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  • 00:00: Hello everyone today home cook mayonnaise also I want to share sekretikom thanks you cease to be afraid of use raw cooking eggs mayonnaise mayonnaise get a very delicious sweet gingerbread and air preparing a couple minutes ingredients always at hand to start the process the egg deep a small bowl Pour boiling water omit the raw egg exactly one minute It took 1 minute We take out the egg and drop into ice process water so
  • 00:31: heat treatment time to quickly become and protein not get back in this way probability infection will be reduced to minimum egg break into the container Mixer or jar [music] add salt sugar mustard Now omit the immersion blender strictly vertical turn mixer and punching all of 15-20 seconds then without ceasing whisking pour vegetable oil
  • 01:01: room temperature thin stream whisk more seconds 30-40 as mayonnaise thickens add one tablespoon lemon juice whisk yet five to ten seconds - ready [music] mayonnaise can be use for salads and preparation of any other dishes where required for mayonnaise preparation of such mayonnaise always get a very delicious subscribe to my write channel Insert comments
  • 01:31: Huskies look my I wish more videos you a pleasant appetite and excellent moods