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Relief pattern with the removed loops the Master class on knitting by pattern spokes for beginners

Relief pattern with the removed loops the Master class on knitting by pattern spokes for beginners  See details »

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  • 00:00: all huge hello you are on a weight channel them name Snezana and today I offer you associate with me this is such a This relief pattern pattern fit with removed loops which then formed here such Here in these places broaches and are Create something like a bow in patterns in general who
  • 00:31: interesting Stay with me and Tie a place for those who are well understands schemes and does not need additional some [music] master classes I I leave the link to this on the scheme of this pattern it will appear in here here are the top-right corner or under a video you You can go to the website download or print Statement
  • 01:00: This circuit pattern to knit for yourself those who are just learning or knits her recently you need need to someone showed how this pattern of time Stay with me and I'll show you how I wrote This pattern is very simple really but such a spectacular on licking here I ordinary acrylic yarn and knitting at spokes number four Now I will draw
  • 01:30: We've got 325 yarn and thinner I will knit here 2 repeat this sample I linked to four Report whew even more for those who will learn understand the schemes Now I have I printed circuit us I'm just why you printers, and like this smeared very see rapport
  • 02:01: this pattern is of 10 loops plus here it's loop added to the total the number at the end in order to match or the left lane to make it symmetrically in the scheme not specified but it is necessary when recruiting add loops two for the edges of the loop Here's the loop here Now, these squares so it is taken in the loop facial series circuit
  • 02:30: It is given to only facial series backstitches ranks loop will be knit on drawing as they will look like This facial is a loop purl loops and this one's circle indicates that we will have this place to raise these here Now all pulling and knit together in generally scored on the spokes 23 loops are two report plus one
  • 03:01: Additional 2 edge and start knit 1, knit series I will be ordinary grandmother loops first take off then I see one 4 wrong and facial 1 again Wrong 2
  • 03:34: 4 facial Wrong 4 face again purl 4 facial their and last Wrong and bead too knit seamy I unfold knitting on the wrong side
  • 04:00: and here all the loop you need to knit because they look that is if they look facial we were binding their facial if they look Wrong, we will they knit purl
  • 04:39: so clasped there is then we start knit with a removed loops So 1 Wrong way
  • 05:02: and remains and then thread before work so here and shoot Now it's shooting so here for the rear a first loop wall second third loop or the fourth thread before work gets before as knit here that's the wrong loop better in this place no squeeze a little great for finger
  • 05:30: so that it is not stretched and the web much we but bear provyazyvaem seamy loop on the thread again to work and remove four loop the loop removed 4 Again there's better because you can overtighten example here You get here since then that we need It was a joke free so we here a little presses and provyazyvaem the wrong way
  • 06:03: hope seen again remove 4 hinge so mode, one point bandage and wrong and again with them four loops and wrong So Knit this row
  • 06:31: then again all loop knit is already we learn now 4 number of all the loops knit a drawing as they look purl loop Wrong face the loops facial There are no on a country series nothing change
  • 07:08: so radiation We have done and proceed to knitting 5 series and all the the same look Wrong and more 4 hinges and remove
  • 07:32: stretch yarn around to it also then it was stretched like this here here's the bottom 1 a little there from yarn I provyazyvaem seamy loop again remove 4 hinge so here stretch yarn and provyazyvaem wrong and once again likewise making
  • 08:02: provyazyvaem wrong and repeat Now we It turned out at the live each row refer to broach Now we need to January 2 to do was four of them here pulling knit backing a number of all a drawing loop I probably will
  • 08:31: dining and purl ranks Next time just turn off the camera to not take a lot of time so here provyazat it already turns 6 number 7 on a number of precise
  • 09:01: also need to knit and from the sea for sure also need to bind purl shooting loop I think that there everything is already understood everything it may even all do alone can even include
  • 09:30: watch lifted and again now turned 3 pulling knit a back row I knit a back row I hope you too strapped and now knit one more row is
  • 10:03: there will be 9 and do that's the same broaching remove loops purl shooting Wrong remove purl
  • 10:30: remove and wrong again need provyazat backing a series of drawing again Wrong tied and start knitting 11 Now look at the number of scheme for those who are still learning to read circuit here we are in the eleventh row knit wrong
  • 11:00: 3 facial, and you are here this circle here in this point we here to raise all broaches and provyazyvat them all along the front loop and, and the same way in this place and then in The future is that I do not back scheme and the same as we do only staggered this side and to that side lying wrong on
  • 11:34: knitting 1 2 3 facial and Now from here to do so to be comfortable you need to pick up here so that's all that's the Now the tabs and their children on the left needle example and knit them all together with the face front loop here
  • 12:01: so all together at on to make seamy loop and this side exactly also at all to knit loop together with this face like this Now raise them pull up here and then knit 3 face such bows obtained and should be repeat in another
  • 12:30: pa carp March 2 facial so on as you wish raises convenient spokes coins raise and it is convenient to you here let's say the left spokes and somehow raise and here This is how children wear their leftism on the left the left spokes just as you wish you need this is now all together to catch something I have camera Here is all you need together and catch with this face
  • 13:01: loop tie as Now that the thread is gone under all these loops then knit wrong with this hand immediately I need here and so pick up loop knit together front and knit 3 right and wrong
  • 13:32: this is what should you can get here I think you can imagine Now this here piece report this is now first to say eleventh and twelfth number backing repeat that is not permanently do chess right here on how to Here's the diagram and repeat them on each and the other can be done you here on then staggered scheme
  • 14:00: order will burst a little bit different and knit so wrong aside all the loops on drawing as usual here without changes will be Here, the back row I drove further We begin to knit exactly just like you knitted purl 4 Wrong rented 4
  • 14:30: remove purl 4 remove and Wrong Tie here so that we There were four broaches all the same the only thing the difference will be in the the twenty-first row when we Here's to collect these pulling just have to different places and so We shoot here here loop all the same there should be little
  • 15:00: that they hold pull strongly Again shoot again barely hold tie seamy then remove the loop loop Wrong again I think that the rented meaning but even now it does not have to repeat therefore no let's meet
  • 15:30: already twenty front row when We would like these Now available with 4 grievous as it was only that here and we will change already take and make staggered about knit 21 series I knit all these series has reached 21 series Now I here four such that's pulling every
  • 16:03: Each segment can be And so they say now we will knit 21 row and pull their symmetry in the chess order and so if we here here here We pulled her in this place but now we We will pull here These 4 pieces 4 against glasses about this place first
  • 16:31: and provyazyvat together front loop pat mat there are 4 more personal Wrong 3 front and back tightens them here here here for a movie of 100 on the left needle and
  • 17:03: tie together with the face Wrong loop and These, too, are now tie with face this way and 3 facial and Wrong Now here are three front and these here
  • 17:31: We need all raising 4 pleteshki and bind them together for months I am looking for a picture and and means then repeat already both from the front row knit now here then here's another backing a series of
  • 18:00: drawing and enter repeating pattern Here is such a pattern very cute to me he liked necessarily and God somewhere Apply may LICs have some commit such a pattern this volume obtained from wool was It would be nice I think you can have and sweater some tie cardigan I hope you too I liked this pattern just like me
  • 18:30: generally knit with pleasure to new appointments bye