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THESE 2 INGREDIENTS delete parasites of the Body and Fatty deposits!  See details »

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  • 00:00: Hello respected and all health prices parasites are not healthy body on they feed on the body our food and damage our they are cells different forms often are in the intestine if you have the need for large amount of sugar you can be parasites in the abdomen stop first with sweets when you eat a lot of sugar in the body there is excess mucus which is ideal suitable for such organisms is their
  • 00:30: weak spot despite on the fact that hygiene in modern society markedly improved problem of infection parasites remains relevant not of the medical studies were it is estimated that 85 percent of the adult of the northern america in the intestine lives at least one form of parasite some researchers consider that this figure can reach 95 percent parasites live in the large intestine and affects health
  • 01:00: of course the whole body and so how about them get rid of not good way do it with good cleaning method parasitic infection is noted bloating of diarrhea constipation allergic reactions anemia cutaneous emergence chronic fatigue sudden weight gain sleep disorders pain in the joints and muscle reduction immune activity systems and much other if not treated parasites can
  • 01:30: damage your squeaking by and lead to a wide range health problems from the lungs to serious chronic states and so you need 100 grams of lenovo seed 10 grams of dry cloves simply chop it all up make a powder application of use two tablespoons each morning within 3 days mix it for example with warm milk in three days take a break still for 3 days
  • 02:01: repeat this in for a whole month new cartoon to become and do this a few once a year and parasites just leave themselves on this is everything for me detailed information on our website subscribe put it and see even more interesting main useful video on our youtube channel all the best heard