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uprazhneniye for strengthening of muscles of a back, buttocks, legs. Restoration of muscular balance. Part 1.  See details »

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  • 00:00: this nike and and like Hello in touch Alexander Bonin today I want you talk to a topic as muscle imbalance deal this theme is for those who sit for long computer behind a desk in the home office does not matter. Either way, the
  • 00:30: are constantly sitting posture for table and so on then there are concerns absolutely everyone main problem thing is when we are constantly sitting motionless yes we going body muscle imbalance that is, we first have We constantly stooping behind us stretched muscles back full stretched gluteal muscles and stretched back the surface of the legs a fully all a rear surface we fully
  • 01:00: stretched at the while conversely the front part of the body at We are spasm early ie it is able to pectoralis muscle the press and the front the thighs have quads Roughly speaking we and developing a she would call as the body scoliosis out is when we on the contrary everything here spasm and muscle reduced DC stress are and the back surface we have the opposite stretched and muscles already just are constantly weak and so we
  • 01:31: what position are constantly plus we have angina cell shrinks oxygen is supplied much smaller and respectively hypoxia All fabrics like You see this course very bad for our health What to do answer answer is plain restore a balance that is us to stretch muscles of the front body surface press and pectoral muscles but on the contrary restoring force and train the muscles
  • 02:00: to keep back good posture and spine gluteal muscles so they also supports our back straight and holding Just completely all housing, plus of course the rear surface legs and so I am in this part of the video you Now I show simple elementary exercise you You can do every day training and the strengthening of the back muscles and buttocks and back feet to the surface they could keep our housing beautifully and now
  • 02:31: I will exercise show more variations of exercises to you can choose the what you prefer perform because some will be very simple elementary someone will enough and easy choice and some will be more difficult for those more flexible so that there are already more adjusted physical exercise so show and you can already choose the stage is your favorite then implement them, and Now, first show a couple of exercises lying
  • 03:00: on my stomach now have is an exercise in strengthening back I I think this exercise you all know but said repetition teaching a mother means show first exercises on your back several variations First, we can hand back and start cordon off or hands concatenate the castle and first, we lie and Then we raise upper housing up and then back to omit
  • 03:30: this time when we We climb up breathe out We go down to the dock then again Murid calm descend breath So we have trains with you back muscles you have right feel that It works just back neither hands once there have clung so well it hands the castle and fully with muscles we back ourselves raises another
  • 04:00: option if you so is not convenient, you can hand to have his head and then same you can let your hands positioned in front of It is just as well we put your hands in front and a parallel each other
  • 04:32: Who here does not matter where hands are the most important to you just feel muscles of the back and you were comfortable hands Keep appropriately manner following exercise we alternate first back then did not Now we have good pin a little rest and following exercise it is on the buttocks we Mode Corps us moves back rest and work only gluteal muscle and exercise we will be the next first lift one leg up and
  • 05:00: omit slowly down and at the same time we Do not relax at the bottom 17 is suitable and rear thighs fully tensioned constantly so we rises and falls just not our foot respectively, to the floor stays we raise and omit 1 3 2 3 4, respectively, body we will not Virgin did not waist
  • 05:30: flex work only gluteal muscle, and sometimes it's the other leg is a fully control ie this we isolated work exercise only leg that is, you owe it feel that work only stamp gluteus and then a few rested literally 15 seconds 30 and accurately and again a few approaches, we perform
  • 06:00: each foot turn somewhere hole 15-20 times you Feel free to conditional and then percent where another leg so few approaches made a little rest and then we do more complex Exercise is the rise as soon as the two legs ie parallel hands leave there in place and lift site visits, and release 2 and omit the cheese 4
  • 06:32: here we have to work and of course full buttocks and little came It turns on muscles waist quality stabilizing the there they keep our body so it good exercise just the same integrated and back and buttocks bit detained and omit slowly down they can be a wee bit relax at the bottom that exercise more complex and omit down well and now
  • 07:00: several exercises I will show that fours strengthening on the neck back surface the body hands and feet parallel to each now we have another pulling one leg parallel to the floor and try it to keep ie parallel down without dropping here it and we fixed parallel and now as the gluteus muscles we raise feet do not lose back to the parallel
  • 07:30: here, the main target group gluteus maximus but fully dorsi also works because they fix our business so that we I was constantly our toes and kept our pose higher here quietly smooth breathing detain and feelings our muscles do also need to geth once in 15-20, and then the same the other leg ie pay the ready-made
  • 08:00: hill with a fully It remains stationary nowhere do not bend back parallel full I and the legs allowed back master and back you can slightly Then we both die and sit down little stretch buttocks just after then exercise back and become more last exercise on gluteus maximus actually about work on all sides Only the main part by y of lateral and
  • 08:30: the medial side for this we are leg is also displayed parallel to the floor and Now drop the 45 degrees first in one direction raising back under 45 degrees omit selected here as we body and thread reserve fully as he stationary able to work exclusively on disgusting body is not bend nowhere TASS will not led away only work the muscles legs
  • 09:03: you just then the second leg steel back there and the other leg so parallel and under 1 times 45 degrees Sidorovna cells fears and swing back muscles we there come to our position maintains balance and the water is now working gluteal muscles
  • 09:32: Several approaches and the last exercise to strengthen the back body surface is develops exercise quadras years, it is calculated still at just strengthening muscles and by stabilizing we are now in parallel lift arm and leg let the right hand and left leg parallel to the floor slightly raised and detained and not the voice back to initial position all this is also another
  • 10:00: leg to piss us can delay stay longer that is, if you You feel that ac good balance muscle development balanced the good news is, in principle, can just like that Now on to stretch hand-foot parallel about you delay a short time and at the same time write on the road and nothing hurt likewise at turn every hand foot here we well-trained and surface Well for him surface
  • 10:31: muscles completely control housing 110 slept with you exercise on the strengthening of the back body surface, and the next video I'll I will show the exercises on stretching muscles front have case surface
  • 11:09: ska