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Small cunnings of a patchwork 30. Block No. 291ot Carrie Nelson

Small cunnings of a patchwork 30. Block No. 291ot Carrie Nelson  See details »

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  • 00:00: [music] hello my Dear subscribers with you again Elena Today I want to introduce you to creativity famous masters patchwork karen elson her so much blocks that they simply she numbered Now that this unit I want you tonight show It stands at number 291
  • 00:30: He is very good for utilization of small scraps he has a very small and here Circuits that's sure i and you can make from any the number and different combinations of fabrics and some units can be found in Internet but they They are mostly either just in the schemes or description goes on English and for beginners it
  • 01:00: certainly be small problem so I decided show you the unit in inches and in Russian I sewed this tack But with such a pocket so it does not fly off arms and I sewed it from here this block here
  • 01:31: these two small block I I have sewed Now sew two one such we need a mini block slice two squares colors 5 by 5 centimeters 4 Four squares on four centimeters and
  • 02:00: two stripes 4 10 cm and second block exactly also, in principle, you You can make all This unit only two colors not be sure to network with different colors is your choice further sew the method Fast square We take our squares 5 by 5 centimeters add up to face face and hold
  • 02:32: diagonal Now along this diagonal with two
  • 03:00: sides stitched by seam allowance 6 Now millimeters Cut to our painted diagonal stripes
  • 03:32: [music] by this method, we We get two here just such small squares of triangles one we Now we use 2 You can use when I do blanket and you need many such blocks because I'm sewing the only one I block Use only one this item
  • 04:04: press out seam One-way in the dark and return here These unnecessary the tips cut off that they have not Now confused We collect our blog We gather here this central part of dark triangle
  • 04:31: looking up Shining down towards the dark triangle putting a light square to light dark triangle square these our 4 squares of 4 cm and similarly we do with red
  • 05:02: and now sostrachivaem their chain so sostrachivaem on this side chain and Then in the summer and come back here the next step we make out here these here side to the upper side we need make light stripes and dark
  • 05:31: the dark side strip to place here these little corners do so light box laid this and the dark side on this side similar cases in the
  • 06:02: red square now we need to pave diagonally however all of these elements of our
  • 06:30: diagonals are not near a exactly according to our These stripes extra corners we cut the reserve seam allowance 5 five millimeters I told you six He told how done in the previous video so the problem is not press out reach our corner here and so
  • 07:09: Now press out our corners like this and all returned here and now completing the assembly our box mini decompose here focusing on previous a square light top dark bottom Light top dark
  • 07:30: bottom and sew them first turn top middle, and stitched by debug, and then sew down center and We come back here here our 4 mini block ready now possible collect himself his unit Here you can gather in This embodiment can be
  • 08:01: gather here in this variant Here you can gather in this embodiment
  • 08:33: in any embodiment, it looks wonderful as as I said you You can not make it color and do only two colors and collect the same block only two color well and Now start collect first block sew up the chain squares between and then a number here
  • 09:01: such a block we I get the final a result he's a 18 and a half to 18 half I want to centimeters say that this block difficult so when you will gather his I advise you to either open with a picture of the computer ready to block or navigate
  • 09:30: make a drawing because you can easy to get confused especially here in these Now all the slopes and order assembly here Now these mini blocks and you need to very accurately observe the seam width because the seams here and many can be easily stay on the size and I want to say that
  • 10:01: here's the mini blocks they can also used as individual units can be do more the size of such the size of these very not obtained units about 10 to 10 centimeters [music]