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The recipe from a turmeric for cough. Ayurveda.  See details »

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  • 00:00: Hello Dear friends with you today I continued to share recipes of Ayurveda This is a recipe of spices cold today we will do with you terrific recipe from turmeric cough this the recipe is not suggested my favorite way Other Indian monk aman Saraswati she'll always thank you for Your simple and very effective and recipes This recipe is really actually very simple because it is literally from the scrap products
  • 00:30: that we have most often in refrigerator under This hand is honey spice turmeric literally little cup to us need and see here now We will contact you by go do this recipe and then I than just tell it is as effective as the I have already told us need medical spice turmeric milk honey and turmeric we need for tea spoon Look I'm here right now and
  • 01:00: if you can not see It is seen quite simply He is thrown into a glass teaspoon of honey and teaspoon turmeric and the whole thing between a mix I so I recommend first mix turmeric with honey because if we turmeric a mound of powder Milk it will take lumps and it will not be very much very nice and we with you need to do homogeneous beverage tasty uniform
  • 01:31: beverage prepared the drink directly bedtime and 1 drink per day before going to bed so all we need to have fresh freshly and just 15-20 minutes before sleep I remind you here because in this recipe present minutes that the milk we need previously boil and cool that is, the milk must have at least degrees 60 I still see couples It goes even warbler I formed me
  • 02:02: especially in advance Boil and behold We look mixed with your honey under turmeric folk here such spice and now she you will magic we will do with you tasty orange I drink sunny By the way here's recommend even when grandfather how to do this here Here magic magic because from here such a mass ugly but now get very beautiful magical Look straight drink your eyes I
  • 02:32: I pour the whole thing glass of milk once assistant come all at once and I begin to stir So you see how well that we are previously have stirred honey and turmeric have to you have no pile that's chic obtained
  • 03:02: here is a homogeneous here's a nice drink just wonderful I called the solar nectar explaining that the nectar it's swarming can here and look what we have Beauty depending from the color of honey in Depending on some honey and turmeric give here such for Sasha beautiful from intense yellow to orange drink and it is very pleasant taste
  • 03:32: certainly felt turmeric but drink this sweetish pleasant and now ready to drink cushy you drink directly bedtime and bedding and then begin to Indeed miracles because you can you say that turmeric firstly it natural antibiotic antibiotic with broad spectrum of Secondly there turmeric antiviral antiviral
  • 04:02: the effect of such turmeric now the last well-behaved established at herpetic ie rashes indirectly stimulates the the immune system and our lighter body to cope with viral infections so what I said to the the fact that no matter what you your reason cold here this drink will help but to cope with very large range of infections that could we might catch it is one that is, turmeric 1 h antibiotic
  • 04:32: natural to you these a wide range of identities at the same time when you drink tea whether that's such turmeric drinks with turmeric you DO nOT PROVIDE no effect on the whole body We are talking about this Now our first when the video represent beneficial features turmeric This is the first second point here is such a porridge that's here is such a drink helps We handle dry cough compulsively see that there is literally
  • 05:03: during the day you porridge and moistened medical term he becomes productive if you are coughing and here Cough sorry Me and could head pain and pressure and even more so, embarrassing situation the seeds of coughing First you have at least a help with sleep easy because you porridge and softened 2 your cough is moisturize and who are you this morning someone one day begin question and deny it is much
  • 05:34: and our condition in third look what the longer the situation we suffer dry cough than The longer we cough here the barking cough cough cross the often we the brain creates a dominant cough is such a The situation is under whooping way here This here's a drink the drink recommended and doll that is chic see that is It seems to be treated like and cured but Rick Klyushin
  • 06:04: formed the dominant cough and we are still in for several months can pumped for any occasion like a gust of fresh air drops to rain went some smell dry air room here now winter and all it can provoke the porridge and It seems to be no reason and so we order Xia Now going back more times longer than we coughing than even we cough faster we need it translate in wet
  • 06:34: in one of the product sputum and faster pay off here this dominant cough which will deal with Turmeric is the next another time time I cough said there different reasons so Here turmeric flatter myself OK established at asthma for a dream here certainly controversial deal have asthma who can not tolerate honey is therefore not say milk Only turmeric well still described
  • 07:05: cases when here this is a drink It helps to cope in allergic coughing and asthma in including cold and howling on so here's a wynn's Day awesome and of course we remember that turmeric is good stimulates the It has immunity and thereby dispersing blood effects so But if during the day when you will be cold enough drinking water Well, you can here the same most of the broth
  • 07:35: turmeric tea People turmeric tea ginger depends shown even if you just as you drink compote of uzvar dried fruit, or a mineral the water here is such a Drink at night It helps your lungs faster start produce phlegm that is, to you sputum way It was worked out you must be decent enough opening load because if you do not get enough water to drink poison and have
  • 08:05: especially sputum will be formed anything another time here such beverage allows for by the fact that this natural antibiotic and the right to warming component allows to quickly deal with pain that there when you cough hurt you it's just when you sore throat is 2 that is, this is such a stunning simple elementary
  • 08:35: just a drink on has so many delicious and useful for our organism properties that take on weapons and more that I I want to say has already I say you do this chemistry alchemy with baby let them do this magic nectar magic potion when those grandfather as you can say something a delicious milk cocktail and so recommended kiddies the drink 6-7 years of age but Basically it in India
  • 09:07: give more kiddies at a young age I have such cases when well mums with mummies drag gave more a young age, she both canons medicine because this spice is its recommend 6-7 years of age so here as a matter for granted This drink can recommend from July 6 years of age that's such a magical drink virtually no contraindications
  • 09:37: except individually intolerance that milk or turmeric attacks on health drink and to strengthen their immunity and cope cold and the drink necessarily you will well and last quite that she wanted to say in I have already prepared the roller the second piece therapy projections our right palm I will say if you do not You can refuse cool that's great bump under our thumb a projection light
  • 10:07: so here and so intense press this mound is there are dishes in the video hand and separately I will focus on this zone and help your body deal with each even here such ways that describes apply works but I you I wish good Health still have many thanks for the team simple and very effective cool be healthy recipe and wait for the next
  • 10:37: roller goodbye