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  • 00:03: You want to change the color hair but are afraid mistaken choosing colors and look unnaturally straight Now my friend lay a novel copper tells the example star how to determine the choice of hair colors Depending on your tsvetotipa this topic to date at least every once in a lifetime woman tries to said to play with Hair color was an experiment when I '
  • 00:31: wanted some bright hair color my profit and advised me not risk immediately completely color the where the hair of a coloring shampoo two to three weeks I chose to hold Red and me call our Red Heads but Nadia it looked so effectively I thought first and then so unnatural that I long and sustained very anxious rinse it I do not even there is not one
  • 01:00: pictures as memories of the my period you imagine how I I did not like it It does not explicitly melting pig need to consider your tsvetotip because wrong selected color Hair unfortunately makes and pale skin and eyes a dull and generally can be very add age so listen attentively understand how choose the right your hair color based on their tsvetotipa other hand I understand that such a small quantity experiments Hair color like me I practically always stick its natural it is also some
  • 01:31: woman can sound frankly so boring I offer today give tips to all women and girls who want to brave experiments with This stay harmony with approached me Natalya it all the time He wore a light tone hair but some You can not change represented completely new see how it blonde look yes blondes probably many want be but often this the experiment was and ends some mismatch between eyebrows face in this
  • 02:01: Hair up in the pursuit of manner rhythm core many girls commit great errors and we see here facial features look rather rough and Overall skin looks gray and dull and pay attention even color bright pink dress stresses everything skin imperfections It looks of relief and indeed it adds age so do not always light color refreshes how to pick up your shade we now we'll figure out Svetlana I I recommend to a friend color and we later We see a very
  • 02:31: but interesting because the choice of colors directly hair It depends on tsvetotipa in general, we recall please as your tsvetotip determined what tsvetotipa start Perhaps I'll start with spring tsvetotipa one of the most exciting but while most common characteristic feature of this type is bright eyes they are primarily stand out against all persons usually light shades of measles eyes it can be green eyes or deep blue or blue skin tone in
  • 03:00: of facial features like usually a bit golden hue may attend freckles and how usually characterized by expressed blush at This tone hair usually the nature of any light blond or light blond or it be bright shades of red color I will ask me help show that contraindicated spring Description open in no case Description this is not recommended ash blond light blond inexpressive wheat color or too bright shades of red if so bright
  • 03:30: girls choose dull pale tones Hair then they start look older his age, I It looks like and smeared Conversely too dark color and all Black can make person simply tone painful to better to remember the color I ask you locks with lock examples of these Now the shades will understand what color Hair will effectively look at this type same this Description Brown suit chocolate saturated colors redheaded but the tone is not should too red star beautiful example spring Svetlana Tarabarova her
  • 04:00: career were different periods and different experiments with hair she She wore very light a light shade of red it is unfortunately not to move out of its 500 total It looks pretty pale but when it I chose more more intense bright shade it became itself the most Svetlana Tarabarova we we know now validly brighter facial features expressive well simply beautiful namely spring comes the following type to popular in our area This year is a type girls with fair and
  • 04:30: practically slightly transparent pinkish skin like usually they are pretty tan easily but just as easily tan is coming off the eye and or light green a light blue or sulfur rarely and if found to it is usually brown a measles green color and hair from nature or mustache light brown typical error data girls are too too bright Solid hair tone categorically contraindicated for of facial features the following hair colors Black and brown bright red dark
  • 05:01: hair provides bright eyes and make it easy ie dim appearance is obtained faded hair on the background and red hair Conversely able skin tell a little yellowish tint because of this skin It looks unhealthy and Conversely easier and more natural Tonar are offended as the golden blond or milk chocolate at this same type will look very impressive and really refresh the exterior lover experiment with her hair Iryna Bilyk we saw it in absolutely all hair colors, even in
  • 05:30: pink and blue to but most are unsuccessful experiments it there where it is with a bright red hair color we see that the skin just It looks yellowish and on black background despite strong heavy makeup all still eyes look dull and inexpressive the impression that fatigued yes but when we know it blonde or with light pink hair she looks the most spectacular and indeed bind yes it is even corresponds to Bilyk names of God himself ordered to be blonde next tsvetotip
