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Failures when pressing gas (accelerator)

Failures when pressing gas (accelerator)  See details »

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  • 00:10: Vehicles 2009 complaints host to fail at starting and I love you switching machine little nods and then he went then again much literature very written and the do a lot of commercials I laid there Internet guys but
  • 00:30: All these amounts fully say then explain how well do it right firstly that to to solve problems to fix this the effect may be known generally affecting the this defect and the effect such start immediately with a vacuum regulator advance angle ignition so he It stands on a timer But if he will punched the failure. one thousand gold carburetors Put your failure
  • 01:00: It will be provided as It works vakuumnik explain how it works we know that although enlighten him little in damsya we know that the time combustion rate fuel has always constantly and the speed engine speed constantly increase so we need it captivate already once we raise turnover We need to increase ignited mixture then you need to give him early ignition We've got vacuum regulator advance has
  • 01:31: centrifugal Centrifugal 1500 thousand and two hundred thousand where you are going is not It works and who should take on this over the function to raise the angle a here vakuumnik please him we work with you open throttle and rarer for this tube enters the this into the cavity he his diaphragm while pulling bearing and raises the angle advance and we this you fail
  • 02:00: that is, without going through right to work car his check very just take this hose and just give he vacuum vakuumnik give here I am taking there works fine I have hanging on the language It means this problem over approach will not following problems who we exclude dips when starting
  • 02:31: attacks have spray accelerator Now I pump it you have dreamed of here in people call tea samovar is Well, who as a convenient Now therefore I will take removable diffuser so I took 2 minutes wanted like eyes and look how we work Zhenya on the wall bring a lantern
  • 03:00: Please lights it there is a red hanging here again put in place start and begin I watch as secret in us this samovar our sprayer accelerator pump or a flashlight I blind old patient People do not see here I look and he hisses
  • 03:30: very bad here the second camera is good 1 starts like that tremble as a means it is very correct Many simply do not know how we fix We take it to go year Here is my life please this is what I I do repair diagnostics any shorter walls ignition systems any carbs
  • 04:01: I've got no dark spots to collect but my phone number I am no one is encrypt please call say answer any question that you interesting just to let us go any where here's how to repair this sprayer take a piece of GUFSIN
  • 04:31: look Now take the bottom part of its atomizer so will not be will be here here not share mote We will come out blow Ball here we are again will not let us take it quietly like this here and I pull out Dad Now take and receive tube chamber a needle with a brush
  • 05:01: metallic speech like a good wind instrument he just go here here size 35 to 40 and go quietly who he says you can not throw the wire all the false importance final result all you can do though a chisel hammer but if under the hammer you get to decide all know the problem can not listen anyone to listen to me one that I would like to most
  • 05:30: I do not see so cleaned It is not everything check whether the go I go outside now! breathed pack Here is a sample check you can take this
  • 06:04: sprayer ready starting to blow one yes and always different here dispenser means good and then in should necessarily be strictly vet not stenochku and strictly diffuser and straight into when the collector opens throttle
  • 06:30: jet should fall exactly on the collector get back wall failure because he he does not have time collector let us set go then again I put sprayer come with us is there and watch then shoot removed because
  • 07:00: pascal is excellent long throw so wonderful immediately makes a reservation yet here we have it Another topic of conversation but of course I'm talking about Now that the Soviet Union and in Russia, I do not know who it came up with some moron take and bend This sprayer one camera is I do well but absolutely unacceptable thing here you know that that's This atomizer 1
  • 07:31: most tomatoes enough of this car on sky one sprayer 45 whether it's worth it then swing left it two bridges and it heavy heavy conditions here are no failure and why to missing her, I even many clean here it's the second the camera leaves one 35 here and so on most can `t we have to ozone should hole 40 Russia was 50 was good well sprayer
  • 08:00: felt that he bags are very much It gives a row so toxicity was abandoned enough enough 40 He works there in the zone like their gadgets you can extend the rules increase its loyalty there and so further means more look here here there two eat diffuser Now eat diffuser must be strictly to the body carburetors to this diffuser firmly if
