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It is USEFUL to KNOW! Classical front and back loops. Knitting by spokes  See details »

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  • 00:00: Hello friends My name is Anastasia and I glad you welcome to its channel at no visa and today I offer you learn that a classic facial loops and that a classic purl loops What we are with this we will meet very often I I ask this question I see your mastitis Master-class jumper Now with leaves leaves ssylochka I've got a very good master class
  • 00:30: Raglan from below germ if you click on this a reference you go on the line to workshop's It is such that painting and often squints ask what thing when I ask the girls how you provyazyvaete facial loops you provyazyvaete purl loop often we encounter old proven grandma's method knitting facial and knitting
  • 01:01: course backstitches loops in the master class I will I will show in detail how knit classic facial loops and I will I show two variants classical backstitches loops because I know who for the provyazyvaem the rear wall of the loop and to someone like me encircles more here this here thread loop here and to start let's you and I will understand what a classic
  • 01:31: facial loop I I began to knit such a small sample order to clear so you can see better saw that I loops do not cross to stenochki each and another, and then rovnenko such pigtail here for First, let's analyze how states building our Our loop the loop It consists of at least two
  • 02:00: stenochek and here this front stenochka and here behind Back then stenochka is when we are knit classic pearl we We are with you classic facial I mean we are should definitely provyazyvat our loop for the front stenochku so we When you knit a sample of the same
  • 02:30: or when we are with you knit items not on the circle our first distal edge we will, as always shooting yes so I took it off and We start with you knit classic facial loop for front stenochku here in this way to have you here nothing is crisscrossed Now I will do a closer look and see so I did
  • 03:01: a little closer to us It is best seen as a I told you over front of stenochku that the stenochku It is closer to you what we have loop seems like Private see here thanks to this wall it is we do not open that is, if we are We turn over the loop We see you fully considering how open loop for front stenochku here
  • 03:32: see my wall not twisted all well I keep provyazyvat in this way for front stenochku the front stenochku Behind the front a very well-knit classical loops for the front stenochku our azhur
  • 04:02: By the way, I use This yarn is at kartopu I melange th ie if suddenly you like this yarn a color that's so me of yarn is 80 percent goes acrylic and 20 percent wool color it goes to 3063 such a beautiful mustard color by the way
  • 04:31: I have a review on this yarn as a reference leaves can click and see review it on this yarn and we are with you continue train knit classic the front face stenochku the front if we are about knit the rear stenochku now look at how as we have with you perry He spun our loop
  • 05:02: so we see you You do not knit We continue to knit up the end of this knife sample train knit it is a classic facial and move on with you to another side where we are now We analyze with you
  • 05:30: classic purl the way thanks classic loops in you will not formed yet not beaten me not is formed Rows what the Rows we have when you turn over to the wrong side They answered my all plump each other our adjacent loop and such that there is when in reality you tight-tight then somehow loose
  • 06:01: therebetween home 5 tightly-tightly and front side we you can also note beach and schiesya loop like me here they are also a bit dance but I want you said front surface of in principle, quite worthy looks we develop with you our work and assort classic purl loop, classical
  • 06:30: purl loops circumstances much harder to friend that is, they are much harder to fit than classic persons and you look there as I you said principle method, the first two the way we are consider the I use probably many my master classes you have seen how I I provyazyvayu these purl loops like we are always with you
  • 07:00: first shoot and We begin to knit in the following way look We have a thread before work that is, roughly speaking But on that needle It is on the left WRAPPED hand-thirds look like this here's a way to needle thread and reach out once again I drive in the loop itself
  • 07:31: I entwine like this here way and pull Again God's entwine creating a loop and shoot introduced in loop looked around and spoke shooting Knitting speed classical backstitches hwa loop you may even be
  • 08:01: twice but decrease because we are accustomed to with you knit like this here she fit much easier and but much easier if you do not want to your canvas decimated we should knitting Now in this way entwine and shoot Again and entwine
  • 08:31: Now let's shoot we will talk about second method classical backstitches loops is when we were with you provyazyvaem if we grandmothers provyazyvaem for the front wall classically Wrong provyazyvaetsya for We do not back wall so much knit harder for back here our picks a rear wall and provyazyvaem
  • 09:06: enter the rear wall and provyazyvaya enter the rear wall and knit which way the you choose for you themselves define themselves that is, as you easier to knit there Mom Dubna knit entanglement thanks to you will cut
  • 09:30: entanglement if you convenient for knitting back stenochku moving the rear stenochku error here Far be it 1 1 floor loop knit classical way datacore differently not so on can harder it easier for front wall with entanglement now I
  • 10:01: drove to the end and we you look at our canvas usual knit grandmothers that is here in this way have We will be with you obtained neat canvas that will not mow during knitting at As you tie your articles your facial loops will more accurately
  • 10:30: they do not look They are crossed and your canvas will not mow Well I hope my good you are sure to yourself remember how knit it classic loop to you no longer occurs such questions why as you mow your canvas why you intersects your loop necessarily Train to beginning course on samples well, then Train already
  • 11:00: major products as well, I'll be with you say goodbye to you and me We meet as early as our next educational videos bye Bye