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  • 00:00: Hello friends this first issue of manufacturing cycle PCB industrial the number of home conditions of and today we are with you deal with the fact that a printed circuit board why it is needed and how it dilute start with In order that the electronic components can be unite several soldering method canopy and simple faster version of its We do not consider without Belt prototyping board it also breadboard contact hole it's connected so it collects
  • 00:30: Any schemes for wirelessly jumper funny thing you can very quickly change and match components references Chinese bureau proudly you can find me on the website in all Soldering main The problem here is contact wear and initially not very nice touch they are very nice similarly usually it works prototyping board only Here are the components in it connected with by soldering mounting and wiring but themselves components of the the method is also a good and much more reliable but when scheme is very complicated easy to make
  • 01:00: mistake to find it later very hard Chinese maketke there are two types brown and green brown up to their color they are very thin and flexible and stinking and pad here are a simple circle foil green maketke made of normal colon PCB and pad herein exact type that probably every Ten robust theme brown layouts collecting diagram of and a breadboard testing it operability you can do the final version device to PCB in its all printed
  • 01:30: fee is a glass sheet PCB on which copper sheet pasted foil of a foil wheel track connecting the legs elements obviously that once drawing correctly their cost can be produce in industrial then simply scale unsolder Components in fact it is so and made all our smartphones computers and the rest electronics manufacturing are PCB is very Just do a figure that represents Track system and drawing holes is applied to the foil one way and then etches
  • 02:00: tsa part of meanness black pattern street track holes mutyatsya inserted Components and soldered ready in principle the next two issues in this series I'll show you two basic the method of application drawing on the board This loot my eyes ink technology photoresist and this video we are going to learn to plant charge our grandfathers drew a charge on special hands varnish we are so We will not engage in this age of computer technologies have a bunch handy for wiring board
  • 02:30: and state plan e.g. sprint layout and many others also have browser-based online services and stop Easy on the idea because he is very functional and constantly let us updated will tell you that he can from the platform for starters, you can check your circuit a local simulator its functionality is very great base chips constantly there is growing further editors concepts circuitry from which can be translated into PCB well and by itself course editor printed Cards can be further bring a picture on
  • 03:00: printing and to order manufacturing at local service ready motherboard is by courier service Russia Now everything in order to start necessary up or login using such as google account it is very convenient because all your development always will be with you at any device and in any place but provided that in this place there Internet is working field on which to stick different electronic components from the list Left and join them as you please By the way the Russian language Now you can turn here in this
  • 03:30: editor, eg draw the same scheme for publication somewhere on Online or video as I I made several time or redraw what kind of scheme pictures to simplify your creating printed board color different notations in the diagram By the way, you can change here below scheme exported friendly format such as pdf and then do with her whatever You want and can still be to list components to then just with him go to the store and all buy to build board but we interested further development of printed board so let's We look at this
  • 04:01: thing as a base components in the the base is almost all there the datasheets has 1 sypuha chips and all there is such even there arduinki wifi modules sp and much more another is the case constantly updated users of the So you can, too to create some sort of a element other can it used as do read there is a manual full lesson course the entire platform move on to the corps With regard to conventional the radioactive elements Left in the list can be just choose the size housing
  • 04:31: it concerns resistors capacitors and alia drawing circuit with to further transfer to the printed circuit fee can be directly set components the necessary buildings give as example, do PCB for control driver collector engine under the scheme Mr. Bridge using arduino create a new project and a new scheme eat you can immediately save a folder with the new the project is convenient for driver need 2 n channel and 2n channel field transistor set their way to the circuit here
  • 05:01: you can see at a glance It looks like designation and place solder component of the dress ie immediately clear which is the case and how it looks in editor lot hotkeys such as a button space turns component 90 degrees can also be reflect a component right direction for this too is Hotkeys We have a protective and pull-up resistors I will not dwell on detail work driver since Video is not about I put it round
  • 05:31: pins but it is not correctly so that until you pay attention to Administration and channel by light need bipolar Transistor example 2 N 2 2 2 2 I want to here such in the housing 92 because such that I have bought you can see on the image body board It is seen that it is something that we need contacts that They will be used for the connection can be stand here such future they will give to square area PCB then you can do Guided feng shui and
  • 06:01: namely to make the scheme beautiful symmetrical all inscriptions promote so that they harmoniously looked and so on, and most the main line of which It connects the ground can be you mark the land I will show more why is it necessary we this line put 1 one icon as well as generally accepted All outputs on the ground do not and connect each chain earth icon That such is obtained scheme if derive its a patterned and Now the most important thing this scheme may be convert to PCB because we pointed out how
  • 06:31: connected press components convert project in print charge and immediately We get into the editor PCB many all components connected by thin lines and it is very convenient for example, if you do suite scheme where there is no obviously connectable multi- and components such as leg eg operating amplifier is passing in print mode payment you will immediately You see where the real on the need connect these it eliminates many by puffing datasheets extra thinking how it all connected painted by the scheme the rest for you make a platform
  • 07:01: now need dotting components since you want to see them to dress and to line possible not cross this very similar to logic games here this type but how you make further skills not only from These games will help board design in adult life fact design PCB is a science with a bunch features but since this second charge that is not I breed also remind I'm not electronics roughly rocketeer so if I do that something is wrong, please much for me this is not swear and tomatoes I do not throw
