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Beautiful pattern of a braid spokes | Cable stitches

Beautiful pattern of a braid spokes | Cable stitches  See details »



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  • 00:01: beautiful pattern of braid needles let's see how knit here is a pattern alternation of goats and double Garter knitting is his face side is his Wrong side Knitting this I drew a pattern its circuit can be download on my site with description reference on site has a video and so as to create a pattern type the number of loops
  • 00:30: a multiple of 26 + 12 loops + two symmetry edge loop I I scored one report first row from the front side shoot then an edge loop performs the first switching scheme two switching two on the left additional needle remove loops 2 and We place them in front work is now The following two loops Left spoke knit
  • 01:00: facial February 1 is now knit facial loops with additional Needles 1 and 2 Perry performed following the baptism of 4 loop knit seamy always we were binding for the right wall of the right wall at me now are back
  • 01:30: so I'm knitting Wrong side of the rear wall 3 and 4 We have completed further cross the door 2 loops with slope right again take our more remove the needle loops 2 but we place them behind work here they are the work of a left spokes knit 2
  • 02:02: facial loop 1 2 is then facial knit loops 2 with additional needles addi nearly completed switch 2 for 2 seconds tilt right 1 Wrong knit it purl and 12 facial 1 2 3 4
  • 02:35: here I'm knitting for the front wall of six seven eight nine Ten 1112 also facial always knit for the right wall it does not matter in front or behind then 1 Wrong therefore I Knit a report from edge but that's it
  • 03:00: seamy loop Further knit 5 repeat report as you need time and knit loop after repeat after reports me again perry baptisms 2 on 2 Lean to the left remove the 2 sts before facial work 2 knit two loops facial extra spokes
  • 03:35: then four loops seamy 1 2 3 and 4 remained 2 in cross 2 inclination to the right again take extra remove the needle on it The following two loops knit right facial 2
  • 04:00: on the left spokes 12 then in facial 2 extra spokes 1 and 2 completed switching last bead provyazyvaem it wrong is ready It was the first row pattern of scheme 2 with a number of seamy side
  • 04:31: remove an edge loop knit all hinges on Figure 4 from backstitches loops 2 3 4 4 facial article 1 2 3 4 4 again backstitches 1 2 3
  • 05:00: 1 April front 12 backstitches times two three May 4 6 7 8 9 10 11 and 12 1 Front after an edge loop this is our rapport
  • 05:30: We reiterate report as many times and knit after the repeat loop Symmetry is our 4 backstitches April 4 facial 4 and backstitches edge loop purl 2 3 4 and bead loop
  • 06:00: ready the second row with seamy side turn work in front of the third row will shift pattern and so scheme shooting and an edge loop here where we knit Perry baptism 4 backstitches switching knit a face 12 1 2 3 4 I have here in our 4 backstitches we have them under facial too
  • 06:30: necessarily for the right We now have it wall Front it was 8 9 10 11 and 12 and then one loop Wrong and start Picture here perry baptism 2 2 slope to the left on additional needle the final two loops placed before work knit two face on the left spokes
  • 07:00: 2 facial then with extra spokes 1 and 2 then here are the loops 4 I knit purl provyazyvaya them for the back wall as the Right wall I Now back 34 There are four backstitches switch 2 for 2 seconds take the right slope
  • 07:30: again more remove the needle loops 2 We leave them for work knit two face on the left spokes 12 there then more spoke knit two facial 1 and 2 There is one Wrong
  • 08:01: and that is our report beginning after edge loop repeat right the number of times after rapport finish facial loops 1 2 12 facial be April 3 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 and an edge
  • 08:30: loop provyazyvaem seamy finished fourth row from the front on the reverse side we were binding loop again a drawing that is you knit as well as a series of 2 remove the loop and start purl loops and so on purl over Wrong face of facial dovyazyvayu and number
  • 09:01: Wrong and edge also there is wrong fourth row with seamy side turn work front side further repeating pattern the first series so way we get our beautiful braid thanks much with you was Our knitting school yarn