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  • 00:00: how to get here such seedlings of not wheat germ step by step I will now I tell you fall asleep wheat Depending on the bank your needs fill with water good
  • 00:30: filtered water top dress on a girl and set on a dark night and all the first place phase is over wheat Sprouts best buy especially since it is It called wheat germination and how it is grown
  • 01:00: in clean areas 8-10 hours we We get our street and shaken like this and several times wash more We took the food tray We poured there is one centimeter could jar with a damp wheat put horizontal position and Okrut like that over to wheat distributed over walls and put at an angle of 30 ghetto
  • 01:30: degrees to the bank It has been in a wet environment But in the food tray and all that design again We put in the dark place and day following. During this time you should Rinse the vodichku two or three times through a while you get here are seedlings seeing All this is very simple