  • 08:31: it will flounder in this area will we loss vacuum it again will not work plump as I I do here this side I skin but by the side a little bit hammer tick tick teak but we carpenter go look set sitting the next sitting of any
  • 09:01: any case no music rotting and spray blink here such there herbalists I was often I look at him, he It can be as master it is good It is meant both minder like he karbyuratorschika certainly not karbyuratorschik under it says costs 7 cam here which presses on foot accelerator pump and so you are my darling Eugene herbalists as a 7 is a time cam
  • 09:30: all just bullshit it can French good but we have it bad I take 4 cam 4 besides it perfectly Neva is I have it I cut and I such cams time 90s probably wagon sent to Moscow where this driver handy taken please give give let well had I did took out here I cut cut cams 1000 pieces on sandpaper and think and compare there microns microns
  • 10:01: this is not because I was omitted much altered and they very helpful very helpful 4 cam 7 is all yundo many Smart people take 7 another piece sides and turn it it becomes general force majeure but he is not necessarily to do so all close and check array here with what is worth take into account the 4 th I cut then show how it cuts and that of 4
  • 10:30: cam Neva is a cam Neva cam more normal guy shows in the following way guys look here I've even drunk when the arc is not like that But to not do swim if the float should Do so he will affect for wall so the float should stand parallel here is but kind of contacts here on the cover of this one here
  • 11:00: it is the size of the dose what we call almost at the factory Bofill 35 size put 3 millimeter will well put and 58 will also put nothing so nothing terrible is not absolutely here along quietly almost to be sticky should quietly go to work then close all this business
  • 11:53: excellent I do not understand there is no hell
  • 12:06: all one more thing it It was then accelerator pump who is absolutely not He looks at the aperture Sgiach pump is not there is a damping such pimpochka worth it is break off 1 and a spring have all people are just not do little changes because of new gardena simply can not get to this most gasket diaphragm and showed
  • 12:31: 8 and the diaphragm pump So I rotted Since pump Classical ozone Now the cap damping it here if it is a word all right to be provided though scho do a thousand sprayers in fact One camera still It will be a failure in this people do not know well here But under the break off but the whole self-made I broke off all make and begins to think think five stations people the project is still bush failure failure
  • 13:00: is not so well, but not I know that's you know what Here's the flies Pro is available as a I turn off the machine I put a filter and I went to ride I show you how to to check on the car how to check failures attack on the move failure and none People do not try Idling is even a single gram
  • 13:34: time I'll show how to check machines looks forward Here's our favorite vote Dimitrovgrad Auto Aggregate plant legislator the structure of the carburettor country
  • 14:00: so the machine should run for foot She stamped her car for a long time answer must be stamped good answer He must be answered by I I removed the second gear stamped went cleaned dogma gone gone went I went like this yet should work The same is done for 3 transfer stamped so we are now it will add a felon a little lacking angle will be easy
  • 14:54: then I put early all will be increased scary ass fence the west natural process
  • 15:03: I touch and she immediately answers I barely touched Now just because 4 cam is exactly what do 7 the cam never in my life Make it there car is required to pass fools go
  • 15:30: here it is wonderful men convenient to clean up here And so it should there is my dear and it is necessary to accelerate It's good sponsored car Nenad and pity them here see my friends this is the first transmission I go quietly to her give schools responded well to response 2nd gear
  • 16:01: so you can not help to the middle of said barely touched it went a little bit children 4 cam does wonders to your machine never let anyone hear that there Kettle in the same cell although nonsense clean at all atomizer take second and you here on nostrils enough here it is at least 3 again went
  • 16:30: stamped went convenient gone 4 transmission that's it she responded ton He said fifth made I have a complicated patent that's 5 I went quietly look well no problems and just no there are no problems with the machines That's how guys should be making machines Now let's go to gorochku now itself a heavy duty
  • 17:01: Well anyway for a bit soon as she I said a little something there's this year's I answer answers but a song about choosing 100 Pugachev their animations so Eugene herbalist in expensive listen to me go to 4 cams is if you but you ought to send 7 cam
  • 17:30: it being fufel complete functions have Not only these 5 7 these cam cam 3 yet there is the mass of any full points, not all round