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French plum almond cream pie. The recipe from Jeanne of Luke Rabanel  See details »

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  • 00:00: [music] Hello friends this issue will French cooking plum cake and Gianluca rabanne or By the way this man officially recognized cultural property france he owns recipes not only haute cuisine, he also invented mass elementary recipes with which handle even child but result stellar chief start with cooking almond pastry in cup whipping laid diced
  • 00:30: butter top sift flour then pour the sugar and almond flour to the ship it turns out that eggs everything ingredients you upload both mix first at the middle speed and then goes high The oil you should be at room our temperature easy task mix spatula all components to uniform states it turns out like this Our tests now will roll out its between the two
  • 01:00: sheets I have it paper sheet Baking and second sheet This silicone pastry I need some then flatten turn the leaf silicone down We do it for that when rolling out all our construction did not go on the table the more if you have a table of the pharynx silicone sheet It will give good grip on table surface and you can easily Roll out your dough with the help of a rolling pin you need to roll approximately to the height of 5-6
  • 01:30: millimeters and when to layout you Lay the finished construction in refrigerator for about for 20 minutes until a batter let ripen prepare tender almond cream here we use butter and icing sugar Again, eggs and Of course the almond we're preparing a meal almond cream with Do not forget that oil must also be at room as the temperature see process preparation and simple as a test We mix up
  • 02:01: uniform all state Ingredients we get the air lush mass and our almond cream ready By the way I remember that all until September 30, it our channel passes language decor contest x here's a link to the condition the competition you will find a description this video and the time our almond cream He whipped turned But in such a delicate air light a lot of time for us to put the oven on Preheat the oven We warm up to 180 degrees and Accepted for plums
  • 02:31: pre-discharge Washed we need only get bone I normally notched drain along the bone a knife then such roundabouts rented one half Remove stones have removed a very easily from the remaining Well part of the drain we need about six but can be little can less it depends on size forms are now dough we stood 20 minutes, we We reach it from the refrigerator as a see after
  • 03:01: cooling the dough hardened and keeps its shape is very Now clearly the test you need to give a little warm to room temperature and can I want to lay shape immediately make a reservation that into a circular shape It will put much easier to just under hand me alone and it was not I had done all this thing in square form dough that is, when a little we softened neat movements with greaseproof paper laid inside Form is everything then the excess paper
  • 03:31: Baking cut off to them it not protruded edges of the dough It can also be a little crop if they too favor limits your form at the bottom of the mold laid almond cream and straighten it special spatula if you do not have a take the knife as a You see not cream height to the brim our external form It does not reach the habit it will rise and align height main cake Now laid plum in the order
  • 04:01: that you like and if desired, can be sprinkle with almonds and petals brown sugar now there are put in the oven and wait some 25 minutes until your pie propechetsya and podzolotitsya here to this about get state cake from the mold and cut it better after complete beer is not as hot cake can just break down and note that Cream is a little liquid is attached some our cream flavor Second in our canoe
  • 04:31: in general, if you pleasant place Like subscribe to our channel and see our other rollers and are not forget our contest that It passes 30 September all good mood and to new meetings on the air