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Super-means from a nose congestion. You will freely breathe for the morning!

Super-means from a nose congestion. You will freely breathe for the morning!  See details »

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  • 00:07: [music] audience favorite today show super remedy for stuffy nose and already in the morning you must breathe freely all understand that autumn-winter period a pair of really colds diseases of at least in my surrounded by all the sick drive you there on public Transportation is working with
  • 00:30: people is inevitable stuffy nose hard breathing discomfort and Here is a proven folk remedy which treats rhinitis per night indeed It helps treat not the symptoms and the root problem is we sinusitis, and therefore does not run to the drugstore do what I tell you I advise you to do this we need 1 lemon I bought at the store bulb 2 tablespoons honey and need 2 cups
  • 01:01: water that do I will show you now Friends if you have not Subscribe to my channel sonnets subscribe after not signed Remember to click on the bell notice of withdrawal new video first thing we you need to clear first from the bulb husk and then show as the cut is now onions divide into two halves and cut in
  • 01:31: this much such a bow I sliced like these Here lobules give plenty of time until we need to cut onions put two glasses water and brought to Boiling once water boils We add our bow now it is necessary to boil for 15 minutes then switch off and give drink
  • 02:00: The present exemplary somewhere in 5 minutes Now we filter needed to drink cool because now we you need to add the honey and Do not add honey in a hot drink because he loses its properties after As well sung add two tablespoons honey [music]
  • 02:32: directly before drinking this solution add the juice one whole lemon [music] all carefully stir and need This solution drinking February 3 times a week for 1 tablespoon once you can 2 this may be stored
  • 03:00: solution the fridge about 2-3 days but this is more than that is enough bunged up nose held several hours maximum per day Thank you all for all I hope you attention necessarily this is useful recipe to share your friends stay healthy and if you have some their folk ways be sure to write a video will be very, very happy until everyone till