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How to make a cap in 15 minutes!

How to make a cap in 15 minutes!  See details »

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  • 00:07: good morning to the most time for our master class do header 15 minutes hold it our continued guest designer Catherine Karpukhina We tell her the good good morning good something if you have questions that call 36 344 34 495 Code of Moscow I remind you that our It has done very quickly yes that's very
  • 00:30: very original valuably so the cap for 15 minutes before it really even It does not even matter the more that all of us be congratulated on the onset of autumn final and lead son cap today will to the court to any coat any any spider jackets all too necessary protect Arlindo de the old man naked more than is necessary to protect it ready cap it should be ready for cap it all It has done very quickly and it is easy for but
  • 01:00: for that we It needs 50 centimeters knitwear from which You can also go buy in store it is the case here there is a ready this jersey very It was very relevant But whether it was particularly last last autumn well, everything still then that's the trip very fashion now they have to boldly stitched right you can buy cut about us from a very It looks nice and Here we have two sample min let's all here this model volcano it has all the favorite that year I
  • 01:30: it seems to enjoy popular and she really many are very simple and can be nice of coat combine with jacket and with anything she is very very nice soft I like to touch some measure and yes I'm here, and either let's trust for how it looks still cap things are very good but unfortunately they all is a need to look his style but when there is Xenia
  • 02:00: your style Me, I think that the game women do here to plunge into twenties last century sincerely with Horace this brokenfooted simple decor and give to In fact, it enough so equ pathos he actually pretty athletic that is just it, my due to tissue about decor make over feminine and even here it will go to whom some fashionable coat is easy if you take some knitwear on in strip it will be clear that the so that's more
  • 02:32: any payment rows and more such solid elegant feminine for all Well suited Catherine that we got do we know I that tied some fabric yes I'm here for an example Now I see here we still have it out Velvet speech that is it generally is and and even can be under succubus one hand possess general and it will be very nice in their deep luster and such a good matte Russian color chocolate and so
  • 03:05: Now that we ABC I show a bow that's how I Russia and brought a knitwear I'm so beautiful and very I like it very warm in general it will be from to do all this, too, now we have stores there are in general enough affordability and the since the need is Nothing to see all 50
  • 03:30: only 50 centimeters cloth I have prepared with patterns Now I will explain how it is you You need to request you and Dimensions Dimensions I accept lived with ready always we them remember this at any head suit but since it did You will also at any head means very simple like bucolic in school I need to lay down 4 times paper and make this ellipse and make it
  • 04:01: Now it is clear we namely the top seam which goes well here at so if the head you you do more Square will be such narrow funny if viewed do more rounded will be here to sow and snugly say size means that on the lips on the joints of such width about 26 centimeters is already a our allowances dishes and length 42 and 42 centimeters in 2640
  • 04:32: memorize or write yes on then you make such patterns to it was convenient spread out on a cloth the nothing had already the vymeryat more so he not prepare me It will be very visible a hint of some well here so here imposes It serves two houses and he folds into 2 layer because we are details need 2
  • 05:00: we just do lining want notice on a high lined that is, he will have by itself to turn out to be double meaning it even without cushy turns and edge obtained earned beautiful bend like just here begin pinned fraction two layers and and cut cheese how do now in vogue hats
  • 05:31: yet its related Knitted house not general course they go they just getting on different forms with different decors who takes this cap us, and I hats I love it such a beautiful in addition to the image and if you have any completely wrongly assume
  • 06:00: that someone does not weave It fits just muse choose the style and correct model hats find it's his this model as well as a cap you can pick up absolutely anyone man is Depending on to try to make such a cap may be just this style will be your and You'll love We cut these further I like parts I remind you that the curves 26 42 prayer is not
  • 06:31: it is useful put off and is now we will all sew sew It means minutes convenience, you can chop off more to us They do not have much nothing I moved to look They, too, to hats double belly still yes They have double the how's and inside they are already also using it just to sample our you here on this pATTERNS
