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  • 00:00: the meeting to see road traffic here is how the outcome of their people Egypt so they moved by the the country you will see after that country falling has surrendered to his feet gone forever maps of the world but at the same time and tell the country who I created this cult leaving more and richer I also invented yes it Clive is also a miracle Jewish poverty yes
  • 00:30: Lee tries I portray them just very sorry because the pain and idiocy Now that you know that Ishchuk not skiing such hearing, and such Tony never heard of the book I do not yes yes I heard no one through every once they behold I am born so I learned to just not sitting here all I recently learned about this moment here in this Whether the book is that it is not Hasidic holy book and even commercials heard yes
  • 01:03: Well, at least this effect almost all Jewish billion against chimeras hole Jewish Jews indicators effects Hasidim and so in this the book clearly sets out that when will destroy all only mankind favorites Hasidim 600 thousand people but the descendants of the Levites
  • 01:31: they will come to another form the existence of autumn incorporeal form will come and exist new race 6 times and who will tormented views try to carry out this chapter CEC Japanese but that's their where the wind blows and the idiots I do not understand that when they leave their bodies Belsky they seem
  • 02:00: without their physical shell to be made and I do not think that some kind of Jehovah which leads the one who was and if It will be for you and so Jehovah and will it is necessary to give an order fools on that street they can exist without natural casings but with those in physics shell which are there and best practices they only exist without
  • 02:30: the physical body is not can they do may seem all others who I considered very good He painted his book the lower astral and will simply eat on all cylinders and that's these people who possess billions trillions of all of the reasons that we which for a child Igor They sought 3, it was prepared for all today I believe in this insanity that when all kick the bucket I do not think which elected It gives a new
  • 03:00: diet and the way of higher a way of being in unknown shell delirium bric who read read someone tries Martian chronicles who do not read it I read but it was not We counted there The film so that's good except or or perish held parasite entity that is looking for someone well You can suck the life forces had not there because without genetics without
  • 03:31: implemented a new body no development It is impossible it is important only the case when the essence of although we already output the physical body will reach a the level of development both culture, nature which will consist in the juice thousands of abortion billions of millions or billions of bodies when it is treated lack of low body already has principal meaning and to do this at least you need to at least pass on cycle in the ren development work at least 6 of the essence so I can say and
  • 04:00: all millionaires trainers who exist if, God forbid typed three bodies the essence here and expects that very interested in what We prepares January 21 December 12 that year, will be it is to this that only selected pereduv sixth race but the truth does not specify who does not read elected but they
  • 04:30: and that the steel can to be more precise in some her bush It makes it clear that these is elected Only descendants so say the descendants of the god them in this already when he so little I asked and all will go too I walked open his descendants so they make up those elected quoted that supposedly he is so take this god Yahweh which is not honors or needle call it different question one of the chicken field officers I say that
  • 05:00: sent to work but not high rally at Well, because if airplane people do He is seen in the gods certainly not It is surprising that out you make them the Lord god So talking about religions here know really why Our group is education the remnants of his then what happened because when people will illiterate who
  • 05:30: the main thing that could write your name and to count to 1000 best to this is the ideal aspirations on the edge of it in America I watched I really want-OPERATION couples do not It happened and we did state level