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To get rid of the FUNGUS of NAILS, for 30 rubles!? The best method of treatment of a fungus of nails! A fungus - onikhomikoz  See details »



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  • 00:00: made good time day friends in general I decided to withdraw such I enjoy Video Mushroom we have something my hobbies but apart from fungi edible so turned out that I on the nails already He appeared fungus and this was It found two years ago So you see what just I did not treat not only and not
  • 00:30: I did what only drugs are not purchased spent nearly 20,000 rubles for 2 years and the best I help at As I did not have was no more nail plates here on this finger and this and the leg did not have Nail this peroxide hydrogen and ordinary j us need scissors
  • 01:01: sawing it this way nail file which remained one very expensive lacquer almost bubble in 3000 wherein 3 grams I spent a total lot of money or rather how not to say but much larger in at least the Now this money costs cost of these medications such amounts I can not help but help
  • 01:31: only this method It is not simple peroxide but aside peroxide still let j I'll show you around and I tell you what you need do you need before Total clean here these here place all affected zone if you nails there appears to be full of holes such that the holes
  • 02:01: I'm telling you I all nail plate was not as video is Almost all grown almost Only way to nail here I and the tips left I do finish it This method has helped in for about a month I'm on their army take very happy decided share At first I was looking for lots of information
  • 02:31: Internet but it's me, my granny prompted in general, see we clean the affected region and so completely the most pure and to be injured so be careful
  • 03:02: we clean and cut the nail, and so all the nails Well basically course make to the affected but I would advise you to prevention and other marigolds same go because Now the first of these desires and they are not symptoms
  • 03:32: first seen in general now I'll clean all the nails yourself plate gather and continue what friends circumcised nails only here want Show an example one video that's dark place for tip here here here Now focus
  • 04:04: Camera Here it is Affected region We need to maximize cleaned and cut nail, and now I the last nail and will gather proceed So you see what I mean, and I said casually injured grove take nail file and so any possible
  • 04:38: nail file to take better pogrubee can generally sandpaper take and remove say so with luster nail that is scratching them because even for there a few hours nails quickly polished deteriorating and absorbency there they very hard
  • 05:09: absorb peroxide here need so clean I'll show you on Example one hand why peroxide it helps Peroxide is like fire for these fungi Now imagine there strong man that which can anyone beat in fire there still
  • 05:40: illuminated here is the same of about fungi which only drugs are not I tried to fight But to make peroxide the trick so now I will need cotton tamponchik maybe someone that it will just wool
  • 06:10: I'll show you how I am doing usually just some They prefer to do is a cotton swab By the way today went neighbor ask what I
  • 06:41: fungus fly him too, now this disease appeared on his fingers a huge hole I look like this cotton swab by pinching in just a pair of scissors need is abundantly I do moisten peroxide place the brush and smear but the penalty
  • 07:13: Well after you anointed a second so through ten fifteen Wait till you can for it while his other hand and now you have anoint abundantly
  • 07:43: you can do why I I do it with scissors and do not keep in the hands of you, I I do not handled just when sawing keep from bondage peroxide in the fingers peroxide will burn the skin will be absorbed into the skin and you It will be unpleasant feeling and so We will tingle
  • 08:13: hate all again abundantly but try all equal to the skin many did not get all better to peroxide remained as you can see on the nails This is the second hand on second hand almost
  • 08:45: dry nails again pass once no tape no stretch film no films at all gloves on fingers nothing so this is not You do get very unpleasant corrosive burn fingers, and this is how we repeat consistently well Here we smeared dry out smeared with dried out so
  • 09:16: 3 to 4 times for 5 minutes so Now we continue I processed all fingers I peroxide It's only been 5 minutes in total peroxide has dried you need to nail completely dry well in principle, they quickly dry at least to It was not wet
  • 09:46: strong j take on stupid put it on the affected nails I have iodine there are few that's so abundant to you do not be afraid that such
  • 10:16: nail color will if you do so day off next day was her completely resolve and it basically does not too difficult to wash off repeat this the procedure is not necessary less than once a week me more than I liked this method
  • 10:47: something that is not so often to do so that happens is tired to come the work is not there I know you want to sleep or no if forgotten or laziness and the fact that in we buy a pharmacy so there is generally one day to smear or there generally dig me I did not like it here These all medications nonsense on At least this
  • 11:18: method will help you in any situation even I do not know if you got there all nails are not It left me and legs and these fingers also here at Nail has been has not been even I do not really hurt could work just I could take up The tool works so here's the way These white spots I Why I have not spoken wet fingers if they will be many unpleasant pain in general here and so
  • 11:48: friends here this method It will help you later minutes, 10-15 years fully grasp Can this right this a procedure to carry out the night here and rinse It would not be so hard I do not know in general, I will I recommend to everyone try this the method at least me nothing this is helped really helped because I decided to remove
  • 12:18: I advise this video all you will not regret it exactly most importantly do not be lazy and those people who speak to peroxide helped me this is nonsense a gray mare because that means these people rarely performed These procedures peroxide is very rare not lazy or something did not It is such that peroxide kills nail fungus either this is some other disease or he simply does not smeared
  • 12:49: in general here and so Thank you for watching just I wanted to make good work up goodbye subscribe to Watch the video channel will be many interesting I just I start the launch of its channel by the way I forgot to say Only peroxide in you probably will not do because the period actions directly most peroxide not so long that have you treated must be treated at least every other day and if you can in addition
  • 13:23: peroxide since iodine impregnates, and that is he fixes effect speaks of his second It lasts about maybe even a week longer but I last time processed nails like a week ago they see I have already much better I'm just not able to I can show you What I had them memory and it was horror is all my relatives for me
  • 13:53: worried sent there come down to this doctor to such a this in general, and here I am practically I got rid on this method generally again subscribe to stavte channel husky Support will be many interesting videos on At least I try me that's interesting do good work to let people know about this video a lot video about peroxide
  • 14:23: but about the fact that iodine It helps to consolidate nowhere does it say that's I decided to thank you all all goodbye