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  • 00:00: Hello dear friends like and promised by your I'll tell you about the request letter as you see Here is a cute bag which I had with industry samples rayon and all possible roving here I have it almost 3 years here so is a last resort way I can use for manufacturing very serious salmon flies and
  • 00:30: mainly for manufacturing ordinary hunting our streamers in including even I can Salmon and myself here I use here show how you see here such all sorts of shades of the colors sold tapes its width is are different from 6 8 10 12 do not try buy most wide braid why
  • 01:00: because then you any questions to work her Now I take to dismiss As you can see cut off in the store a piece of us must to determine where the start and where the end of this woven fabric, any braid it's still the same cloth so if the canvas it wove
  • 01:30: then it can be will dissolve let me order make it more clearly cut off small piece it is desirable to take as like so I already my experience here I have, I have already shown different colors I usually take but the most This large 30 centimeters convenient work is now It is dissolved more such a rough
  • 02:00: dense but every here this strand it disbanded It is still out tiny and smaller than say you will find in June floss then we cut off our lace one hand piece and Now let's so try to get one from the other side can dissolve let's get in the way roughness so it is desirable to prune
  • 02:30: strictly strictly to was it pin Dikulja molecular I I say go see bad turn over on the other hand but I will tell one especially if the camera can stitch transfer on the one hand and Stitch the other hand is not overdue therefore we take here we took as you can see we found the edge with which can be easy to dissolve and now I take here this
  • 03:01: yarn which was I mainly in the tissues neat neat share the amount that I need to take katushechku and have it start wind once our string you see it disbanded but good enough us to it was convenient to work We need to find the edge who responded to us
  • 03:32: not interfere with we blooming turn pull for one way and we nick all cultures Now I is dissolved I take for convenience so it was not easy work you see here under my jointing tip of my braid I take an ordinary here a lacquer can glue use nail nail this is not so principle and here These tips us
  • 04:03: desirable here so then we have to stick together all our locks are not confused and here let me take you so show as you see I I will pull the edge thread and we have it neatly this is dissolved that our thread here there is a good body and what it is already possible use for knitting let's say at once
  • 04:33: with a meter disbanded here is a braid Well it turns out the order somewhere 25-30 meters for knitting here such our Nita it carrot color is there is good for day mouth Barkal even orange color more to the orange and fluorescence suitable for our manufacturing flies like knitting now let's Thread here we are with you considered disbanded
  • 05:03: I'll show you in order that you already were convinced that no erections here there's the same we disbanded a little braid let us now her take and that's how try it fluff you see and the camera axis I will pass now I try bring closer Here you see a
  • 05:39: quantity the smallest literally full sense of the word tiny strands which can be considered retail ready by the work is all that's the irregularities that there by a thread at wound on with coil over time they are aligned but if you start Now make let fly accurately as all this product you trim and no
  • 06:09: problems have not there so try experiment with assume different strands of thread I I have already dissolved the and showed I repeatedly I am using knitting thread that has been one ordinary with bobbins bought and disbanded Now you see it here thickness of the yarn 15 0 0 a thread you do not buy it is if the camera can
  • 06:39: pass course number of these strands here it is also a enormous amount of them enough sturdy and comfortable thread as it can be use when manufacture of all body it then we polyester same plastmas which is available here as I have repeatedly you showed here manufacturer and here as he locks look how quality and rigidity
  • 07:09: these strands of compared with those strands that we that is, you have dismissed choose for themselves the convenience of work with braid I disbanded it here that ordinary for sale thread flashing shoes but are chosen so so you can see for yourself as the most thread myagenkaya and must have
  • 07:39: some the strength of the fibers So you immediately on tip see how you do not prepare and then the process blooming I just recently Asked Questions let's say it's a long time All this is all made that Uyuni floss that other manufacturers of one and the same polyester material so try
  • 08:10: experiment at your convenience Pick up any prison is not antiadvertising but I have to say we in the Ukrainian market m here such quality good tape costs somewhere about a half hryvnia is if you do not to bargain we will trust me to take 5 and 6 colors here is a ribbon on meters and you almost enough for us I do not know the foot yes probably because given my
  • 08:41: the number of knitting I now disbanded here is a strand I you have repeatedly show I have it but I can not just to the end use course orange color care often red is also in the end of the movie I you want to say one such a thing matter is that is such a braid you can get caught executed silk that is, natural silk this tape
  • 09:11: but much more expensive I tell you this right these bright beautiful fluorescent silk flowers you are not You find therefore choose to yourself or you You will use we used here is a synthetic or material will chasing down natural silk which almost unobtainable that's all my friends I have already briefly said if any additional Please question on I am at your facebook
  • 09:42: disposal Thank you for attention to see you soon meetings