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  • 00:00: Hi, it's time for a general cleaning. The month passed. Again, everything must be washed. Decided to show youhow I bleach the tulle very very readablein a very very uncomplicated way. The simple way does not take forces and without effort.
  • 00:31: Its tulle is whiteI do not erase I do not iron, I do not boil in soap nothing I do not doI tulle bleach with soda The video will be very shortbecause there is nothing to tell This time I did not wash my curtains for a long time curtains 2 months hung gray gray curtains are not snow-whitemaybe I'm lazy I do not like to wash for a long time, I iron long and boil the laundrymaybe so who does it
  • 01:08: I invented it myself Tried 1 time and it works with all thingsIn the basin poured water hot water this is common soda for food I live in Germany here in a foreign language written Conventional baking soda We buy for 79 cents or 50 cents worth I opened the pack and added hot soda to the hot water
  • 01:39: Do not ask how many grams I do everything aboutless than half a pack of soda now it is necessary to make a hand and to stirif you want add more if you have a lot of curtainsthe whole pack does not need to be poured out on a bucket or on a basinhow many spilled out - so much sleep The main thing is that the soda is in hot tap water now I'm taking the curtains
  • 02:11: soaked tulle now I have lunch in the evening I'll see if the white tulle becomes in the evening I'll see if the white tulle becomes wash with plain water New tulle is already hanging on the window this tulle will be on the windows later
  • 02:43: I will change immediately to white tulle This tulle will dry and will lie in the closet in the same way I doall white jerseys T-shirts in the closet become yellow on the one hand, the clothes turned yellow or you get a white scarf in the fall scarf half yellowIt is necessary so to soak in soda for daysor overnight
  • 03:13: jacket for 10 years approximatelysoaked in soda, the jacket lay for two days the jacket became a whitewashed whitethe jacket became like new Never I have not broken anythingthis is a thin fabric tulle I do so different curtains from different fabricsT-shirts are cotton the water becomes gradually muddy dirtythis tulle is not much dirty gray before tulle was always dirty after washingI started making soda like that Maybe I'm not quite good at washing soda
  • 03:43: the mud stopped gathering on the curtains the window is almost always open to us this magic is happening I like it, I always do itthere is another way this I will show when I will wash white things will accumulate I'll show you the way too easy simple you need to know what remedy you need to buy
  • 04:15: detergent is not expensive thanks for "likes subscribe to the channelwrite what you think about it share a video link with friends and familythanks to all !