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Pumpkin pie. Very simply and tasty.  See details »

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  • 00:00: hello friends today we will prepare those on the coffee cupcake, and that for us do this we need to 400 grams of pumpkin, I it a little broth and Made her mashed 60 200 grams of milk gram flour tablespoon of coffee polchaynoy salt spoons half a special spoon here I and cinnamon carnation mixed to 150
  • 00:31: grams of sugar half teaspoon baking powder and two eggs, and now we We need two egg whisk Sakharov so all the eggs we whipped
  • 01:06: now we have Mix all dry ingredients until how should shine
  • 01:32: send here our pumpkin so here was grass milk and butter
  • 02:02: So Now here flour there we all mixed
  • 02:30: now we have it All forms pour you form form sides are not to grease dough it was for that cling when she rise
  • 03:09: and put our shape the dough into oven at medium level where it is 40 min friends our cake ready and we are now cut and look What it is inside
  • 03:33: look inside some very pleasant smell enjoy your coffee appetite subscribe to Channel place husky share your friends bye Bye