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  • 00:00: multifunctional Dress Getting cutting without drawing this dress already said that his can be used very differently double-breasted are single wide collar narrow collar pocket without pocket there will be in the description very much like his make choices and how to use it what to wear so now just proceed to reveal the system uses ten yardsticks that certainly does not need to Now follow the all our actions, they simply We took a back shelf cutting something away from us
  • 00:31: who stressed Of course you do not have Now we will learn we cut in front we synthetic crepe here is just such a tight straight in the manger, and for such dress is very appropriate color but in dark blue In fact, it can be any texture any absolutely the composition of any tissue in We are one and a half meter try fit leveled the bottom of the bottom postpone length waist 85 centimeters that is,
  • 01:01: this is our longest bottom of the dresses and we found that if blame in order to sparingly fabric's center back waistline Well, so That's about take Shvetcova one 41 a quarter of the growth Here's 41 centimeter back length
  • 01:31: that is, we have found Now place location seventh cervical vertebra look usually 10 meters, we Go From Here seventh cervical vertebra Size and length of the back on wine products Now that we correctly We use cloth of opinion is not for deposited skirt length Our lower part member of the Schwyz and dress and hence postponed measurement length back mercs length at the back, we take approximately
  • 02:01: the width of our argast canu around half all is between 7 and up husband of three centimeters Be careful 3 look genitals intersects center back location seventh cervical vertebra center line back here this whole topline Center We are working on the width of the back 25 all remember more than once
  • 02:43: you gave cut without remember that the patterns when we no edge patterns we remove the width not from the back armpits to axillary depression and so here on top here and so understood and in our got 20.5 the width of the back line
  • 03:13: distance from seventh cervical vertebra to the line waist divide in half 20.5 is obtained because that 41 and draw a line breast Now half of the we take the distance distance to the hips as low growth I personally like thigh high distance from the line
  • 03:43: waist to the hips from 17 to 21 centimeters 17 is for low growth 19 to 18 and the average 2021 for high growth of 17 to 21 centimeters and here this distance is what we already we know obtained from a point 0 locations seventh cervical vertebra 20.5 41 and 17 and hence here here here not later than 85
  • 04:17: seventh cervical 20.5 vertebra half Now this distance 41 41 to 17 41 thighs to the bottom 85 Draw the shoulder seam which has such slight tilt like this Behold, what we have here slope two centimeters three and a half here here's a little bit of Refill the center back
  • 04:47: a little here a little more than a centimeter to so here Here you can see the center back now we chest waist-hip We need to set aside 3 volume here postpone April 1 full chest circumference 1 April complete girth waist and January 4 complete coverage of the hips look attentively we have only 118 poluobhvat 59 January 4 full board about 29
  • 05:20: 529 and 5, we take 30 hip girth 29 Well take 29 and 5 a little bit take Colony waist 26, take 27 a little bit like this here look
  • 05:53: on the shoulder if we want to do tuck the shoulder to To you it here better adjoined then at a distance four centimeters build tuck but about two and a half centimeter two and a half centimeters in length but Now it may be eight These two and a
  • 06:26: half centimeter here added that there see here our shoulder width, we two and half centimeter here to take away In order for us nothing we do not spoil there is now added Draw the back of the armholes Now if we look Now this area well, visual and so divided into 3 about about about somewhere here the third part of it
  • 06:56: I must rest here all is well I worry a little bit how do we have enough to down a front portion we will not learn here our model, we do not bottom Tinned we down
  • 07:27: from the thighs down absolutely flat here back ready look again I repeat seventh cervical vertebra length to either divide half from the waist down distance to the thighs and no growth on to the bottom hips January 4th fell on the ball hip girth April 1 full waist circumference 1 April complete girth breasts but look Considering that I taka Plump and I
  • 07:57: here it happened Do good and then another person is here and so could Now get this that's unnatural italy new to all still drawn here So krasivenkaya but this surplus be built here here let's say dart like me the figure does not require such additional darts but then you We took to tuck In order to do just such a concave whatever you did not have Waist whatever you I was not always the Now try this beautiful makes less it can not be so here
  • 08:27: Vat edge like this way start cut [music] think that we Now right away and sweep away not to be was you though here and there Our Shvets oh really
  • 08:58: actually not that hard ring so everything exactly do I have direct and I do not get tired of repeating the same thing that's very now here we stopped at us through double-breasted dress like that I'm then grab the waves on [music] and while gain one
  • 09:31: centimeter by about 07 name this is our back Now we are sweep away the center of the back that we did not already clearly visible to we have it then not
  • 10:01: It is falling apart and we again not folded girls immediately mark the waistline NER line at Sich waist that was where it is clear we Here we have it because we have some for here 85 and also will be in the shelves Now we spinochku sweep away If you will be wearing as there is a dress with trousers set how long vest mascara person can still I lifted up
  • 10:31: so many I recommend this style because so many he helped us very much there are times when Now something must be put and do not know what these moments we have every day for some reason, something We need to dress and do not know what but here again multifunctional dress you take it putting on Now up to methane
  • 11:08: bottom of the beauty this method is we are with you one-fourth full coverage sternum 4 full Fatali one full of 4 photos infuriates us more than this leaf is not needed only need to View center chest height on the bust girth and more we do not we should be exactly the same loops will be cut on the front of dresses and without any problems no no possibly more shoot a lot
  • 11:38: here we have all I have accumulated it is necessary to break away This time we We finish with you this work will continue and make this dress until the end I will I tell you how to construct single-breasted lapel in like lapel built in dou board where we like it's all right but we will draw a cut you double-breasted still here I have a 8 centimeters have stock so that we passed Double-breasted subscribe to our channel will printed material helped
  • 12:08: multifunctional dress in public options can be how to wear make both on how it will be help set our complete the wardrobe material I give Alex on prints so sign up to get free the time until we We finish our dress material is ready all the best to you I was Paukštė Irina M. I stream inflections