towels needed keep this mask somewhere around 40 minutes to an hour after this mask is washed off cool water shampoo sure I often I rinse hair or water acidified with vinegar or with lemon juice and nanoshu bit balm often I add a few drops of essential oil
  • 03:09: [applause] [music] Thank you all for all attention if you are questions that write to happy to answer all bye bye