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  • 00:00: about the bus without drivers rides like convenient for passengers their route you think fiction no prototype such machines are already established in Moscow and It is our special reportage the first Russian unmanned elektrobusa while moves only for test site Research Institute yet engineers believe the machine does not let you down and in the usual way dozens of electronic replace devices
  • 00:30: car eyes driver and allows move unmanned this vehicle defense system vision in the composition systems vision He goes to the front radar camera mounted lattice radiator additional garden ultrasound are built into front bumper the car is the same It is located in the System the back of car front complex system vision It allows recognize all situation that It is hell car in front
  • 01:00: determines the road road markings pedestrian signs other participants of movement and another new Russian machine can follow the traffic go around traffic jams and accident scene for it meets modern navigation equipment and powerful computational module and data calculation made on onboard computer an electronic consisting of a system some boards who receives information from sensors takes decision to move
  • 01:30: maneuvering and guess the team accelerate stop or perform the maneuver rebuilt in the lane or some perform other maneuvers maneuverability Russian unmanned in elektrobusa add pretty modest in size the length of the vehicle means at least five meters wide all 2 but the height of me bus with two half meters inside are accommodate 12 passengers heart new vehicle facilities
  • 02:00: motor capacity of 27 hp forces today our transport facilities operated on maximum speed until 25 kilometers per hour but maybe about 40 kilometers hour is electric power reserve us enough for 120 130 kilometers on a plan developers such UAV can used to closed areas for example in urban parks but prospects incredible machine to Russian example
  • 02:30: electric buses can be use as a routing taxi and they go to stop and catch joke flick of the wrist do not have this vehicle padded means directly to your porch then automatically the door opens and you will follow on board and when necessity rerouting you you can use interactive funds set directly our transport means
  • 03:02: management Electronics sewed real-time will recount taking into account the route road conditions and passenger requests smart detour the car will take up and the desired stop someone will remind you here you go You can transfer to another mode of transport the first test drive minibus in general traffic flow scheduled for spring next year serial production innovation transport funds will not
  • 03:30: before 5 years