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  • 00:00: hello all you need pundits already on humor or about family greetings Poroshenko actually Poroshenko because Today was born our the leader of a nation in my 52 years ago, he was born It does not look in because work hard for you for you for you It works for me too little and when Well this is generally He decided himself see you know it these humorist came he decided not to listen to View appeal the president will start [music]
  • 00:34: Opa Opa Opa shoes lighted shoes What is this something for shoes we now you tell it shoes manolo blahnik manolo blahnik and judging by the price all this the price range know shoes worth somewhere € 800 750 may be can be for example 785 so but I understand of course that marina is not money
  • 01:00: but I think that's all it is already knew how it is necessary to act and whale sarafan cheap there and to it is necessary They stressed all the media Bag of information birch bark but here it is in shoes for 800 euros at I repeat possible for it is a penny before nation the rich can just such as shoes and opa He lighted lighted [music] can
  • 01:30: and that it shows know nothing show look what we we can we can we we can rent a bunch of studio people sit down, I all such cases usually I use iPhones iPhones xpath took all it's cheap and cheerful but it is necessary on the road wow so big show I've been waiting all when no fireworks begin let but on fireworks left overs air emergency This new release of its
  • 02:00: about what I find first I thought to the head itself can be carp just us here well Please here for the farm house this New e edition extra gain in the history of the street I have to Ukraine President of Ukraine European Union it is still out history of Ukraine is not I came to have say how he entered against round can be it something else uchudil and enter any president another example from whose pants
  • 02:30: torn when he I sat down there on some official meeting well, for example but let's say doxology begin Doxology in the best traditions of Kim Jong Chan and do not rate a ball powers which united in civilized view of the nk it, then at least the Ukraine he became the first so I I think that's just united all civilization learn President combiner can be so let's say anything else tell me more anything or marina Wine printable form
  • 03:00: nike do not communicate politician for soup hands on a limb handsome and none of you'd better not say what your wife It serves as flickr and like vermin kernel us revolution gymnasts it takes in Europeans will be my Ukraine could just leave faithful to the ideals Revolution is true to It has an exact match was the fact that I once heard when tiddly tiddly this was the so can be briefly characterize
  • 03:30: liquid Poroshenko He died today or you're sorry for this joke she says, as if in sorrow our lives you can characterized lively marina kitchen yuppies President Ukraine up to tea 350 another day home of the pie frost led here Okay so it went the children went to the kids wives as you spend on them and drank drank poke
  • 04:00: Ukrainians Ukraine It becomes bread slingshot I thought that at first it would be nice say zavdyaki Ukrainians and effort your dad Country but it became no no no importantly will put role thanks to the efforts Poroshenko and thousands Ukrainians Peter Poroshenko for jeeps leader windows beta is not afraid to push taking shouts shares and for animals minds without delving views seen a book write a small land seriously why not
  • 04:31: he always it is always good and Here the pathos that voice is is it the same with dad some on her genetically likely So he can not be the same twenty people first century here just take here So to speak say more about his husband five versed on cheeks you to the cemetery at We got us a story op op op if he had not He was the son of the president
  • 05:00: would never I wrapped here these here all on the field but you note there even goalkeeper in the other side has to fall on know when Here's how to tell there Vasily Stalin played football and so even basil Stalin so around everything did not fall 3d pro 2 lecturer genizah small football You know the handsome genius I am of course exaggerating
  • 05:30: joke fellow man clear that this statement that the goalkeeper had to fall off the other side all but a It looks like it Well, it looks like I like that phrase I janitors show aime very well us breaks and I is proud to pronouncing directly from London m from london I say with pride s Ukraine, we are pleased to Ukraine in the movie plots love and perish, and if and strong, and we are the world Terminal part on
  • 06:00: one of the pathos I straight as much sweat back in Fedi you for some also it is this same daughter daughter, daughter of Peter Alekseevicha Poroshenko and I look I think who can still our world, so play [music] still as much about the march
  • 06:31: I have also somehow work on the stage, it badly Having Dad sat I listened and dreamed too began as early stories deer and know it He sits so thoughtfully look at the ceiling, say, between them they they are also interconnected By the way here in the family so not in Russian but in general if you do not know here no sedition it's just a fact so you know my daughter I think I'm here to Ukraine is on the first place in Europe
  • 07:00: Play something else Chopin and let it know who ever heard Picasso and so on Picasso smokes because it's still one more One brilliant Fouquet Well here I believe when you go each Just when you eat photo I believe from that but
  • 07:30: where something is taken because every time when the Pope for poet Mother says daughter that the Pope two weeks I went in and then I'll I also love you, too I like especially your picture that definitely time take their seats and the company also is when You do it out for yourself You know someone's anywhere and everywhere in the other Here's how local understand neither the child does not remain that's not destiny, as it were here
  • 08:01: except that the first eldest but he MP is it's all said and here and so easy brilliant family but agree hares meta brilliant wool registered pros on sex once printing rights for 5 road survived his to share best cleaned, etc. fate has chosen you But Peter said to Alekseevicha Poroshenko birthmark is on the same place and a birthmark in the form of
  • 08:31: small trident since childhood say We looked and cooked it elected on your kind of far or on the hair of Anna I I love, etc. and who would not You know and love really Add from gray Hair and added once in the ass broad-shouldered became and feet any longer but not too much It looks like you puffy face not It looks to '52 but
  • 09:00: when you reflect Again, as on his shoulders heaved This man then but you know the words These here is all these that is only Guess I they escaped but stuck proudly and can not escape, and here are the latest images not there as I swam As far as I understand I can not go, I understand only one did not Now I understand this Video horn all people actually [music]
  • 09:37: great video here seriously this is my view a great video simply gorgeous every one who I will speak here in the West where live on it The Soviet Union is one that's here I have something else I I will show it video necessarily I will show because he thought why will show that just because I Artist lowered
  • 10:00: this fucking insanity Kim Jong ynom you till [music] [music]