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It filled in vinegar in a toilet tank. Only look what occurred when it washed away!  See details »

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  • 00:01: [music] pour vinegar toilet and see what we will all We try maintain order and cleanliness in the house especially in those places where our body is more all subject to the influence of the bacteria cleaning and disinfectants facilities It does not always stand out money and therefore most time to find out what exist Alternatively, and as a get the best here is a simple result a way to keep the house clean and tidy
  • 00:30: inspection to the end and learn about the most unusual ways use vinegar which you never We never heard before that you need Hard water can leave on ice toilet that difficult to remove do not rush to buy costly cleaners you You can quickly remove patina and rust free toxic chemicals all you it is necessary to vinegar making vinegar Food vinegar is one of the those products are It should be in every
  • 01:00: house he used in the kitchen as you you can use vinegar to maintain cleanliness in the house next time you will be going to wash toilet or bath Use vinegar, he It helps to dissolve limescale destroy bacteria mold and germs cleaned of rust metal parts remove unpleasant use scents soda can use vinegar with baking soda for get better effect to clear visible
  • 01:30: dirt and disinfect toilet with vinegar take a glass nine percent vinegar baking soda or a solution of iodine heat the glass vinegar to 40 degrees Celsius and then add soda or j on 200 milliliters of vinegar you will need 1 a tablespoon of baking soda if you will be use j one to the proportion of one for a few hours apply the mixture to those places that must be cleaned best done this evening to the mixture could
  • 02:00: leave overnight for the best results you repeat the procedure several times a second way of use without soda Do not worry if your home is not found baking soda use only Vinegar works even better to release from the drain tank and close the tap then wipe internal tank surface with a dry cloth attach to the contaminated sites cloth moistened vinegar after 26 hours clean and dirt using violin and any
  • 02:30: no way use metal vinegar can replace expensive cleaning also means vinegar used in cosmetic purposes Here are 5 brilliant ways as possible use vinegar instead of beauty first product do your hair silky order your hair become slick and silky Mix vinegar and water in the ratio of one to two put on hair over the entire length Wait 10 minutes and
  • 03:01: second rinse prevent acne appearance the skin look fresh mix one tablespoon of vinegar in a teacup mix well wipe received composition problem zone after two or three minutes wash your face clean water using vinegar you can get rid Acne around body look not worth the attention to use such method of permanently third neutralize odor cigarette smoke
  • 03:30: to neutralize the smell of smoke pour vinegar in a bowl and place it in a place where you want eliminate bad smell 4 a long time to fix nail polish before applying first layer dip your nails in vinegar container 10 minutes you will notice that the your coverage will stay longer than 5 remove sweat stains generously sprinkle food vinegar contaminated sites and leave for at least
  • 04:01: 10 minutes rinse item in warm water Your favorite shirt It will look like brand new if your house vinegar was not found it's time to buy nezabudte put Like at this video and share it with friends subscribe to our channel and stay on the bright side life