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34. An organizer for underwear. Master class.  See details »

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  • 00:00: Hello dear subscribers and friends in today's video I I show you Master Class manufacturing organizer for underwear and so we need can be as a basis take any box I take such box from under the shoe then packing this paper to gifts stationery knife scissors handle any
  • 00:31: glue does not matter what peafowl or in such pencil and double-sided tape We take our box remove from her cover and you decide for yourself what height we will our I'll take organizer somewhere 7 centimeters I think this will be sufficient
  • 01:01: is metered from the bottom our box 7 centimeters celebrated spend line and will cut then the whole box of
  • 01:35: According to the same line as We do the same with the other parties in boxes then we take stationery knife cut off our line box Here is a box in
  • 02:20: We came from residues box eg cover We begin to climb out our walls they should be height is the same as You and measured out in my the case of the seven centimeters or slightly a bit less Getting Started So we cut
  • 03:32: our walls count how many necessary for you Now the next stage we pasted over edge our boxes it will all look like this and also the other
  • 04:27: hand here is the result that we should get then we need until the end of our glue partition, we take plain white sheet of paper the paper put it Next we get double scotch glue it severing tape
  • 05:02: and paste this way beyond side smoothes the same
  • 05:38: a second wrap side with double-sided scotch-reaching that we take our partition but need Cut slits first we measure line places where they will settle then we take and
  • 06:17: cut through to the middle of about such slit and body value to our wand say could go
  • 06:49: the next stage we take less partitions as We do the layout and We make slots until the middle then proceed further what we have how we collect constructor Now that we
  • 07:35: obtained paste last detail so we ended up here that We should ideally turn out ideally our construction It should speed
  • 08:05: enter our box here almost all is now ready loan processing directly our boxes now beginning directly paste box within collect from 1 inflict glue for our
  • 08:39: surface and glue and we continue in the same spirit
  • 09:15: paste in a circle All our box other side and glue that's what
  • 10:03: Now we've got We are doing at the bottom boxes and white glue double tape unstick topsheet snow and stick to our
  • 10:49: the bottom Rob sensitive Well here is your card inside
  • 11:27: willing to stay only outside decorative paper We proceed as follows so that's glue decorative here paper as I said I about centimeter buckle iodine and close where I press my already done the double tape here and so the edge both here and this is our
  • 11:58: box last I'm ready to paste over it decorative circle paper below we left here so we We take as normal a sheet of white paper and glue like this Now to top close our 1 start so here we are glued to the bottom now on
  • 12:29: insert our the mesh inside and finally Get our laundry organizer I hope my master class you very I liked Stay with me on my channel and Now thanks to all for attention and to See you soon