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We knit a dress of \

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  • 00:00: Good day dear I have friends all welcome to my channel all my subscribers all those who have not yet signed all my friends of all those who simply looked at Guests from all my I have all the foes of welcome to my channel and in the run Women's Day is there March 8 I'm almost as if finished knit
  • 00:33: Dress I called witch is Dress my gift to my daughter I have it on March 8 almost almost finished then left and should finish well go here and it I will dress I have finished the for today do it all finish and dress It will be completed here
  • 01:06: means that this Video I want you talk about it dress in the first place with the what I was knitting than I knitting and how would I mean how would preliminary Poll I want to make let all means of I was knitting poryadochku
  • 01:36: But with such a thread this pearls thread if I correctly with pearly pearly with if I do it all correctly say if honestly I do not know then 50 grams if I understand it it is 210 meters thread pretty
  • 02:06: plump but knit her one I enjoy if fairly straight experienced huge fun when knitting and one thread Now here's the camera transferred it a thread color Cocaine has some the thread is on the actually that is, she is gently gently blue something veers between white and pale blue but since she's
  • 02:37: You see some other gleam dress like poured into fabric I mean in to see how the product he would be a little bit transfused reply Camera oddly transmits such color then this color transmits that's how I I said received great
  • 03:07: pleasure knitting so I This week, I do not produced none Video in connection with the I strongly it I knit to finish it by 8 Martha the fact that I managed to so I wanted and what I escaped no I have not tell you how I crochet knitting originally it meant I crocheted here this visa
  • 03:41: initially it at me and hook C grade to triples here then I moved to hook Troika's and such Do you know why because that they are different and ie pay Given this triple and this trio but
  • 04:11: that he is more than this but I can not even now say that orient kind of number but you understand me that I first knitting less then Add more nataliia and the hall but this crochet hook number that is, two to that I have the same but Please note there is no nor probably will not be able show a very bad although it may
  • 04:44: I show so you can see here at I have such a smooth bend that is, I will as if the body of a figure so to speak I go on You centimeters extinct It measures and cut all so dress fitting shape my daughter that's what it is
  • 05:14: size can not I can say only give the parameters a parameter chest 100 centimeters at the waist 88 and 118 on the thighs here if it is for you it will have value it here options such
  • 05:44: that dress that I see I mean by that Video will be given scheme that both and I will place their time in any classmates and But in this video, I like you ask the Do I need to detail for each row you I tell I knitted this dress
  • 06:15: that is, it is in our It consists of a yoke and then after we how to flirt knit vyvyazyvayut sprout and then to the main cloth It means that I am still wanted to say that It took me exactly 10's Hanks of you you can pick up any yarn and calculation make for themselves if you do not say
  • 06:46: need for a number of knit because the scheme quite very clear and it to understand even I think beginner can and then you can simply cut sample and based on this sample already made their calculations I
  • 07:16: make express master class because how to make calculations show pattern Well, again, I can do all a master class that is full master class in each row provyazyvaniya coquette knitting germ but the base web it then me We have to tie more one dress Do I need this do if you say yes you need it do the course
  • 07:47: I will do it and how to who is not a Dress to tie more for whom, in the final result can be linked and blouse if you Well you are subscribed to My channel is my previous video announcement knitting this Dress was dedicated the fact that I showed any variety
  • 08:18: products Knits can be make a tie just this motive and then you can for themselves choose from proposed above you will yourself to knit and if you pay note that there are also children's products and very skinny on plump and permanently
  • 08:48: respectable ladies so here's the pattern he seems to be may be applicable for all products on any size and As for to calculate us on our size I'll tell you everything well Now therefore, I think so that for this video
  • 09:19: enough information and I look forward to your comments reviews and your wishes and based on this that outweigh the longer and then shall my further videos devoted a full a shortened version well, on this my video ends up new meetings on the new videos of all girls once again Happy
  • 09:52: Eighth of March and you Irina was