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How to make that the counter of water turned more slowly Two ways Without magnets - YouTube  See details »

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  • 00:00: so all the greetings today I want to show you a video where will tell you how you can significantly stop counter water during operation but of course to reduce the payment for He did not immediately I warn you that this video does not intended for those who wants to cheat water channel etc. and it is likely no more manual video effects for manufacturer of counters but I will show
  • 00:30: This counter flaws what can be done with your counter to shorter showed you much less than designed so you and the first question here here here you should seal paper it not possible make a seal wire as an as an ordinary seal put here on then even the counter have your seal that is worth Paper I did Paul a hairdryer for 15 seconds
  • 01:01: I warmed to the full power and he turned and at full power warmed and she calmly walked away and so calmly cleaves when all that is cool your seal it there is or is not even following what device that meant that why it is disposable it makes all fully collapsible I collapsible yes have any details and modified and its discretion
  • 01:31: Now I'll show you How can I do that I'll show you today two ways as possible slow down counter and without magnet forever and so I began to understand Now this thing take off there will stand the heat rather then stood for she put yes and all understand upper rim of the cap removed the meter itself
  • 02:03: This principle of operation But in a magnet and here and rejuvenating Shepherd worth That's why when spinning impeller swirling and counter so he stops if the magnet Neodymium magnet He brought the thread from above and below it count but stops when my mother did not lean at this point may come to check the someone and counters They are not in the house and Therefore, it is dangerous and so on that we
  • 02:34: we do next Now dismantle the here is a part of we impeller dosnimali plastic ring remove the lock a ring for manufacturers immediately Now this part make non-removable immediately decide Now remove what
  • 03:17: this Spring came to say goodbye so there's not hives a special antennae It was the color assort opa and removed They removed the cover removed here plastic based on where inserted impeller is now here please someone assorted water counter She knows that this she impeller
  • 03:47: It consists of 10 like these blades Now I have three that I have the rest I cut down and around symmetrically left there are three things. it allows two times lower consumption of water well ie water that flows as it should be but shakes twice less when you collect counter set seal put a counter system checks Only presses, you all and and here I was checking I dial 10 liter
  • 04:17: a bucket of water on the counter here shows 5 l only have twice reduced water consumption this is the first way to so here for producers I say that it is necessary Here, the cover was removable so that firstfruits not be get now I show a second way which did not even have to counter and disassemble can be even adjust the there is water consumption here will be adjusted for
  • 04:47: Well its discretion once only of course you bet since you have and is it about that you will need nylon cord very I do not know to work about half centimeters wide at the me but I tried at one end of such tie the knot knot I used to better trim and crop even desirable
  • 05:23: singe Lighter to her ruffled now I will say this is fine first show you so so so so look direction movement here we the direction of movement arrow ie water will be here here filter costs mesh water will to go from here on out then do a node This hand set First you need to get mesh filter here this grid remember what it will it cost to
  • 05:53: We have removed the input grid to put it right the right not to forget about Sveta placed at the entrance and node is the output and Now I'm well I will show on Well open counters in closed We get the same most that you see take braid and how can maybe you shove look here she is almost goes here and how much cramming
  • 06:23: can both rested this way Dante and it to automatically pat is very I'm talking to you show So here it is on and
  • 06:54: webbing threaded so he now we have our node necessary to pass braid so here knot slightly fled here that is that was not visible so here is now then take your and that's the fishnet here where the braid so here for three hours to keep it fell clear date daring not pinch
  • 07:26: top and bottom and it's where both arrow three hours the clock like this also cropped check again knot in normal will not stick You can even prune also singe lighter so as not to Wine was here at the edge You are now arranged as you say but meant that So here are 10 blades check until the water no pressure it is weak and braid free spins
  • 07:57: impeller once you open the water water here this node and he stretched tightens impeller and already it spinning much the as you know so well and Now I'm talking you for regulation that is, if the pressure here to do more knots or something even can snap plastic some washer to resistance the water was more she will be stronger hold
  • 08:27: here and impeller much less will slowly spin here are the impeller here are your flaws there are counters and I repeat that it is not a guide to action but simply pointing producer on the that can be done you can fool your counters and braid I'm taking nylon so that it I do not call the water and so on more than once 3
  • 08:57: will it work then it turns out adjustment even some less open wounds less water open the less tension means than it will be better to wind counter to the whole for the whole a set of open fully for all Crump turns pulls low and fewer turns the counter turns The more water you use in the hour pay less and but
  • 09:27: if you need to be specifically wind cubic meters of open slightly to tube flowed at night and it wound you as It is necessary because will give from the map relaxed and she will shake ok well, We are going in reverse I do not know the order should Do spend your time so important here still there sure when will embed check because like when you get
  • 09:58: and it will Well do not be at the same time hold because part through the chamber is not convenient to get invented brings
  • 10:37: this right here We need to get here fall short retaining ring Now forget this here bar and even then What is the secret lock ring when supply and definitely need it just crank to She sat there on the spot parted because that this is now when will go to palace moscow city to
  • 11:07: it fell because if at would be compressed it you do not get up it is here and so it will stand as and so on hoe gone gone gone so and gathered all and now it is the entrance output as a node shit dangle so you will wind water all around till