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  • 00:00: Hello friends with you are Svetlana short decided show this video because in my opinion illegally offended attention common glass bottle yes we can decorate it zadekorirovat for decoupage but when asked question and what about them do when they are in a large number going to the house who should be given here already stands think and imagine what you can make more of these bottles so I prepared several bottles it would be nice of them make eg vases glass and candlesticks fixtures but sometimes you do not know how to cut or
  • 00:30: to split from some bottles today I am just I wanted to show you this process is like this can be neat chop off any part bottles of this the process taught me in-law she worked nurse in the hospital very many years to them sometimes Hard times unscrew and make different droppers from glass bottles in my opinion they are the bottom split into I found the Internet video but I was afraid myself do it while she I did not show myself did not dare
  • 01:01: make it turns out it's all very simple for work we need will be natural empty bottles any We will need ropes you can take woolen can take some yarn I have that's what it is synthetic the rope is needed here there will be matches sandpaper scissors and most the main alcohol I usually I use formic alcohol here pouring it into bubble in a comfortable you you can take any flammable liquid and we still need high capacity with common cold water where do I want to
  • 01:31: I broke off the glass I will reel up rope three coils did you can take just below that point where do you want to see this is the breakdown and that's it. here I'll tie a knot the bottle is strong I did not wash I can do this and later from the bottom I plan to make a vase which then can be will be anything envy extra tips i delete now I I'll see to it strings tightly lie to each other now this rope A thread will need to be impregnate well
  • 02:01: I tried alcohol this is an ant alcohol it burns ok and right away immediately to me but will set fire to so the flames burn almost invisible already sweating bottle within do not need it now catch the moment when the flame goes out and me he is not actually you need to be immediately dip this a bottle in the water cold dense extinguished here you heard characteristic crackle here so the bottle split into two parts of here we are shooting you
  • 02:31: tell me how you can enjoy such subject if we have can be sharp the edges are right there like times and come in handy sandpaper you can like this rub from below a then picking up process all edges process all edges it happens that is uneven a little bit with spikes that's just emery paper all this can be will be even in the result is such a vase that you need from this part make can be combined and make a candlestick
  • 03:01: for example, here for us here is very large space for imagination I want you a few options to show so that you do not see frightened of all this before there can be something sometime and not no one will get what is not insured but I think that spoil the bottle this not so scary more always throws out and we here select when did not I could see the flame I saw exactly when it will turn off here me a little bit of this plan is more difficult when
  • 03:31: hold a little neck up I I keep a small angle it is visible only how the air swayed we will dip here such beautiful part from bottles are obtained it can be and vase and candlestick what can you think of from this part if we put on candlestick candle and we cover it like this glass hood breeze The candle will not be this
  • 04:01: the bottle we are now let's make a split from below c breaks off the bottom of such parts can something do here only it remains to make out Here I am this cork already showed how she takes it all off knife friends in further we are just we will apply such cropped bottles for creating various subjects interior because they can be apply and how separate and join parts between by yourself
  • 04:32: and also it is possible used in combination with other materials and subjects as video from us today it turned out quite small but I think useful I still want you show thermal container which I showed you how to make a many me ask how traveled here just the son came with the Crimea is very satisfied he liked very much because he is very traveled a lot and it was convenient to take products now I will show that nothing with him is not there was absolutely the whole is very good
  • 05:02: kept cold the only thing store it we decided not to be closed Here these handles are so how the lid is straight pressed on a heater that so that there is not skewing cover we decide to keep it here in this state just have a lid closed and even better even leave that he was ventilated why i decided show because he is leaving again travel many me asked how he moved the road to end of the video on the screen you will see an active link how to do this thermo-container and
  • 05:33: since today I decided to show past crafts as they feel themselves I I'll show you now and garden figures which we did from gypsum on a large the sun under the rain is on me Here are some figures asks himself transfers gypsum after I'll tell the rain right away. irreversible process and gypsum after rain is not not it melts only split if you see something figures from me the sun burned out and burned mostly
  • 06:03: red when i noticed kolor all that I added white acrylic was other brand than other colors and apparently this says why it is burned here is the red color in except paint nothing with figures did not happen and so we have here here believe me such hell was friends and I for today with you say goodbye put a husky subscribe to my channel thank you for viewing before new meetings