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  • 00:00: What is Freemasonry this movement is open about its existence but is silent about its purposes she has both written one of our very interesting author Alexander's Aleksandrov We see it was a Soviet resident in France he 30 years was in France where I wrote back experienced in book foreign lands we have it in the library and here it is,
  • 00:30: particularly notes that mason standing secular people absolutely that's what I'm curious I remember when I read just amazed that Freemasonry has its secret aim destruction Christianity, but not other religions is very curious way Now 18th Century marked so campaign against Christianity which perhaps ideological left campaign against Christians from that then this
  • 01:00: this ideology It resulted in a bloody the massacre of Christianity that during France does in the so-called great French revolution a sea of blood as innocent children just it was destroyed just destroyed all anything without a reason the same way snooze time the Paris Commune same thing as early as scale
  • 01:30: relevant Russia repeated in her since the seventeenth , the sea of blood no reason any political policy reasons I must be destroyed good Christian good working good intellectuals quite not shoot Boris up there destroy their rivals here Sea blood echelons take out into the wilderness
  • 02:01: trains where thrown the wilderness, and how though these people die from hunger and thirst best farmers better the peasants are collected fists and destroy all the best destroyed no you not find any explanations that this deleted tens of millions
  • 02:30: of people and not just destroyed and a what cruelty to What exactly sadism say how Satanism These were destroyed the best people you'll find the reason all this literature everyone says that's the there or the Bolsheviks or is there a policy or that is not These were political policy revolution
  • 03:00: only were instruments These were the flags statements were power again I speak openly Satanism service Ulta Satan if you I'm not in figuratively you understand that it is not in metaphorically and Indeed, in real sense it was also no other reasons you such giant casualties it is not a sacrifice destruction sadistically
  • 03:30: not destruction explain not politics economy