OMELETTE 3kh layer in 3 min. Tasty idea for a breakfast. Omelette Three-layers.  See details »

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  • 00:00: Good day to all today I invite you track after breakfast with me I will prepare three-layer an omelet which literally in 3 minutes for this we need I separated the three eggs proteins from yolks add a little salt in yolks you can add black ground pepper or any spices for
  • 00:30: your taste add to each pial one by one a tablespoon of milk and stir to the preheated frying pan we add a piece baked homemade countries of comfort clean up on the minimum I have is 2 out of 10 and the pan pour the yolk yolk is being prepared
  • 01:01: very quickly and literally 30 seconds on the yolk I I pour protein flame comfort translate to one cover lid and cook until as long as we have protein from above will seize and become practically dry literally two minute protein prepared middle omelette I spread cheese and fold the omelet to center
  • 01:33: Omelette is ready and you can shift it to a plate is added from above a little greens can be served to the table is such very appetizing beautiful omelette from me was in section it will look like how the three layers are yellow white and one more yellow is very beautiful and very tasty cook with
  • 02:03: pleasure tasty and pleasant you have breakfast and good work good day