  • 07:00: Again, if that's the mountain Now do these angles more the square get such funny ears are again as I say Well that is not so expensive buy this fabric just levitate and Drying can not without ears and and Office is that you can be very different fabric you make it stretch and was Muslims stretched so we We take those two parts and circuit join them and reserve one place somewhere
  • 07:30: top here or there is no difference absolutely the hither and thither symmetric leaves little hole that could let us return to Getting it all first get quickly you will handle cap it just goes inside so he just will go into here if line can be ordinary when the straight stitch to put it right There are connecting owls about me somewhere we
  • 08:00: seven millimeters themselves these on a pleasure from their beingness school and to the problem green thread certain tissue or to do so
  • 08:30: we often very quickly comfortable It gives oulin it also learned to sew on Grandma cars on but even here in the spring this was not only straight out of the ordinary app which someone today of course Well, that's when it is visible even those models that due to have a different decor and
  • 09:01: design it the same Warsaw work she did unconstrained no less than paillettes such brilliant whatever you like can try use for Arthur Laffer I understand your supplementation atlantic just serve yes I have it in store periodically travel they cap light
  • 09:31: bow, we will pro and the other tip Decoration Color of money I wanted to make such a contrast to the case so it can be as you said absolutely any and by decor can and just, and to make before a more feminine sports and summer all such as a bathroom decor all at once gives I face changes brand style
  • 10:00: making it sets this style is so can experiment and leather and fabric, and that's yet again various ornaments we have been able to accomplish wrapped around 5 centimeters is quite be enough now we gut-wrenching at the really sock almost ready Here we are gut-wrenching
  • 10:31: we have turned out like this well-fed 20 hawala Now we it one other insert yes indeed step practically hole ready to light inside as the podkladochka yes very very simple and only the decorating for a fool Nipples should be because I careful hand 3 cars sew but it you can do a little
  • 11:00: later on give Sach show will be everywhere Decor is attached as private define podkladochka we a little bit to be make it shorter village well on the head generally it is possible e.g. increase in size Top cap length and show how thousand we get You can increase the length and then we get a nice
  • 11:30: Here we have this prepared by conventional if we increase the length of this is now the distance we get here more folds and let received such if only a small swiss here warm enough turned bow I can lay here I again took a very I love all those rep Tape them great the number is now sold in total give evil for any decor whether it be bow or rose all that please do not think that
  • 12:01: as that's so right in front of a mirror that count and more all this will have mounted so let me buns attach here because they became It is a minute and we only pledged one after 15 minutes, we It turned out that there everything is real and all really enforceable I show All dogs MAZ-500 well, let's here it's very pomerte Brown I It launches an attack
  • 12:30: elegant round-aho but I will show that we have there are 2 minute so what else our recommendations viewers Ekaterina give but Here velvet on get straight elegant Akinator baby bow it straight Here is elementary be such brief coat mink put here This velvet stretch in any store you tell anyone
  • 13:00: shop assistant that's what the choice meetings where he was to them So he is not expensive and now this zelenenkaja give it same as let show and so it the decor looks because it is very it seems to me that decor in green hat spent more time than the very cap yes By the way there is such time well, why no but here I feeling really twenties the last century can be
  • 13:31: but consider sticking and if you are going to foot style it is very cute but live But if all the same woman does not can find their style hats and afraid of them on the screen and so hodyatsya open head cold to recommend you now you know there is a huge quantity different at all even they can be sold themselves to make nice and tubes and are very knitted large they look like vodka and so porydat
  • 14:00: person is very fashionable now fasten and hoods which are too you can wear the coat and jacket on and there even a jacket It offers designers But then appoint very nice just cat scarf Now, even as both what wind he was just in front of the mirror try various different some options here just give take after the course jersey's direct and it's just twist it and varnish
  • 14:30: syak tighten it once that is beautiful it can be a family guess will not cap but I can not stop He argues that it is not is people that we You need not go cap just measure them all all watching you sure to find your style here I will dream and I want to your words too, who wanted to recommend go easy store and try on Talmud 2030 hats hats sure you You find some style which will you come and
  • 15:00: get huge fun well and these hats and very simple and they are very conveniently owl thank you today were with us that held a great Master Class but as we have now! a slight pause I remind you that we We talked to designer Catherine Karpuhin Oh