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Warmly from under the earth. Equipment Miracle program of NTV television channel  See details »

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  • 00:15: Hello in the air I wonder technology name is Sergey little inches sorry for the intimate question you ever touched your fridge back when touch it certainly you know that he's hot here
  • 00:30: device for remote measurement temperature laser thermometer shows more than forty degrees and it is not wonderfully warm is removed from the inside in order to It was cold chamber it must be somewhere to put it here worn on the back wall wondering what 70 years ago having felt here as well behind your fridge inventive Robert Weber thought that if this turn it inside and turn out
  • 01:00: new cooler heater and in fact made why this suburban area for several hours drilling works installation of water here for a long time everything is in order really found oil not here put novelty geothermal pump will produce heat for home out of the earth have nearby volcano or geyser as it was possible I have thought hearing
  • 01:30: name completely not necessarily so called source low-grade heat is by heat the pump is converted into comfortable warmth for living a Do rely temperature 40 degrees and hot Water heats up 65 deg temperature it uses the that even in the cold time of the year in the depths of the earth below always freezing constant above-zero and the temperature is It is like back
  • 02:00: refrigerator wall and as if cold camera is the surface of the earth where winter frost just like in the refrigerator for Heat transfer from the one place to another by a system of tubes circulates freon refrigerant heated brought out of the land heat it evaporates and cools the outside cold condenses important that wherein the compressor increases the pressure Freon and he gives More heat than picked earth like this ground plus 7 and turn into home plus 24 he
  • 02:32: It heats the whole herd the game and in hot water any additional heat there is no Alexander is a rare the man, who collected geothermal the pump itself at all it is not just in the the first main block there smart electronics and place under his It takes a lot of secondly to bring to pump with Freon ground heat We need a long and a winding tube antifreeze and it is necessary drop into the deep well of 100 meters, or if the
  • 03:01: space allows arranged in the form of snake horizontally at a depth of one and a half two meters there is a third embodiment wash tube groundwater no emissions and does not It requires separate release energy on a separate line it is not necessary to conduct because power consumption small the trick is that the heat This pump produces in several times more than it consumes electricity Thanks warm earth for heating in the cottage
  • 03:30: 300 square meters even in 30-degree It requires just the frost 3 kilowatt power is half kettle try to compare heating costs take approximately Equally at home with geothermal pump electrical and gas boiler or heat pump We will not install admitted to December 1 ninth year and performance here on This counters were more than 15 million kilowatts hour can be seen that figures 62,000 kilowatts per year to
  • 04:01: cloak 23,000 rubles 2 thousand rubles per month a large house completely however good owner geothermal pump have both must be fork in beginning approximately 350,000 rubles worth itself + installation of equipment drilling just beyond up to one million rubles electric boiler certainly stands on but much cheaper have to pay then the selection is on kilowatt formula I is is on 3100 squares 30 kilowatts to 10 times
  • 04:30: more than at the pump it is clear that exploitation electric boilers it more expensive power the fact that electricity costs more settled provide gas heating about the same the order numbers and 2000, that rubles per month geothermal pump but not all because lucky to live in gasified us the area of any person know how much nerves and energy in get permission gas summarizing installation of heat pump in this case, all much easier resolution is not
  • 05:01: required in geothermal pump there is another this card refrigerator vice versa Summer can again eversion and turn into air conditioning because in heat deep in the earth the king of cool and she eats same tube antifreeze raise her house on a joins fan and ready economical system cooling periods return this equipment practice somewhere on three to seven years sometimes more in Scandinavia as live We have whole cities
  • 05:30: Stockholm, for example, huge geothermal pump used as a heat source in winter and cold in the summer is not land and water Baltic sea pay now Economy then all of Economy longer because energy Expensive is made, not devoid of common sense principle whom hold our northern neighbors perhaps the main on planet fans geothermal pumps