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  • 00:00: It shows you dress now I want to show your coat that we finally in addition there is ready buttons or pugovichek still nothing now I have not picked up I will clothe the show how it looks on I then wanted to table will show you everything sites so that we have today you finished the day things that we have worked finally worked done something I am showing you ready coat how many lessons also we have passed with you
  • 00:30: so the coat I taught you cover coat without drawing I taught you to tailor Sleeves without drawing I taught you to quickly do here is such a here is a collar Form think that you are it is able to do here is a collar without without without drawing nothing coat completely a monolayer is not selection there is nothing no we have already held technology see how it please look
  • 01:01: attention to the fact that well-cut things much when I lose weight I am wearing such things I do acquaintances I say you lost weight I do not thin I'm not the right thing I can lose weight, I think that many people do not Lose all we can glad to lose weight but how you get thin if you are already here such so we will wear the correct things to choose a cut on the right themselves will learn Now I take off the coat Now I take off the coat We go on the table and so I
  • 01:31: I will show you all the seams as the performed for you see how it chic make their a coat his hands I am very happy that finally my it completed the my splendid thing wardrobe will I see very pleased that any of you hidden a similar thing because that all of you shows how to cut like this It looks from the face Many asked how We made a little corner you showed Return to video as a seam to do how to do here how to do
  • 02:01: hence well as the close up a little corner here So close up so here fingers and sutured manually nothing special here there are also the same three layers that or scribbled grew and fourth layer manually sutured hands look easy easy fit on top easy easy the minimum absolutely a little bit just a little something have not sew sleeve that right from the planting and We do not do right here
  • 02:32: And so in the stretch here just a little bit of light still look like beautiful side seams sealed presentation here all the little corners patched hand sleeve met then one layer here just move apart and hand sewn like this over there and inside I sewed here see all from wrong side looks hand-made almost all the coats
  • 03:02: seems that this terrible and very many wrote that that no matter how well it such work at the actually if you take sew classic coat lining with a collar duplicate with fortified there armholes with reinforced shoulders with reinforced slots slotted with a belt with pockets with it in order do you've worked What does this so it seem scared
  • 03:32: and handmade absolutely nothing is it is easier to make than then I'll do a course coat from A to Z that is, from simulation so as to ready to coat all all all technological units fully tailoring fully preparations making iq the one who buys this course you will say it was only flowers Now a lot of people sew coats but do not bother special
  • 04:02: technological moments that supposed to do inside so that's sewn barely there something like made and here's coat but it no coat real coat make very many need to know Tackle here such plowing I can of course go on out of the weather no plowing disposes here it is not has so there can be and 3 and buttons can be Three buttons like this Here's one two three I already noted yet I decided to coat
  • 04:33: sent to wardrobe all about you he showed see how much lessons we have with you It passed on dress and how many classes on coat and you saw everything from fabric to finished products most looking forward to that This is what we have done without patterns it is not necessary to acquire 10 Measures to need nothing just need to attentively see every from your post just such a pattern Of course I'll be happy If someone of you It will produce this way manually without a coat patterns very nice nothing special but there is no need
  • 05:03: only to find just such a double-layer tissue that is difficult and and Of course very few stores rarely is but try look can be someone just lucky good Today I was with you Paukštė Irina M. and if we inflections will be a variety of and unlike themselves on yourself every day