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3 MK. Express MK on the WTO. How to lift loops on edge of a mouth. How to close a collar to keep effect of an elastic band  See details »

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  • 01:31: so I mean look now tell how offer magazine Then tell how my result because I have my own nuances in the first place, they offer to knit with seam collar is your right choices see how you better and more convenient Naturally if with We sew the seam until Only one shoulder this case and recommend right and on the needles all the same 5
  • 02:00: millimeters recruit loop that order 1 front that will edge if seamed then here these Sizes 8 loops raised by neck forehand because rounding we vyvyazyvayut with the relief of others Sizes 9 and then loops They take up a stitch the central 16 or 18 well this case you
  • 02:30: also left him just waiting reshoot again other side before by rounding raised the same 8 or 9 loops on the back 32 loop general including those in which the central Pending plus 1 Well loop again for a second edge see general the number of loops 66 70 here you realize spokes number five because it is important
  • 03:00: if you're on a smaller number loop gain should be more But in my case, More then divide Our total number of loops on the gum to 2 two but recommend starting of 2 backstitches it the main thing that it does not matter total loops that you It will be a multiple Well if you went to four It means plus two more edge all knit to the height of 10 centimeters or the that you want and closing assembly here
  • 03:31: generally very all she briefly left shoulder connect the joints and side too desirable invisible the girl that's me there were no straps know why I took it into their heads tie in the general now I'm on them refused because I had yarn another collar the first version I bound as well as Now you transferred journal has come to needles 5 mm and
  • 04:01: 70 loops or so that a word well He did not like me because cotton very wide heavy collar Well I do not hold shape well as we would like it, I constantly pulled corrected one word disbanded linked seamlessly to spokes 3 millimeters and naturally in another the number of loops because in this a small diameter at the
  • 04:30: I 70 Hinge head not It fits well here no matter how much you here will loops the main thing that they were multiples of 4 and how much lift and so lift I now have further only the collar out of the spokes but when I align it I think it will beautiful here the same place it all recover to steam and will now well need
  • 05:02: First look We need to raise the loop not by a flange but I so I do not know how you and here along the wall You see the first loop this is the first face of a lot of 1 2 3 and this need for them to raise and loops were enough and nice more or less were but this one's transition he is so crafty so why on the essence of pizza one hand We pick up from other
  • 05:30: the same loop visually Look here comes loop 1 here it is after It hinges on a spoke It goes to an edge Pick up here for the right wall of the then loop back on this side, and also here it comes You see the edge and Pick up for the left wall of the loop and again, or there, or here as you like
  • 06:00: bead loop is gone and now there It begins first loop and here for example at this level picks up this the first loop of the right wall 1 Here, too, the front Here we look back our level and that's it first loop and and the left wall and then already just see there is a certain the number of loops you need to plan to raise so now the left
  • 06:31: stenochki here and so there's not a well what it is like that Now go and picks for each stenochku each loop rather lift and it is important to see how well you say certain the number of loops everything to be the same that is here we have the edge after here it is, and we believe 1 2 3 4
  • 07:03: and that's how much raised one side the same number of loops lift the other side of this is now part can still raise different First one to this and it seams thread and tie you can go like this Here is our way first loop so I will be even easier I took the needle thinner and may be the same and it does not matter here and so literally a 1-row
  • 07:30: raise and provyazyvaem see facial loops and now as a close you can see the first loop knit those who look at You are loops and knit second too Knit the front and then stretched purl loop knit purl knit wrong and stretched out the following also knit backing and
  • 08:00: stretched so go very the main thing to like this loop that you have on She spoke right repeated diameter itself spokes that is, there was no more or you can do here So from two but to close the loop I like it more impressed by the way when purl loop provyazyvayutsya Wrong, and in this case, even here, this edge that we close it repeats relief gum me so I prefer you
  • 08:30: see what you like you can still close simpler look like must close here Surely it is all here just before removing the loops only here you need to look like they are a party if they are deployed something to unwrap yes no see here
  • 09:00: so you still here two hinges on the right spoke not provyazyvaya I just make a copy so here you go again throws to the left spoke again and perry shoot again throws to the left needle and perry You shoot like make a copy and if left spokes accommodate see I went through
  • 09:30: their back both hinges on the right Now look out loud in basically beautiful but Now that he's edge everything will be that way align the last number that is it is less about to be corrugated gum on May 3 Well here I closed broaches his neck, and that is, I provyazyvala facial facial purl Wrong and stretching and here
  • 10:00: this effect and which I told you with this method of gum develops Now it's loud the top row which we do not close it see align that's why for such gum me and it seems most suited in each case, as they say its not own any Now the way is good Here's what to stripping my the neck is all I Now I go comprehend
  • 10:31: Align it so in front of the shoulders I, too, from the iron and back to you too I show it It looks like I I raised here and so She looks at me I hope all dear you get what you coped come I always wait for you