  • 07:31: I try to arrange components about as they stand on scheme that because scheme almost nothing intersect here Again conveniently function keys space and twirl components and so bright and gave Components especially not and bothered Now I will show you auto layout feature card, you can do see settings that you can poke night honed and tracks ending number layers of your PCB payment click on finish components should not get out of the pink frame pink frame It is a dimension of our PCB rough
  • 08:01: saying piece PCB Well, that's our forward from divorced red track on the front blue on the side it is necessary to reverse include spatial but the quality of the thinking auto wiring is not always will be perfect and optimally so will breed hand and maximize densely link scheme here will help children passing the experience mazes and games Tetris seriously, I do not I am kidding cancel now my layout task to bring here Feng Shui and symmetry not to track that is crossed
  • 08:31: We need to advance think over further wiring taking tool laying tracks not predetermined thickness of these most tracks mad all give this platform is that It tells where must keep track and it's very cool and greatly reduces the threshold entry into the design own cards on basis even if not their schemes here as well as in the editor circuits and a grid You can set step binding common and while holding down the alt that is, for example, We put this 100 mil cell and retention alt 25 miles and get
  • 09:01: Snap to Grid every cell of their quarters I'll reconnoiter all except security roads transistors with him we will deal with Well apart it's time through transistors who will go high current large thick current needs short wires and wide as possible short track so that we are working to breed the land is not here manages for example I I do it on reverse side all for one track does not make sense mess about with bilateral ti got there they then can dull solder Now wires
  • 09:31: look just said about high currents let's replace these on flimsy grounds more powerful in library can to find a bunch of different Terminal I Ardov I want to double such as here in this reality it It looks like and also you can buy in the shop old electronic components The contact is removed and their place put new peasant Now let remember why we excavation contacts marked ground ground installation connects the Contact Jane network
  • 10:01: where that is, to the network earth our new ground established contact not connected do it doctor Then choose tool metallized region and encircle our charge and what we We see all the sites are connected to earth now consolidating more copper island they no longer needed track and even which transistors we did a track on the outside were now connected to the ground but if you can large currents better Still let on shortest paths even if the second the board with changing tracks
  • 10:31: We need to allocate circuit field and press restructure agree Now Board looks very as a ready industrial version in settings field, you can specify width of the gaps between paths and the most the using the fact that Now you do not need all track and slightly Move component and board became even slightly compact can to add to the board drawings and inscriptions to be made copper or silkscreen and that's how our fee Now look at the reality of such things photorealism but board looks to Given masks
  • 11:01: serigraphy that for simple DIY generally not applied because it quite a guy but if the work order making PCB here then it will be so we look typo if we want to increase the thickness expensive as that you can select them and I further increase decided that the good you add to chart massive capacitors eating at my house lying around here are 16 volts diameter 10 millimeters I find it in the list and can be inserted to see that the earthen leg is not connected to the land of the window Network prescribe same Andy leg connect
  • 11:31: [music] incidentally style connection rectangles is off the shelf can be the direct supply there will be a hole fully contact with foot of the but component soldering this will be very difficult because large surface copper will be cool soldering iron so leave gallop here it is very important to understand we draw a diagram tracks and look at its top and components that we we put too placed like this according to the way drawing on serigraphy if make PCB can the solder so
  • 12:01: way would be extremely not so convenient track should be done just below them select and send to the lower layer so fashion labels and silkscreen paintings in We are on top element reserve and top tracks is at the bottom so that draw directly on the bottom side of us or a little video I I braked and drew and red paint himself little deeds and signing component and slightly changing the nominal value of the resistor thanks understanding outraged subscriber I get final the result is now can bring picture and do charge of this I
  • 12:32: I discuss in the next video series and now let's try to order manufacturing cost easy service instead the idea only Now this sided board engine driver that I myself no problem to erase the Soviet PCB I decided to order another charge this driver two engines developed but under the direction of one of the subscribers Ilya thank you very thanks and regards it a very powerful driver for two motors all by n-channel mosfetov and dawn controlled drivers based on this thing can be do giroskuter or Segway hope
  • 13:02: someday I to this would get a I now have where it pays to be holes and ready seals in order service of ideas for this click here and here once you get on page print settings boards and I two-layer printed circuit dress size put automatically minimum number of five pieces of personal useful precisely PCB let will be fatter and of blue color Association boards one large panel I do not need and that's it Copper foil thickness Solder typically choose although they have
  • 13:33: Lead-free and more some of ANAS blah blah blah gold fingers do not need to like everything else and we would also see at once chopochom 18 bucks z5 complex bilayer boards is 200 rubles Unit Copper foil thickness I put two he both fetal powerplant eventually there will be great and price immediately rises in two good times bad maintain order in Shopping cart here you need to specify address in English and then you need to be pay bank card or paypal and select delivery mail delivery standards course about 50 rubles
  • 14:03: come to the board boxes packed and under pupyrku vacuum more than once I had ever seen we are not chic imagine this feeling when I sat he designed boards and then touching their fulfillment in industrial as it is directly so once her case like on a picture It sounds silly but teams and real cool under layer solder mask can be seen foil thickness She even gives a Black colored contact site here bush is very
  • 14:33: cool you can also see the hole I said at the they are arranged board for in general the corners friends if you plan for a its production is can safely ordering payment in easy service where More More packs now I too lazy to collect driver but only will the project based on it too will have to unsolder way link to this I driver project I leave in the description by video suddenly someone come in handy truth about Shumka under him I have not I developed all anyway here it is Get video creating printed boards with zero at the end
  • 15:04: we got a picture with wiring or ready Chinese board but both from pictures make payment to PCB, you will learn in the next series cycle will do printing cozy laser south technologies subscribe to channel so as not to miss and put Like if you think this video helpful to you had Alex Guyver see you soon friends meeting [music]