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As it is BEAUTIFUL to obsilikonit a bathtub (acryle)  See details »

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  • 00:00: as well, and the final stage about They then asked show it on Silicone is not as acrylic bathtub Well, I already said that it will be about silicone ie completely pass around perimeter will also take the floor between the mosaic there is a wall and fire sex, too, all We forgive horses wanted just simply lose
  • 00:30: link as this is all I already made there are videos where silicone Yvon here us a little otherwise all not done quite so I usually silicone there are some experiment percentage namely, if it means who does not know the I repeat that I will say that usually ordinary Here is such a silicone sanitary silicone silicone sealant from acrylic bath after
  • 01:01: 2 years of operation to begin shale then there are lots of ways then heat up hairdryer then this bath silicone well turn it's all because 50 to 50 will tell but in this case we did a little different Here sealant Tsvetan Polish it means the silicone acrylic It has not quite silicone half acrylic half silicone is also transparent for kitchens willow piston starts a primary layer and
  • 01:32: this would be his if that's compare w drivers that then we will leveling layer do rovnenky Reputation means here To obtain such a nice beautiful we passed over ie more than thin subtle pattern and its as if we Now there is allegedly pritoplyu ie have it we are one wall to another fat well and fully sealed the space between bathroom and the wall Well, you could continue to fully
  • 02:03: the same silicone It means to pass a seam to do for final finish Nick call but the fact that the silicone Acrylic he phone Acrylic on it the effects of water dissolves and we to make perfect even layer need will ask soap solution here we have prepared, we do not reveal this shampoo and diluted with water to seam perfectly beautiful but here so here makarom
  • 02:34: shorter can someone I can judge anything but correct then we decided to in this way then I think that silicone for silicone should stay well the same silicone silicone acrylic anna Krylov's Well there are places where it is found it easy it is impossible to pull out together with acrylic I only have I tried to hold Well, that's fine as well we will go to the top silicone money already common sanitary silicone that we to protect the ladder easy to find
  • 03:05: sanitary silicone Acryl you I do not I could have silicone especially for which you good silicone attack there also mark but here it is white will need should the task of making silicone transparent go clear silicone is such a zamanuha means that we do have prepared Statement 20 GOVERNMENTAL thrust one jar here as soon as this one we wide shablonchik
  • 03:35: We finish here and Soak in the arches 2 we have in the bottle keep an spray it so she have sprays adjusted Statement how much we need and begin spraying held phone then from start and reach the one end to the end bath bead well and I went cylinders We wait until it comes out
  • 04:06: It has yet to complete transition's transition behind washed, and we went make their case Potikha give depressed and go with try to try your It was uniform we
  • 04:36: so We completed the entire bathroom on the perimeter Now as I say Silicone aside and Getting spraying the seams also take criminal we did not go solution and the whole seam marched through the stands Polish solution I repeat do
  • 05:07: 1 shampoo and conclusions and there is simply no perfect shampoo aside We come to another the sump is not running shablonchik went making his even then there are went to do his beautiful here and so now he aligned and going the extra
  • 05:37: Now we have our court his boys 1 cm or just and we continue on so passes latest overtaken heart then look here because silicone us floats it is not now do not Sticky we us solution it loses
  • 06:07: their properties adhesion means that I want to say at the expense of we now have an ideal a smooth, level as if it were like factory plinth for baths made but it's while the plinth made from silicone that is, there we have empty spaces Mouston where can accumulate water It appears some mold foundation for establishing new civilization means in this situation that's how I showed you if so do the seam It is inevitable
  • 06:37: be beautiful and ideally I now draw near closer to show more some nuances then we see that Here we see that we have stabbing where this is now silicone plus a him there and soapy water so let the road the entire silicone grab when Reputation will be hard Now there is still some places and glaciers not for me Now this is not to touch going from a fast when all this grab a dry Now it's all easy
  • 07:07: just peel off finger podkovyrnut and it is suitable as the under any soap Only about our entire counter will perfectly rovnenko same way we are and will go here But under the bathroom asked the horse and fillet welds and corner the joints between the mosaic Floor call out here we have already passed
  • 07:38: vertical angles the seam I have dealt silicone shablonchik here bottom top was left middle, look like this It makes evident that here here here there and here, as it were already not sharing it I have seen silicone or not here so makarom we pass remove too much and do build this one seam modestly here and casing has accumulated we or hand the far rag
  • 08:09: if something bad washed off because gradually gradually silicone vsezh after his beret and start as do not stick remember to wet Now pass corner it should inflict a happening seen and shines chapter does not pass between between the mosaic wall and floor to click here, we again or accumulated cm
  • 08:39: if well washed off not pass on rubbed and fly cloth not further and give whips that transshipped through top gift waddle remove excess often remove means so We go through all the seams Generally nothing complicated Basically there is everywhere where we had
  • 09:13: asked comedian as well, not listed here It went well all time is here capitally withered strong piece of silicone rubber Well, that's what Now these remnants here they say here I take them hooked Madonna m taking orders how to end like over the edge and pass but she clipped rovnenko by the
  • 09:44: place where we The template can be ended finger you can do it take the same template and go template cropped Now I will take fashion pattern we it becomes the edge smooth as the most tile's excess It can also be done then after that when major remove just take dry cloth and dry like this rag still Schuch Schuch Schuch Schuch I do all trim shablonchik
  • 10:14: and then I took shablonchik but so that's too much, you can also clean right away so summut Makar passed trimmed things here about that we have when you pattern of thinking here flooring pattern It was the plump I have here minimum layer obtained almost microns and so at this point
  • 10:45: Only on this very and place it cut off all the rest of us as I lay He said on soap pillow so it is easy and beautiful all removed Here I was moved He stepped pruning and pass, and so all war will catch up already We would already like dolma this matter can be hand Vertan too
  • 11:15: livestock and claws here such a fool in a we get a Reputation smooth practically factory seam