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  • 00:00: [music] consider ready product today I want our theme ready to show you Of course the product the product is Now Mannequin me this of course very much of technology different dresses with all sorts of deadlocks various of light jackets manufacturing there is one-piece sleeves and all about others that such products make sure it longer need tailor workmanship is very very very high level in front of us suit women suit jacket style
  • 00:32: male here this jacket tank It made absolutely style male I Then remove from the table and I will show you the inside but so how can see inside not climbing around under lining it can show here the boards to the style of the male jacket absolutely this one lapel made his whole style male technology jacket collar made small as a male jacket only characterized in that without this filter here part of us here at oblique but then it all on table will show you everything
  • 01:03: these little corners and CATIC absolutely respected cell and then on the table will show you how out I prepared as a procured slots absolutely the same whole cell you see but how would so simple a suit making fake frames which then sewn in order that they should not hang down to start building background lost jacket form very water in this season here is a suit that female style suit
  • 01:33: but male and skirt-shorts in the garden each side of the three folds back three folds each sides You see so wide belt 3 folds see how they disperse to a very chic but I as I could to show you this way Here on a mannequin that I grew up on the body thing ready
  • 02:03: it is very fashionable Now this season and now I wanted to show you on the table I for which show such difficult things to to you understood that and this we can do with his hands something there blouse Dress we can do it hands but to each of us one he someday I it can make your hands though certainly here look like planted as a sleeve ideally displayed Form sleeves here You see what it
  • 02:33: correct this shape and general as to ie in addition to its even I do not know where the video general consistency still here such sleeves Now these clothes just hand shaft ready-made clothes but to here and so I will learn chewed Pharma Valera, who of course This rarity absolutely workers gads all here It is now stretched take off the table you I show in front of us skirt shorts skirt shorts But our folds and all folds totally 01 But if they are delayed here and so take
  • 03:03: folds delayed You see to each time not to seek every irons here all of them urgently and level to the thighs they we built up here they are only a place start see our wrinkles here they are wide belt here there are bones bones we have already Now they were jam ranks our train is not here bends here bones and back here
  • 03:33: here corsetry bone pay attention from the face completely nothing only seen in seamy side Belt has strochechki there are inserted bone podkladochka look for not to bend us six did not again hem and do not make a rough here all silk edge padded hem silk and our here these lines see lines that name 01 and squandered wrong side we Tanis the string from the face built up Here you can see all all all
  • 04:03: crease our spent here with us podkladochka podkladochka attached to wide-legged here she is seams on razutyuzhku wool always razutyuzhku seams on Lined took ingots So they overlook nitty for ironing Edge's belt she fringing belt such as silk here here here and so I'll almost all He told about skirt-shorts course that this whole make
  • 04:35: it is as though you need to have the skill enough already but a high level of I think that will come we also never you we will be afraid such work we We can skirt this make such folds and with belt with bones with and ending a also all strengthen that's very luxurious Now I show jacket we face jacket zhaketik that we men's style see how to do
  • 05:05: jacket, we like it here male here here all tough sides there points and all you have to stiga here is a little under the collar male packaging like collar men suit dream in the sleeves see all unzips all buttons will not certainly lose just want you show operating slot all stretched absolutely
  • 05:35: right here laid crease when technologically sleeve configured not is that we lining pulls it it falls categorically excluded here see all before very well done inside look packed slot here here we are on this part of the closed slots to
  • 06:05: end and here Area see how packed at an angle packed Well, so all you showed how certainly it looks here in the corners too corner more sizing has to To this angle became well, a little bit Area becomes tougher than here itself the whole jacket showed you ready Products in suit This completely new
  • 06:36: fashion trend in this year, and the length is such I marry you and knee such jackets and jackets are more I have male male like male and women a lot full sense its such jackets we More about this will be speak our conversation it is not over this suit but I think that more difficult things we do not we need to be afraid of improve improve improve their skills and we reach what we and such a thing, too, We can do like many already have by coats of course I very happy and the future
  • 07:07: we will give new courses and people to these Courses will sew and more complex things but the otshivali yet but then you remember in early seventeenth after the new year , I promised that we do not get bored is that we do harder and more and more difficult but also as it seems to me we we have it obtained subscribe to our press the channel bell wait for news from us expect from us new courses will be a variety of It does not look like themselves on yourself every day all the best to you we were a spider that yang
  • 07:38: M. if in Alex [music]