Self-made kromkogib, work and device. (metal bender, press brake)  See details »



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  • 00:00: So that is, that's got
  • 00:49: Here is such a interesting edge This front side Now imagine this boxes So they have to wing car so she inserted at the expense of the fact that there Lasik just a millimeter the depth of our stage version turns flush and this is now the channel points formed
  • 01:19: is about where the channel we fill it with escort and we clean and obtained by smooth flat side butt welding effect but we have welding it turns overlaps which is very convenient for from the inside show your
  • 02:12: Flanging more detailed view asked people well, it small tisochki just the fact that more it is necessary to let you He wrote like it was on my we fulcrum Farewell then satin somewhere on two feet it turns out that is it does not twist strain is now my unscrewing here they are here so look at our
  • 02:42: on the side of you so like the fact that we are here We see see that in time recession sponges apart of google what is happening is a Now the movement is 25 the handset is not on the court just a 2 course
  • 03:13: two pieces of tires Well and cosmetics two rapid openings It obtained n-shaped this thing's doctor and Do not blame the lever all fine will go here tube whole fruit some show Now try it
  • 03:45: unleash Here we have the Baltic Sea bolts 12 I'll take Keys now we try to understand this tool asked to show it a friend try to do it parse it to
  • 04:16: components but this is so You know what is we see here we see there's a full Here is such a stick Now she is part this as 1 clove it is a projection and forming here us piece is a response to it seems most do not so that they have one in one here and go
  • 04:46: So they scare the metal here and so do things we face waved at us have a foothold here he . and chickens But regarding which is being upper arm and respectively here
  • 05:16: these bolts under the this hole he connected according to will lower lever It is happening here so that's the truth ASKOR fallen off grind here can you say well here here is an example millimeters in this a babysitter nafig reiterates our pipe 25 buses to you so
  • 05:47: 25 30 25 shoulder length we 100 millimeters distance between World central bolt 25 millimeters here Such is the thing inner tube Pension 20 used 20 not welded millimeter Well, this plate area were smaller as a plug like this that platelets should
  • 06:19: and it compensates the difference in the internal and the outer seats in the Czech has The handset all clear yes this is now Now here it is fragile and this is I had broken incisors Lathe cut here no matter what is used here It means a situation brusochek to say u20 at 20 so now they
  • 06:49: between themselves connecting way suitable respectively if we put ourselves peak and bolts We work for ease exercise construct in this bitch I threaded fishermen dangling nothing
  • 07:19: here is twisted not done drawings been so had it all to do on a whim I tried all rice on paper purely as an impromptu it made itself and all It is working here
  • 07:51: as the thrust of our evening also tire boat as the bolt should stir But in principle, all world design a style I did not give up she simply shares idea know they exist on Give the base of the hole punch unit other hole punch and one arm from his holes and on the other hand him how
  • 08:21: Tablet computers here these Now sponge made here we see more compact small's paid once We get two in one but I fools only with holes so He made himself a We review all completed