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  • 00:00: Hello I would like to talk about their Tire fitting home many are already showing as it is done in lodges Few says how to make a wish to achieve universality and compactness make it convenient not to interfere First remove
  • 00:32: withdrawn ie floor packed with two pipes ground through the floor and plate bolted full removed and not all It interferes with itself the device is made in the 4 mm plate substrate made with rubber
  • 01:02: conveyor belt screwed on screws pipe sorokovke dash goes through through plate along the entire length and 2 not to stop He spun with unblocking the wheel hub is taken mine car with a car approached
  • 01:33: It was ideal Ideally the diameter tubes welded gusset is made from four years millimeter metal here extended well it mount
  • 02:03: ie for storage arm fixation and here it is made from 30 to 30 pipes also gussets made within boiled pins taken from the shock absorber car 12 millimeters and itself shoulder It should be slightly obliquely
  • 02:34: since barter vanie to like I sign in below the drive and tire well otdavlyu to Addo I poured made of two metal plates three millimeters stands inside partition it all welded together here it is cooked Grind principle that's the job, well
  • 03:04: itself montazhki Tie Rod is from car cut itself a biscuit and pull out Thrust Ball tipped tube taken over from my some Russian cars steering Column lawn only for
  • 03:34: 6 that something that is it is thick works even if not Amplifier Mounting but it is not needed such wheel locks good principle easy all folds [music] kompaktnenkaya so and cleaned up
  • 04:17: the next mount something like this if anyone would interesting bortirovat wheel on my tire service we will bortirovat fifteenth wheel 205 70 Install the camera
  • 04:51: there will be all winds this is given wheel click on 1 bet
  • 05:44: so as not to spoil it do not break very simple Here condemned wheel
  • 06:34: I use Liquid soap is better just take washing facilities crockery you plant a small it some water well slides promazyvayut gadfly
  • 07:08: It does not corrode risen so how does this oil can certainly smear and oil killing
  • 07:42: made 1 so here's another time of porting is necessary from the nipple and this aside because so arranged systems that have defined together baits nut [music]
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  • 08:56: card so have not yet I made a foot for blocking import the same easier [music]
  • 09:44: all remove all while before new meetings