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  • 00:00: hose stockings today our topic because they received so many questions very much in Kosaka hand sleeve now there is a coat coats all kinds of capes fur and so Further it is very fashionably shortened sleeves and always there is not in cash stick out like a Sleeve I is I persuaded you to this topic but we will now! show how and how it is done It looks like before contact Natalia Good afternoon, Natalia Tub did have Me like sleeves now here we put Robe's this
  • 00:30: wonderful Robe coloring coup yes now look like it looks like and this is how so go out? let the street here And so we have here such cuffs You made yourself here Here wing arm of such See How were change the image of the such a small veshchichki stocking sleeves a completely different look
  • 01:01: all full image modified another to want here for feasts points want to leave smooth, and now we Yes, we see that having Here such here the sleeves we shortened I do not care that there is dressed downstairs here is a wing arm of colors are selected see absolutely I made our way completely different Now we are reveal a sleeve chulochek I'll show you how it is done Natalie let go
  • 01:31: bath tyrant thanks large stu They agreed with us then shoot requires three measurements wrist girth girth a little here well above the elbow and the length our future products wrist watch we have 18 centimeters above the elbow just at I've got a sweater already the sleeve 32 begins well as long as that's
  • 02:02: probably how much I usually stockings Well, there are usually 40 centimeters 1832 40 means postponing here at I folded the cloth once doubly doubly four layers 18 means postponing 40 Length of the clothes 40 18 here in half
  • 02:33: postponing 9 32 here half lay off 16 here is our counter but who are full elbows on here length eg in this corruption I have, I know myself, I I do a line and at So who elbow
  • 03:04: here stands or even additionally I'm full that is, but do a little bit here and so I here and so you 1 to make it decide because that such products are you will not need something that one for all you every time they need under the cloak under his coat a fur coat 2 of the same color of color can be one Sleeves will be better fit the some accessories and others exactly the the same color to this article Again you will be given a new Here's a way fines cut
  • 03:34: as I saw them in sale Well, not always out something like that in a little understandable if that is related worst filaments which ordered Vova father Tomorrow if the stitch it is not clear from what so it is very convenient make your own cutting one minute it is ready wrong side note here
  • 04:04: our you cover our arm bang today sweeping Dean's hand I now give Smetana you some advice how to sew jersey especially people in who do not rasposhivalnye equipment and the answer is that I do on a sample and now I look at it and thinks this color dark gray as the just go under my black Brutus Shura great anime do
  • 04:35: for the video lesson and but I think there is unlikely useful and now I look that dark greyish just under My black and brown tuzhu handle Just gorgeous they go straight and Mr. Gift yes that look out metal nothing special This is no any can do just It must be the idea of ​​the idea to come from born and will to know that you should be
  • 05:06: Sleeves are needed know what they do there are here such here cuffs look here's how Tuck and here so tuck one full handle here the post he was not on the full so small piece rezinochki You can sew here here's who fears that will be dumped and here are the sleeves please now! you can wear any shortened sleeve Sleeves will make or here at under boots I was already out of the red boots but not so evident not visible here I red boots
  • 05:38: I must make themselves the sleeves are exactly still under the boots to I had already sleeves under the boots in included and there'll be more to something Now combine I tell you a little bit I tell you how to work Well it is clear that here we are tuck and sews and here we buckle and sewn ie one seam Hem and Hem the product is ready look like cool you off somewhere come walk you it is not necessary high Gloves removed from Sleeves do not color stick you always all will be well for
  • 06:08: those who do not questioned new equipment and we we want to have this land you must treat instead of lines you ke put the line directly to the consumer car lighter light Zigzag well, look at the I do not here is such a and zigzag that right here such a well, not here a zigzag directly here yes and here it is here so slightly as if but the straight stitch just a little curved That's how a droplet droplet droplet
  • 06:38: here is a modicum Zigzag here such Zigzag you do like straight line but a little bit just a little curved boldly to stitch this one seam and you have it will not tear thread and if you need here Now wrap and nice flash here here the edge and you do not questioned new equipment recommended next you know that many typewriters and gin and so many many household typewriters have Here's a line see here and so stitch stitch stitch Again stitch stitch
  • 07:08: so here stitches that is, a go Zigzag but such Now you know stitches yes not too much of his doing here is such a thick and so here here and so is easier and You will be here here sew you and here it will be very neatly this line arts looks and will not break ie who do not have questioned new equipment I recommend you work at home These typewriters operations continue here see our wing arm
  • 07:38: there is also a very people who love and rhinestones all sorts of stones please here We can be there in rows glue some pebbles, first to crosslinking can be here here here at the bottom do some there applique pebbles different there strazik possible sew some beads out there somewhere adorn yourselves with all possible ways You are here
  • 08:08: cuffs you came the bad the mood has grown cuffs on separately and on your the page will handle the fabric I left 1 length but want say of course skin of course not because it is but It will only be possible cut in such better thing to do if Velvet faster then there are speech are completely such is of velvet They, too, can do such velvet I cuffs I prepared a lecture on
  • 08:39: psychology it I have called theory of life circle and so want to tell the story at I was at a party girl who psychologist jealous psychological Kafirs writes books Ramana printed all and so on saw in my fitting coat lace and cotton and he said we had just discussed this is now a theory it is vitally County says why me there is no coat my circle of life there is a short coat because you do not even
  • 09:09: you know about the existence like a coat It you can not have to you been here such sleeves you need to know about them the existence of you It should have an idea so I am very pleased that your life your circle of life displayed here are sleeves a lecture here here we will soon have to to show you this material if someone help here give advice on how to work on a Technology has any questioned new all equipment It was good with you we Paukštė Irina M. and hawks Alexey