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  • 00:07: [music] Now that you have me
  • 00:31: now here such here textured plasters made of gypsum principle can be and holds and putty difference is already on the outside mean absolutely no no unless small things such so insignificant I found them here a square meter plaster you
  • 01:01: It costs about half dollar plus negative but taking into account if ye themselves and who do not ask this is not to hire so pretty an interesting thing. I performed for you two colors here look at and the end result choose for himself look like this
  • 01:30: make the base at This is one plaster the only thing important requirement that was about The primer is our peck at it it is not necessary If you have an old battle over this roller primed I'll be right We looked at the wall and further strengthen Is it hard clings to the base does not fall off somewhere plaster If none of that primed and plastering
  • 02:00: no such requirement high because it is quite textured and therefore Well, if there are holes or vice versa mounds more than three millimeters they need knock down if it all within the rules nothing else to do here it is gypsum plaster I will not be applied zakolerovannuyu you do you can give any light here a state of the
  • 02:31: there are mixed on instructions on packaging and short about this plaster why gypsum and Look all due It depends on the depth grinding depth oh yes I speak from from grinding plaster here large grain cereals look see but what it is much putty smaller and it looks so smooth smooth no it is not necessary to it was smooth so I take this
  • 03:01: applied plaster very simple nanoshu layer or meter three thick [music]
  • 03:32: all I do not fully nanoshu to show you she joined because what I do on You stand kea you do on volume and therefore I stop and so see what you are doing on the tip films Now in this way leave very a little bit of plaster further here such
  • 04:00: Here you can see the movements knurled on plaster try flatten the number of notches you already regulated themselves but I'll tell you so that more of them in order to
  • 04:31: I think it will interesting to watch one only I try to look I stand as if the side I stand and I put these strips well, almost slightly crooked you do if you stand Just then you should Everything gets to
  • 05:00: They went smoothly and yet such a time do not drive here and so in a number of distributed once here for the second Just here to Well I would not be seen clearly this boundary that is, here at such an angle So you see if smooth wall, behold at an angle to slightly and trim and it turned out to clean up
  • 05:38: that is, you see Docking is not fears that important wet docks help that is it is desirable if you began one wall to this day linen graduated from corner to angle so everything seems
  • 06:18: trimming here a little add edge so that was not much boring so all was about dimensional us here
  • 06:32: that's even worse send for a purpose nothing more and now look Repair is a place that suit you but that's not like me here much big rush here and that we quietly doing these remove places again distribute on
  • 07:01: plaster and tortsuem all these repairs completed how easy it and quite effective plaster All the plaster on leave for half an hour dry
  • 08:19: the degree of pressing the there is much to be flat plaster yourself you are taking I'll probably that the medium that is
  • 08:31: not much will flat but do not strongly hilly That's about as
  • 09:01: all surfaces dried elapsed hours 12 approximately and will finished plaster painting for this nothing special do not you just according to the tips here the situation, and shoot all that well,
  • 09:35: sticking Thanks shorter ignorance too wide in the depressions and well let remains were surface must
  • 10:07: that's basically the whole training just yet at one point remove important heel Now all will I paint to paint I will not name lazuli not paint stains the basis of my favorite
  • 10:32: stain for those who I do not know what it is refer simply to hardware store not necessarily that was just that any other costs it is less than a dollar and then how many liters and probably no half a liter of it to you oh it is quite enough a large amount of that is it does not look expensive and well, I it seems to give a very good result Refer to decorate
  • 11:21: these colors Marilla that pretty diverse that look choose what he
  • 11:30: like usually in shops presented immediately and samples of course you are ready result can be diluted water that it slightly reduced there is saturation the color tone can also be and vice versa walk several times already there shoot vidos about
  • 12:01: superfruit from the favorite or blue and where to get the man who live there away from a civilization none of this and relevance look no further what can be done to highlight the to make it two minimum color sponge just go and to drive here this
  • 12:30: deepening of the stain there is from the top and remove and place as it ships out there out once this effect antiquity appears
  • 13:03: I love I would imagine that's personally left here such version because I like the brand you do not have do not have this gloss but that's a it is something so something old is cool
  • 13:51: in my opinion very well Now I take off for you I show favor closer
  • 14:07: [music] Well, in this one stain the only negative in light look great rosary but on a plus pros logo look
  • 14:30: clear color well yes no lies problems but painted eco-friendly ie inside rooms can use not as it does not harm one health the only problem that it should be on top of something covered because in that the state simply does not not allowed can not leave so I did varnish such as in one of my videos but I do not I want to haze I try to see that it was not
  • 15:00: I'll try to clock diluted one to one with water Well, have added their favorite sequins and so before applying the lacquer necessarily to mix from the bottom of sequins up and causes at
  • 15:43: all have to wait when it is all dried up [music]