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Fresh-salted Humpback salmon, Gentle, Juicy as SALMON. Fantastic Yum-yum!  See details »

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  • 00:00: Hello everyone I prepare a light-salted salmon under shooting if you have at least one time to try this fish the bloody salt just so and in no way otherwise the result just amazing pink salmon turns external emergency shooting is unrealistic it's tasty try garbage ginger is not up to the end thawed it was easier cut clean cut naked fins are cut into slices thickness 12 15 millimeters each slice cut looking in half as desired can be deleted bones of a skin in deep bowl
  • 00:32: pour 1 liter boiled water room temperatures add 5 dining rooms spoons of salt stir to dissolving salt we lower the fish so that the fish should be completely immersed in water, we record time and hold 10 minutes more keep it is not necessary otherwise the fish will be salted passed 10 minutes fish shift to paper towel and drying add up in container and water on top of the fish vegetable oil close the lid container and send to
  • 01:02: refrigerator for 30-40 minutes have passed 40 minutes take out the container with refrigerator shift the fish to dish and serve the table you can use such fish in others dishes for example add a salad or prepare the filling for pancakes of pink salmon is simply surprisingly gentle juicy as a picture such a way of salting suitable for everyone species of red fish subscribe to my channel write comments put husky look my other videos I wish you are pleasant appetite and good
  • 01:32: moods