  • 06:01: well you know it may fall to determined the type and determined that the then we treat this Description this girl with nature dark saturated Hair color is like rule or Brown tones or black hair and eyes, or green or saturated measles skin tone a bit golden or even sometimes dark and skin autumn facial features are often meet and freckles all shades of blonde cynical to ashen categorically contraindicated for blue facial features really
  • 06:30: categorically It turns out I just like I never felt not trying to be blonde this type generally suitable brightness Experiment with red color is of course the mac so it's best select more natural shades saturated colors brown and also saturated colors redheaded that's such a good saturated color with shade of red I probably would I came up Yes you do with deep copper midtone but not pure red like yours to of course
  • 07:00: accordingly it is necessary experiment on chestnut shades of chocolate ginger is very nobly will look shade mahogany Of course as I have He spoke slowly remember Erica was experiment when it dyed it was blonde really sorry sight face was expressionless and eyes like collapsed inward it's really has added age why not blonde always they all refresh but when she returned beautiful chocolate shade it seemed younger by five s looking at Eric
  • 07:31: you know that the color hair plays a pivotal role in appearance She's very beautiful girl glamorous and it was impossible imagine theory that Blunt her so but did not spoil the Still, we see that even if you have on the bright colors of nature in appearance wrong experiment Fashion hair spoil even the most bright fresh face to the Fortunately she found your perfect color Hair and now It looks great as expected from the and the nature of her latest style as much as
  • 08:00: which I would like now stop This winter girl of the facial features in the first place pay attention to contrast yourself not light skin tone when the nature of the dark no hair It is due to this They contrast both rule perceived as after the hot bright brunettes eyes can be either light it can be a cool tone blue or blue and dark brown but most of course found dark brown eyes categorically Description this is not come too bright hues winter ash blonde does not look
  • 08:30: it is very impressive just add age as bright red is capable of spoil and cold chestnut, you can also add age Here, too, except for those natural dark shades and all this black Description is Chocolate and red accents hairstyles the hottest winter in Ukrainian show business is of course Nastya Komi light skin dark hair and very bright beautiful eyes but when she tried color wig tossed new blonde the spectacle has turned sad that good she heaven Well shone Nastya
  • 09:00: and quickly realized realized that the color and quite to the face and you know looks elegant and not only because thin and because the hair familiar to us black Solid colors and understand Natasha is I approached you with problem of tsvetotipu over summer come again look at her picture we see here are bright green eyes have a pretty fair skin that summer tanned but This tan a little bit it is also unevenly indirect sign Summer hair I Natasha found natural light blond
  • 09:30: ie classical summer for this type Female course suit more saturated colors at choosing paint needed pay attention to its intensity and color fastness modern formula with ultra keratin provides strong coloration through deep penetration coloring pigments hair structure and protects against leaching so the color get bright and intense and hair shiny Well interesting to see which now will Natasha is very wondering how she changed recall
  • 10:01: Natasha we It belongs to the summer tsvetotipu so I I chose for her a little more intense what shade of hair now we see Natasha hello Natasha Hello, you sumptuously look I do not even know I am expecting that so great changes may occur only through Hair color change you most like very much like Grove is happy transfer was blonde ten
  • 10:30: s probably hair ever flogged broken and now with this color brilliantly even I could afford presented in this hair color but it enchanted me but usually blonde when they see the light on the pack seems well as the tone is too Tusk very natural very natural but the example of Natasha we see that it is right minus 5 years but I there afraid of him just add this color it the other way around look younger and brighter expressive features such a beautiful face eyes young blooming JNA in general just beautiful
  • 11:00: also gave Natasha several recommendations selection of colors in Summer clothes are always suit more more muted lighter shades even if you choose saturated color deep blue or Saturated green he It should be like as a little carpeted though slightly sun-bleached the only way he will effectively disclose summer beauty facial features and the eyes and the skin will look brighter than clothes if select the contrary too bright saturated color the skin looks but the tired eyes Natasha dull in next time You will need to paint
  • 11:30: hair you stay This color or no return to the blond I'm not going back to NASA lamp suits to happy and happy and thank you crows that it is not so helped and thank you because we saw how effective Hair color can transform Woman youtube hello subscribe to our channel and will be the most the most stylish beautiful