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  • 00:00: welcome all in own channel today I wove here such a simple bracelet and I want you show his weave because a pattern available for beginners here we need 2 kinds of beads, these beads I do recently discharged from aliexpress site links will bottom from here are not faceted 4 mm painted in gold
  • 00:30: others are yellow 6 millimeters in diameter we will need the lock I used here such a magnetic Here you will need fishing line I have a zero fishing line as much as two millimeters really need bare only 1 meter Now cut the fishing line line and begin I'll show you weave Only the first such servant must report because I bracelet
  • 01:00: already laced pattern on here really simple and Well, let's light then proceed stringing one beads 4 mm then one way lock and even bead 4 millimeter here We completed a set We lowered all middle Levski Now we combine the two end are the two fishing lines joined take one bead 4 millimeter and pass
  • 01:31: with two ends fishing line and so and so passed dragon that's passed down in the middle of cutting and here an element we I initially obtained Of course the other department I just lock Bronze's this is no longer as well, where I pick locks, I also link, you will leave All of the site aliekspress pletom Now on the left
  • 02:03: I put on one side bead 6 mm and 3 Beads 4 mm with right side wearing two beads 4 and one millimeter bead 6 mm and Now right-hand end fishing line going through Now this last bead that's not crosswise and no Here on this side Where did we go here Of course, you can set
  • 02:30: Well, get together I think more than clear here held here such we have an element I got so twirled that's what I got here This set us simply repeats the ends of the woods needed swap a hand here So you need to change to product in the process of not weaving I swirled here
  • 03:00: pattern circuit is very simple one report we repeated here so simply draw here we established Castle took place immediately the two ends of the fishing line on the one hand here is a set do other hand as it Conversely first two then a small great and then two end of the line here Just this side pass with two Lesko then further
  • 03:32: we are the same set here is we not repeated mirror and order that's just the We have this way of fishing line and spent they need to be here cross so here is how they so we will have to go better here further here so go the same way one large bead We put on a little 2 this side of the contrary
  • 04:00: First two small then one large and But on one small the two ends of the fishing line here and so we go out I hope I explained Now let's Well one set is formed but just We recruit here alone large bead 3 other small two small side one big and here the right end of line We pass through here this bead Here on this side and
  • 04:31: change places the line just in different parties need scaffold direct and we've got already obtained two the report as a report correct to say so that's what we should Get the Look and so to weave the required length result, we it turns out that's a
  • 05:00: Bracelet likewise you need to register with this side of the castle just as we then you need to begin tie the ends of the woods cut and singe ends through here these beautiful beads obtained interesting bracelet although instead of faceted beads can be simply use beads 4 mm also turns beautiful here and I'm with you I say goodbye to all I wish
  • 05:31: good luck and success to until the next video till