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  • 00:00: today we are with you We are working with the base patterns and the system 10 yardsticks we have come to you under the crown of the tank I have a very detailed He spoke about podkroy We barrel but in order to give you a full topic to talk about a Mr. barrel edge and about changes in prime and small change for outerwear as if of course we not enough time and a single movie the possibility of such no matter how I cook Now 2 suture sleeve soon you will have this subject given you under the edge of Noah tank today I I show you how
  • 00:32: modified Prime's from basic the upper curve clothing for lice in the new sleeves in front of us back shelf pay attention to no armhole changes until look no prime time here it is precisely here Prime's very easy I moved here it just before the charted No items have been kind changed remove our Now the pattern will continue to work here Our Prime's what you need
  • 01:03: do 45 mm make a raise here the point above because that however requires additional freedom Outerwear maybe she something will dress a bit above to deepen one and a half These centimeters point extended well 5 millimeters and see here here Our Prime's that we traced in the base and this is our Prime's which I now I'm a little bit to Church Expandable and completely see the straight line Now this site is prime and
  • 01:34: a flat on the fact, we have already learned Do not do both Italian there things and so on when here So I look it it coat we Krasnodar and here this round prime direct round attack round but I understand this model in krasnodar but that's not all we Another hour will continue continue to work look carefully deepened this is a place not to be afraid deepen here in this place because here not only when then there will always be fold yet we are now when open a little tuck you You see why I'm here here here so boldly
  • 02:05: Actions and back a little bit here and so a little bit line equalize and slightly just a little bit rush These here are the points lifted and extend the line look which line straight straight straight away to deepen and here straight straight again Here comes in the point but it is not yet now we are all with you We work through this topic farther cut in our
  • 02:49: Tuck because us it will be necessary for further work prime oh look now! you see how our you change. you are out of the corner and our Now when I finish here these Now its operations modification of the prime and we compare it with the first
  • 03:19: straight you will see some essential the difference I base curve freedom customized fit but 3 you see that the Prime's little we have here It is narrowed here here it almost narrowed end here here a little It narrowed due to the fact we affected slightly moved apart Now I have all show how do work a little further about svob awaiting them armhole to impart such Here's how to tell
  • 03:49: give more comfortable and prime the back of a small portion of the arm Tuck it here with us Tuck and all It means that we are all her Court translate a small part of 7 050 centimeters like this here opens the Tuck as was and but it remains part of the Alloy volume armhole when I give you
  • 04:26: braised sleeve we there is such an item little need to lift golovochku to r ie the sleeve we need to be here. at us r here it is the tip Sleeves there we have it on centimeter and we raise here and so will new paint you head out of 1 noisy to you the same most can do like that on the centimeter raise and Now draw a higher head to our sleeve, and here are our vr for In order to up our sleeve
  • 04:57: that's more suited to it's our modified armhole work further breastplate tuck slightly open look at the armhole if we are not here required directly following shirt you freedom but give rubob and about Shirt extremely What you do not even He spoke as well, a little bit opens May 7 08 a little bit of you here
  • 05:27: freedom because that is the upper clothes sviterochek will all wear that jazz a little here opens the here and so little Now opened the Look, I gave you under extreme tank here
  • 06:00: only that you gave subject radicand tank which means that We will not be here seam 1 that's how we have now and will be here two Siva and this seam not will be here whole whole details such podkroy hydrochloric tank if it is under the edge of the well, tank you for extreme right tank here so cut in the middle and that's how Now take the push but under the edge of the tank and
  • 06:30: would you like cut in the middle here here here reveal there on July 8 to one centimeter take like this that is, to reveal In order to expand armhole see that I I did it like this here I parted and I expanded armhole becomes more comfortable right now let's say we do not have not under the edge of the tank Noi so we just expanding armhole now I'll draw new at the armhole actually very valuable to give materials here
  • 07:00: see the output here here and so little opened and the They pushed and here here we are given the small such freedom Armpit to be our armhole approached the outerwear Now I'll show you how looks Look, I He added here this here piece you see so here here here seven millimeters and
  • 07:31: buff acts millimeter everything you add yourself as there is you feel like this is our new armhole Now when you are here are added please here Now add in the hand width that is you You will be required to add here have freedom wider and here sewing to your wing arm better Now you got it here you have to elevate
  • 08:01: point in r I will told only that so that we also here yet when we raise But with these points already we have'll work put right little shoulder pads, and more you will learn to experience next next who are looking to work fears that there will be narrow may not like this Now add I Now Add armholes and easy add at the seams here is about to be then you are superfluous here will not remove your apparently you do not remove your but most importantly Now I show you Here's how this armpit to how to expand freedom
  • 08:31: as a result of the armhole All of our actions have we got a new prime and here we have it Here is the edge you outline the shield but greenbacks greens somehow so-so not very much He writes but not it turns out that only writing does not want write Chernen'kii blueberries how it went better than
  • 09:02: zelenenky greens somehow not went here our Krayushki their note very glad that this is you show because It is very necessary Topic ask me Well ask questions like I would really want to forward our dear these student there who learn to work on base system 10 miles and asks as it somehow and I in my head already has a plan as it is all you
  • 09:33: show in which order here our I did the new armhole He drew Now refer to compare with the fact that we had attention is our Prime's that we Do we base if it still not mutate we rub it the edge in petticoats and crying ears Everybody dance and suddenly we have to sew outerwear probably here and so I I put to better it was clear and that is our
  • 10:03: modified and prime you see here a little too much at cutting here in these places you extend the but see that you widely such glasses can always My pick is not always this one time Now this is necessary to full robe when here Then just as the fullness It is here here here bottom hand sure this is it is necessary to do then someday because you give the topic that there are hands here
  • 10:33: calm and relaxed suddenly, in this place there bam volume 50 and are such huge hands open space while we do tuck that there was no excess Koh Tao is to volume was here You should be. but it's another time We are talking here experiment that's the place add on will not only remove but how to construct itself Prime's think in acute learned to draw in May and this Prime that all the same they different is you It gives comfort more
  • 11:03: freedom this thing a prime and can be I do not wear on naked body very glad that gave you such a valuable material to prepare autumn things do not work relax gave you under the edge of the tank Noi this is a very important topic I gave you modified armhole upper clothing Now I cook double-seam hand food Here he soon soon you will this preparatory lecture for you work with peace sleeve see before us shelf
  • 11:34: back boring uninteresting here I further Job build under and tap and barrel apply reliefs and modify Tuck carry them wherever you want Do any model cut off the line waist brings to do not bell any who are skinny please even outerwear light coat by cutting league either with a beautiful belt not slept at sun please You turn on the imagination here you are doing small stands who taught you
  • 12:04: show very a lot of you already know in order to make yourself others more interesting I wait for your photos I am waiting for your forward comments your results 'd like to know that we are not in vain so much work all the best to you I was Paukštė Irina M.