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  • 00:01: all huge hello you Julia Semenova Today again I am for frame and the frame mori samples English gum today we what they talk it is her knit me show you model-related English gum It is simple and somewhere elements let's use start over So I tied to palace 4 sample, in principle, if they not see the difference very visible but if
  • 00:30: here's a closer look lilac and lime menthol can still be behind they are the same they have deeper backstitches loops such deeper grooves look it is very much It stretched very too loose and more thick gum purl track not such deep and if we are samples and overturn We'll see significant difference Now please two
  • 01:00: our top looks to appeal like this side so this hand when I We studied this gum called surround it equally so that so very good for scarves for caps Use it exactly also here It looks here and Now this rezinochka look at it as looking backward little side otherwise all here a British gum used in industrial knit
  • 01:30: if necessary cars then you get here and that's it's a Now picture and a facial this is strange It is Wrong It is fashionable to vitara knitted so linking closely eraser they volumetric and very popular all English gum has long been It goes out of fashion and perhaps it will be always popular and also it expressed exactly also it seems to or rather on the wrong side In fact the person and so here it looks to
  • 02:01: but the reverse side can be used as a face nobody says that must not the wear on the rubber band a person like this does not exist in any way now I and I show you one The style of this minute sample as a cannon ordered aside here It's my favorite sweater and look down products I linked here is such a English gum on my face as it happened and on the reverse side seamy side of the I was able to face that is contrary and also on the sleeves Unscrew then cuffs
  • 02:31: me here such a smooth gum if I need a sleeve I shortened up turning and since this side of me We get such collected over rezinochka I do not even I know what to call him what she would like the fact the person that is no It does not prohibit the wearing on the face and seamy side of me it seems more beautiful looks well, at least at crocheted here show you what industrial viscous
  • 03:00: here such that it in I cut the sweater on typewriter that's real face and related machines if we have Unscrew here it is, our Gorny rezinochka industrial knitting it is considered a sign of I already told you this Let's understand how to knit, I'll start show you how English tally gum here such red sample color to us distinguish between the English gum we mean to call which rezinochku face and seamy side differ
  • 03:30: industrial English gum let's agree So for English gum in any case you need dial odd the number of loops I I gained 19 loops and the first row of knitting in the following way the first loop rented an edge second provyazyvaem Now we face eyelet Wrong if you first untie the simply remove it as purl with nakida here and so and
  • 04:00: on the same front and sc simultaneously loop removes very easy facial purl with sc let us show you close the front sc Wrong like this front and sc
  • 04:30: it Wrong very easy to fit but just want to say that the English gum is required quite a bit of no pretty lot yarn keep this in mind if especially you to knit completely all products such rezinochkoy turned This was the first we front row now we have 2 series of all even ranks they have purl odd facial ranks here we a back row as we know it provyazyvaem first an edge loop
  • 05:00: 1 hinge after shooting seamy edge we backing rule Let's show already package buttocks first grandmother's way both loops are knitted then classic Now look at us in front of the front loop sc and more front loop, we do not forget that the front loop we always Knit the front stenochku here it is front stenochka so we enter spoke in front
  • 05:30: loop of the same see also our sc provyazyvaetsya like this Now knit Wrong front with sc and knit up the end of there are also quite easy nakida well
  • 06:00: lying on front eyelets so it is very easy it's all provyazyvaetsya and has let this series poison knit classic way to girls who knit not correctly mess up like this overturn work and we now have 3 years he could face you know how to knit once again show we face provyazyvaem front not and we are wrong
  • 06:30: rather we provyazyvaem it simply deduct with sc front and knit We keep all dinner known to traffic end of the series remove from the wrong sc front provyazyvaem remove from the wrong sc facial provyazyvaem all nothing complicated this turns rezinochka there is still one way
  • 07:00: how to write a gum to view it is no different but about knitting 5 a little more Now I'll show you just odd the number of loops I He scored 19 we already know Now that we have this ribbed such rezinochka this we we face a number of I look like this first rented and first row we were binding All loops gum 1 1 Right Wrong front Wrong generally no
  • 07:31: difficulties to be here should not Knit the first row turned work Now we have 2 series have it We first purl remove an edge we are following we wrong provyazyvaem wrong if hood classic thinks so and provyazyvaem now we face loop front loop we provyazyvaem with you That's the way for front wall but in English gum in the
  • 08:00: variant we lead our right needle into a number of Here below the previous row a number below here and here provyazyvaem front because of this, it is us, get this here plump for and this takes a lot of not go on Wrong grandmother knit so she we face provyazyvaem not as usual and looking
  • 08:32: number below here it is we introduce needle and Now provyazyvaem knit classic I find wrong bottom row of front loop knit like to get down to a number of below all things keep the same most anything complex I think that's a method of knitting
  • 09:00: gum English much simpler outfit carry than sc represents us provyazyvaem simply drawing some We see these tabs knit facial facial and purl Wrong usual Gum 11 such here rezinochka beautiful then turns when washed loops look better deal will very cute now I take next layer sample and will have deal with gum which I once studied lie called
  • 09:30: although this volume also English gum in any literature you meet it as English again I remind you that it is but on both sides equally let us it knit the same way that we knitted red sample sc Here the principle is the It is also odd the number of loops just all ranks and facial purl we we will knit look alike Now I have even here it is seen or gti I sc and facial provyazyvayu together Now
  • 10:01: I also wrong must remove the sc, and with the front knit sc wrong with sc front with sc knit and so on the end of turned work the same thing here that we do have a sc we always see purl be sure to backing sc seamy filmed front of previous row
  • 10:30: we remember formed from the sc Now he's backing We will be on the front loop seamy We see doing sc front with sc provyazyvaem sc seamy filmed front with sc knit that is, again repeat and facial and purl food here tally absolutely It is equally wrong we always shoot with
  • 11:00: sc and face with sc under previous row provyazyvaem due the fact that we have one and the same steps so with rezinochka one from another The country receives absolutely identical Well, the last sample show how he fit is also English gum which equally It looks like a face so seamy side I I think that you have all the realized guessed that Here we will also provyazyvat facial and purl rows equally second
  • 11:31: way as we were knitting Orange is a sample there we will seek to face a number of loops below here it is we down on the number of below and provyazyvaem front wrong provyazyvaem just wrong and facial loops we We are looking for a number below provyazyvaem front seamy purl and went etc. can be basically
  • 12:00: experiment and not to go down by 1 a number below it two series not, then you gum is still thicker can experiment but i try never not knitting I had not been but are aware that it is possible give . until I see a sample I want to ask you Have you heard about this knitting method as a brioches very beautiful view knitting and two-color It fits through English gum
  • 12:30: if you want you can my comments write on We want a master class in Brioches I'll write it down Now we have our second a back row Wrong about visas simply wrong and face down on a number below and provyazyvaem facial I think that's a way more easy you can choose that which you more like longer remember
  • 13:00: more comfortable and tie their rezinochki look they are absolutely equally no difference honest you I say not notice no difference how way to knit English gum better to take the spokes it will be smaller field so tightly the more sleep the more will gum very loose for different options for different pans You can also try different spices on it
  • 13:32: Today, if you liked videos it was useful to put huskies subscribe on my channel Come in group come on a visit to instagram I leave all of their coordinates and and we will be friends let's questions necessarily all I answer on the possibility well, maybe not immediately but as far as possible from HIV the next lesson we We meet with you and I I report to you way his jacket I will show you how to do Rounding all my
  • 14:01: Good to new meetings until