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  • 00:00: [music] [music] hello everyone with you era and the channel is prepared with love today we will bake delicious and fast pie with pear pie very tender and fragrant cook with me for pie us will be needed the following products The second is 200 grams of sugar 125 milliliters
  • 00:31: vegetable refined 220 milliliters of oil milk fell packaging vanilla 1 teaspoonful baking powder spoon 280 gram flour and three pears pears are ripe very sweet with them thin skin inside it is visible as I do not already ripe therefore cut out the middle and sliced ​​I
  • 01:01: do not clean because the skin is very soft and strongly fine lobules too thin not slice pastries zbrush very fragrant it how does this fruit fragrant sweet and baking from it just awesome therefore boldly cook everything will be delicious so the other two toys
  • 01:33: also cut into lobules if peel rough is better clean and I'm now with using the kitchen machine whisk eggs 200 grams of sugar and floor packing vanillin whisk the bitch luxuriantly masses reducing
  • 02:06: and add milk 220 milliliters room temperatures add vegetable refined oil [applause] now it's one tablespoon for and dividing well agitated wagon we will knead
  • 02:43: disappeared from compensating car now little by little I add flour in dough and mix see which consistency should be the dough now take the form for baking I have a diameter of 22 at 22
  • 03:13: pour the dough here this pie is getting ready quickly turns out very gentle and tasty and fragrant now we take our pears that we cut press it like this into
  • 03:45: dough but they and the summit falls out there than more pears in themes The aroma will not be with us a pie as it is possible make this cake with apples happy we send the cake to preheated oven for one hundred and eighty degrees to average
  • 04:15: level the pie was baked 40 minutes cold pie we sprinkle on top powdered sugar Here is such a gentle and believe me very much fragrant cake from I got a pie section lush tender and very delicious subscribe to my channel and put your likes and with you was the aero and the channel we cook with love till
  • 04:45: new meetings so far till