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Simple pattern with the spokes removed by loops. Pattern of my gold sweater.

Simple pattern with the spokes removed by loops. Pattern of my gold sweater.  See details »

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  • 00:00: I welcome you to my Friend you on the channel great today, I want to show you how It fits this one uzorchik with my sweaters. but just want to I warn This pattern can see from above down this raglan from top to bottom so if you do it knit fabric knit bottom-up in its product it will uzorchik look a little different Now I'll show you he will look like this due to the fact that I see
  • 00:31: from top to bottom I have it That's how he looks This is uzorchik something in between pearl like pattern you see here are that's taken loops there fit very easy to let I'll show you how I I see forward and backward in rows here's my wing arm
  • 01:04: the first loop remove and knit front Wrong Wrong in front my case, I can already see where I will have where it will face Wrong because my shot loops they are more elongated and where the elongated I loop knit front wrong if it's at You first number you just knit it no matter what as the front rezinochku
  • 01:35: Wrong knit an edge
  • 02:30: provyazyvaem seamy turn knitting on the wrong side Here's how to look looks to seamy side an edge loop shoot where we front loop we it We will remove thread before work filmed where we Wrong loop here provyazyvaem front
  • 03:01: Now we face the loop remove it wrong provyazyvaem front face lifted the front face removed front meaning we remove both the front wrong not to it was from this side they are as a person removed knit an edge
  • 04:06: backing and everything We repeat these 2 rows we require number centimeters ranks as the you see now we we have again an edge remove and should knit front seamy loop alternate there where we have here now is here Wrong we were binding wrong you see now knit Here we go
  • 04:36: loops and one loop we have over extended 1 familiar to us size more elongated usual here so that more elongated knit face to that we turned out here such elongated tick here Wrong face as you can see we have go here these here checkmark Now they go to
  • 05:06: staggered over the just watch this that's not lost your risunochek on the front face can not be in here We tick over purl loops further night front Wrong front Wrong so knit to the end a number an edge of the night
  • 06:09: provyazyvaem wrong and our a back row with inside out, we were binding Again an edge removed look at us seamy seamy loop we knit face on we face is loop, we remove it it does not. we have to our side where we knit before work
  • 06:39: face lifted front We removed all personal I think there is a complex that you can do it even a novice with this pattern hide cope fit not quickly can not much more then think that as a fit and a series under yutubovskih video night spots like this
  • 07:32: here fit the risunochek all thank you very much per-view and to See you soon